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“I believe in everything.  I do not want to be bias against any religion because everyone has an opinion about the existence of God or the absence of a god in our lives.”

And another one says, “How can there be God if until now no one have seen him?”

It is our belief system that allows us to understand or not to understand God.  God has created in us a mind which we may all think all thoughts come from our brain.

Beyond this, there is something more, and this ebook further explains the truth that Jesus is in all of mankind since the beginning of creation and will always be there in us as He is in our being.

This ebook is meant to enlighten and please let me know your honest thoughts after reading it.

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The proceeds of this ebook will in part be used for cancer research and to benefit a Catholic Christian renewal movement in LA.

For me, everything belongs to God, I am a mere steward of anything He blesses me with while I may share with others the truth in God’s words in the light of Christ that we all may share and believe in His truth as we continue to pray through the Holy Spirit, be guided and more enlightened.

Blessings to you and your family as you may share in His goodness and in whatever good deeds may favor you doing, that  in all these, God may be glorified.

Five simple tips on getting a squirrel near you:

1. Don’t scare or be scared by a squirrel;
2. Come 9:30 in the morning at his favorite spot;
3. Get ready with your bait – a whole peanut will do;
4. Speak his neighborhood lingo, english in USA, lol; wistling may help;
5. Show the bait and feed him by the hand, or drop it as he gets near you – he may not bite you but is he rabid, don’t know? Better to play it safe, huh.

This can be healthy as we learn to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation and help share what makes others happy. Be filled with God’s love as we KJOH, and may this video help make your day.

Standing alone ‘majestic’ and ‘imposing’ on a hilltop overlooking the awesome Mike Sharpe’s Ranch.

“The Tree of Hope,” that’s what I call it, unmindful of what Mike Sharpe or others may call it.

This thing of beauty may have a few leaves on it but its massive trunk and many branches tells us so many things about life.

“Life is what you make it,” and so does the old saying goes.  But if there is hope, that dream remains alive in every person.

And one’s positive outlook in life help much guide one to the life ahead.

What more can be positive when one realizes that while life has a beginning, it may never end after all?  Or will it?

It depends on your perspective, or your outlook in life, perhaps?

Yes, it depends largely on what you believe in.

Whoever or however you may think made this world, and how it came into being what it is and how we see it today, would it ever matter much to you if you have not entertained the question that asks us, “where do we go when we die?”

Atheists may say, “I care less, for I know there is no God, but I do believe in science because it’s what I see and it has made my life better and worth living.”

No matter how I look at this statement, don’t you see it selfish and entertains hopelessness?

Is it rather evil in our ego that makes us think this way, or is it God?

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If we believe in God, and through Jesus, he created us all and all other things in this world since the beginning, as in John 1:3, don’t you think he has the rightful control over us in our reaction and response to all things, including the gift talents, of science and technology?

From us comes our own ‘free will’ to react, but God triggers a response to every reaction we may create.  Our body sends vivid signals to him and quickly or in no time, a fitting response comes, and every time, