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Manny clearly won the fight.

Look at this video, it is ‘unbiased,’ perhaps because I cannot understand it, funny, but as you may see it for yourself, it provides a clearer view of who won the fight of the century, that no one should blame Manny Pacquiao for losing the fight, it was meant to be, that more may see the light on what is true, and that Manny and his wife Jinky may see God’s message for them, in ‘true faith,’ more are cleansed and freed from the bondage of sin.

[see ‘salvation tool’ link from this supporting blog, “Jesus is Real – An Attestation to the Truth, and ‘Divine Logic,’ and Seeing Jesus in Magnificence”]

Manny Pacquiao clearly won the fight. Look at this video above, it is unbiased, from ‘kanalturk,’ from Turkey TV?

from edwin camera 036from edwin camera 038

Reporting scores on boxing per round has never been so biased, no wonder, Manny said, “I think I won the fight. He didn’t do nothing?”

Even former heavyweight champion, Evander Holyfield, thought that Manny Paquiao won, as seen on shared video below.

It shows the deception of judging in Mayweather’s favor, sees more weight on things material, on money, not on things of the spirit, where truth is.

Honestly, I counted more effective punches thrown by Manny, and all these has hurt Floyd, why do you think he kept on dancing?

His dancing kept his points down and he may have no other choice against a very aggressive Manny, or get knocked down or knocked out.

Some seasoned judges, if not many, sees backpedaling and retreating as weak, it shows lack of confidence on any given competitor, unless it is made a strategy to confuse the adversary, where a sudden attack may ensure points to move ahead.

Some judges do deduct points on a fighter showing much fear from a more superior adversary.

This time, it is Floyd doing the dancing primarily, because of what?

Does he want to survive and have more chances of winning dancing, this fight being mainly a ‘Mayweather promotion’ with sub-promoter being that of Bob Arum, or go KO’ed or knocked down by Manny if he remains on his post and act like one, a ‘sitting duck.’

Floyd is a lot smarter than that.

Let the dance begin and everybody who knows the tune should dance away, whether they be the rapper, the singer, the dancer with our without rhythm, and whoever loves money, but who loses?

And where is God, if God is love, where is the love of men, who live and love in truth?

Other featured videos show edited film clips complete with graphic sounds, depicting Floyd as the winner, as the flawed scoring may say.

But did Floyd land the most punches or was it Manny?  And did Floyd threw more power punches or was it Manny?

See the video below and do your own ‘unbiased’ scoring, and see for yourself why Manny Pacquiao was so confident, he thought he was getting a more favorable decision from among the judges and declared the winner?

Manny was landing more effective and telling punches on Floyd.

“Boxing science” is now favoring Manny, it is on Manny’s lap, more than what used to be Floyd’s game, no wonder Floyd got surprised, Manny avoiding many of his jabs and punches.

What if reporting showed a biased angle, it can tell so much, right?

That is the magic of cropping and editing, it is modern technology.

Videos where taken from another biased angle to prove their point, where scoring for Mayweather became so easy.

Whoever was scoring the punches did not see that more eyes want to see the real score.  The scoring truth can be seen on the featured video itself.

Where the reporters paid?

from edwin camera 039

Many of these people, on above photo, saw Manny Paquiao lost, but in our hearts he won, and that is the truth, nothing can erase the truth.

Disappointments may come, but in the reality of God’s ‘divine plan,’ the truth of being with Jesus, our true Messiah, Lord and Master, we may see hope in everything, and see how we can conquer evil that binds us to meaningless sin and evil.

But all these have to be done, and have to happen because they are bound to happen.

Here is a ‘blow-by-blow account:’

The 1st round saw Manny and Floyd sizing each other, with Floyd on jabs and body punches, a couple when through but Manny countered with an attack on the latter part of the round, and Floyd was saying something to Manny when Floyd hugged him. I don’t know what Floyd said. But some punches appeared hitting Manny from an angle, but I can see how Manny avoided all these on the right angle. You can see how deception may come from. The unseen punches of Manny were negated by the scorers? Let’s give this round to Floyd, for Manny was to cautious to attack, although he countered with his own attacks hitting Floyd, no wonder, this attack gets Floyd’s respect. Let us give this round to Floyd, my generosity says so, to deduct score from the tepid and passive, and none aggressive Manny.

2nd round saw Manny on the attack. Floyd grazing the face of Manny with his left gloves but no damage on Manny. There have been many misses from Floyd giving Manny more confidence in answering the jabs and the combinations from Floyd. Many punches from Floyd grazed Manny, but no harm done, Manny effectively avoiding the punches. Delivered telling punches on Floyd to show how much in control he is in avoiding Floyd’s jabs. This is a draw this time, with Floyd starting to retreat to avoid Manny’s attacks. It is Manny’s round.

3rd round saw a low blow from Floyd on Manny but referee Kenny Bayless never noticed it? Why?

The supposed points for Mayweather were hitting wind and air, not ‘accurately’ placed on Manny for they all missed, as claimed by the deceptive scoring pawns and reporters. 3rd round saw Manny winning with more accurate punches than Floyd.

Even the 5th round when Mayweather tried to counter an attack but hit ‘nothing credible’ over and above the good defenses from Manny. Many was even leading here on points scored on a back pedaling Floyd. It is Manny’s round, and Floyd can’t find the mark of an elusive Manny while feeling Manny’s power.

The 4th, 6th had Manny winning with combinations, with barely an effective answer or counter coming from Floyd. Both as Manny’s attacking and high scoring rounds.

7th was also a draw, but we see Floyd chin hit solidly, and the punches from Manny kept Floyd at bay, can’t take the power and the accuracy.

8th round saw Manny throwing effective combinations, never returned by Floyd. One punch got in, but Floyd kept on retreating, sensing the power punches and parrying ability of Manny. Punches from Manny on the body and on the face where accurate, some missed, but Floyd missing more. Again, it is Manny’s round.

9th round, Manny attacked three times with combinations but Floyd never answered back, tried to but missed badly. One punch got in, but all the while, it was Manny moving forward and Floyd has learned to respect Manny’s power punches, and this punches were never as accurate any more with Manny avoiding his supposed quick responses.

No wonder Floyd was cautious, he was afraid of getting knocked out. And Manny was always very confident, he was in control. Where did the scores for Floyd come from?

10th round two attacks, all combinations, favored Manny, with no counter from Floyd. He got through with one clean punch but all the rest were air, missing Manny many times. Where’s accuracy of Floyd claimed by many commentators? Another round for Manny with effective combinations against Floyd.

11th round, Floyd attacked with combinations that went through, but Manny countered and hitting Floyd on the body. This round is clearly Floyd’s round.

12th round, Floyd wearing a beautiful smile, does he know he will win? There was a very clear chin hit on Mayweather, and a clear body punch despite his movement. Manny attacked Mayweather but he escaped some punches but the power punches from Manny was bothering him, he had to run and dance, to show that he was in control he raised his right hand, he was in control dancing alright, and avoiding the punching power from Manny. It was a clear Manny’s round with punches getting through despite the moving Floyd and his ‘choreo,’

All shots missed were counted for Floyd, shown on the wrong angle, why?

De la Hoya said and twitted, ‘sorry fans.’ Were is fairness?

Again, things happen because they have to happen, that more may know and realize what is true and what is evil.

Manny won, unanimously, but things happen because they should, to show the unworthy win, and the judges, plus the referee showed be made to answer?

In summary, rounds 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 were seen as Manny’s gains over Floyd with clear attacking fashion with hurting blows on rounds 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 saw Floyd dancing to avoid Manny’s fury.  Floyd earned rounds 1 and 11, Draws seen on rounds 2 and 7.

See the shared video above and make your own scores and see where lies what is true and what deception means.

True, no knockdown, but Manny was always dominant, he missed some shots, so did Mayweather, more times from the latter, but recorded as points for Floyd? Why?

You answer the obvious question.

You can see how deception has ruled those who can become too selfish to accept the truth. I pray that more may see with many people who are ruled by money, God is love and God is truth, not money that deceives.

We can never bring any of these worldly things when we die.

Again, disappointments may come but to enlighten those lost an astray is best, for the Holy Spirit has already conquered evil, where those who do not know remain still in his bondage.

Jesus is everywhere, as he is always in us, in our body where the Temple of the Holy Spirit is, and he judges us every time, and wants us to go back to him, in the truth of our spirit from within us, this life being temporal, meant for us to seek what is true in our being and our purpose in life.

The proof of ‘divine logic’ tells us about the truth of our being, where ‘human logic’ may come corrupted with things material and passing.

Read more on shared ‘salvation tool’ link, “Jesus is Real…’Divine Logic”…,” and see the true purposes of our existence.

In every decision we may make, may we see truth in Christ, and be set free, and be healed, and in peace, as we rejoice in truth, be made worthy of Christ’s love as see our nation prosper where true courage is, to enlighten in the light.

Indeed, ‘human logic’ can always be corrupted by thing material, all but passing, but the truth is always in the light, you can never hide from it, and the light is in ‘divine logic,’ where God’s words are, in ‘divine wisdom,’ all leading to eternal life.

Blessings to all that more may see truth in our ways and be more blessed.

from edwin camera 687Happy and humble, Manny Pacquiao, his power comes from what the Holy Spirit wants the poor to strive for greatness, giving back to Him for His greater glory, and where ‘with God all things are possible,’ as in Matthew 19:26.

“Manny Pacquiao won over Timothy Bradley, it was very clear, yet he lost by split decision.  Why so?”

See the humble Manny Pacquiao, unperturbed, he keeps his meekness intact, with faith in The Lord, he has won in many ways.

“It’s a rip-off.”  “The fight was fixed,”  “Bob Arum is the true winner.”  “How about those who bet on Pacquiao and lost?  Do they deserve a refund?  How about those who paid for their tickets to see the bout?  How about the watching public?”

“Was Pacquiao and his team aware of this plan?  How about Bradley’s team?”

“Did the Mafia have a hand on this?  Or were the two judges who ruled the fight against Pacquiao in anyway gay or supporters?”

Oh what chaos?  Everybody is affected by wrong decisions on that fateful night of June 9, 2012.  It’s malice against malice.  It never ends.

Unless there is love, truth, justice and peace in one’s heart, evil may always prevail.

Did Manny Pacquiao handle the outcome professionally?  I think he did, and with ‘class.’

He knew he won the fight.  There was no doubt about it. He did not blame the judges.  But when worldly things work, and man allows it to flourish or prosper, then is man not the real loser?

As in 1 John 2:15-17, Jesus said, “Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love of the Father is not in them.  For anything in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life – comes not from the Father but from the world. The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.”

Did you think ‘boxing’ won, are was it really Arum who won being the promoter?  How about Manny Pacquiao or Tim Bradley?

When fairness, justice and truth is lost, is not everything lost?  What are we teaching our kids and the new generation … to ‘love the world’ and not God who created us all and without him we are nothing?

I hate to say this but despite our God given wisdom, gifts and talents, we still forget God’s power, God’s wisdom, and God’s control over us.

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Are the signs that we see around us reminding us to return to God in Jesus, not at all clear that we have to love the world more than our need to love God and his commands?  How many more people have to suffer because of man’s worldliness?

Are we not supposed to think more like matured adults, noble and true to one another, instead of thinking like confused, directionless, self-propagating incorrigible who have forgotten the truth about our living spirit that may only perish in hell if God so wills it, especially so when malice, pride, selfishness and love for material things so rule us instead of our love for God and of others?

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Dissecting the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley Fight

See these three sets of videos from YouTube with my own views incorporated on given annotations as you may want to compare it with your own findings and analysis of the fight, and we will start with the first four rounds set:

Manny Pcaquiao clearly dominates over Bradley from Round 1 to Round 4, Bradley feeling the powerful combination punches coming from Manny and this has made him hesitant into attacking Manny.

For the first time, we see a very cautious fighter in Bradley, yet, very hungry for the kill, which, unfortunately, has become more and more difficult with Manny’s remarkable boxing talents and skills.

With lesser boxers he may have perfected his attacks, but with Manny, he appears like a mesmerized hunter now a prey.  See the power, the quickness and the boxing skills of both boxers and I see Manny way ahead on points on each round, where on the latter part of Round 4, Bradley is seen quite groggy over Manny’s more accurate, heavy strikes and relentless attacks.

  1. 1st Round:  1st part of 8, 7th and 8th part of 8 (ie., in 8 full sections of video) Manny connects to the body  head of Bradley.  Pretty powerful punches – overwhelmingly fast and furious, it’s Manny’s round;
  2. Round 2:  Manny connects on Bradley on 1, 4, 8 and 9 (ie., in sections of 9 parts of round 2) with a near head butt on 8.  Bradley clips and does half punches on Manny’s side on 2. Overwhelmingly, it’s Manny’s round;
  3. Round 3:  Manny connects on 1(body punch), 3, 4 and 5(hard combinations punches) 7(power head punch), 8 and 9 with hard combination punches that confuse Bradley.  Bradley again clips and do side body punches on Manny on 2. Not a doubt, Manny’s round;
  4. Round 4:  Manny connects telling punches on Bradley 2, 3(hard head punches), 7, 8 and 9(power combination head punches); Bradley connects on 2(head punch). Definitely Manny’s round.

The second video set, from Rounds 5 to 8 comes next:

Timothy Bradley starts to back-up more often from Round 5 onwards as he starts feeling Manny’s powerful punches and rightfully, earns Bradley’s respect, and yes, would he not want to avoid a possible knockdown from a rushing power puncher, otherwise, his unblemished ‘no loss’ and ‘no knowdown’ record may come to naught?

He appears dazed in the latter parts of Rounds 5, 6 and 7, while on 8 he slowly recovers as Manny slows down a bit. Is it over confidence on Manny’s part knowing he’s way ahead on points?

  1. Round 5:  Manny connects on Bradley on sections 3, 7, 8 and 9 of said round; Bradley connects on Manny on 1 but starts backing up on 3 onwards having felt Pacquiao’s power punches;  Bradley appears dazed on 8 and 9. Manny seen still very dominant on this round;
  2. Round 6:  Manny connects on Bradley on 2 (power jab), 3, 4 (power jab), 6, 7, 8 and 9;  Bradley connects on Manny on 1;  Bradley appears dazed from 6 to 9. Another overwhelming Pacquiao round;
  3. Round 7:  Manny connects on Bradley on 2 (body punch), 4 (power jab), 6(combination), 7(power combination) and 8(power punch);  Bradley connects on Manny on 1(clips with soft punches to Manny’s body side), 2 and 6(body punches); Bradley dazed on 8 and 9. Another Pacquiao round as Bradley backs up again;
  4. Round 8:  Manny connects on Bradley on 4(body punch) and 9 (power combination); Bradley connects on Manny on 1(body punch) and 4(jab); exchange of punches on 6 and 8. Jinky Pacquiao seen stooping to pray at 9?  It’s Manny’s round – with more combination and power punches although he has slowed his tempo a bit, perhaps, because he knows he is leading by a wide margin?

And the third set, but not the least, are taken from Rounds 9 to 12:

On Rounds 9, 11 and 12, I see Pacquiao still on the upperhand despite a more aggressive Bradley.  On the first four rounds, Bradley had difficulty connecting, while in the middle rounds, Bradley was feeling Manny’s power punches that nearly floored him. On Round 10 though, I see a DRAW on the exchange.  I saw, nevertheless, Pacquiao’s punches delivering the more telling blows on Bradley.

The fight was not even close as all seen on the collected video footage, on the manner Pacquiao relentlessly threw his punches, he was mostly on the attack, he was the more aggressive fighter.

Why the judges had almost the same score at 115 to 113, is this not a great mystery that Sherlock Holmes may need to unravel?

Further, two judges surprisingly favored Bradley, they were Duane Ford (74) and C.J.Ross, and only one, Jerry Roth (71), favoring Pacquiao despite the clear win in most, if not on all, rounds in Pacquiao’s favor?  Now, you be the judge.

  1. Round 9:  Manny connects on Bradley on 1, 2(power body and head punches putting Bradley off balanced), 3 and 4(body and head punches), 5(body and head punches), 6(head punch) and 9(powerful combination punches);  Bradley connects on Manny on 2 and 4(body punch) and 7(combination punches);  exchanges on 9. Clearly Manny’s round with more power combination punches thrown,  and not Bradley’s as concluded by many others although he was seen on a rare surprising and daring attack mode during rounds 8 and 9;
  2. Round 10:  Manny connects on Bradley on 4(power combi punches), 8 and 9(combi punches);  Bradley connects on Manny on 2, and 6(head combi punches) and 8(head punches);  Bradley backing on 3 and 5 to avoid Manny’s punches, counter exchanges on 5 and 7, and gets off balanced on 8 after Manny’s power jab.  A DRAW, although clearly, Pacquiao delivered more power punches.  I would have to give Bradley some credit for his determination and fighting heart.  Honestly, I still see Pacquiao ahead on this round, however slower he might have been since round 7;
  3. Round 11:  Manny connects on Bradley on 4, 6 and 7(power head punches), and on 8 and 9(head combination punches);  Bradley connects on Manny on 2(jab), 3(body punch) and 8(head punch).  More powerful combination punches – Manny clearly won this round;
  4. Round 12:  Manny connects on Bradley on 2, 3 and 9(power head punches); Bradley connects on Manny on 1(combination head punches) and 2(body punch). Exchanges seen on 4 and 6 with Bradley always backing up. Aggressive and power punching, it’s Manny’s round.

Was Timothy Bradley honest enough to accept the Championship Belt?   If he feels comfortable wearing it, will this not be fine?  The official judges for the fight gave it to him, is it not?

It is interesting to note that a few weeks before the fight, another boxing promoter, Murad Muhammad, did he not mention about Arum’s possible plan ‘or was it a plot’ for a rematch, in November 2012, which Timothy Bradley even seconded about a couple of weeks before the fight?

And when a call for an investigation came out, was Bob Arum not washing his hands when he himself was reportedly encouraging an investigation even after 5 independent WBO judges concluded the fight to have been won by Pacquiao?

Duane Ford felt “Bradley gave Pacquiao a ‘boxing lesson’ in the second half of the fight.”  Was that being honest to himself?  My mom at 80 and the other older or regular fans of Pacquiao, are they better judges than Ford?

Watch this YouTube video on Manny Pacquiao’s, Timothy Bradley’s (on wheelchair) and Freddie Roach views on the controversial fight: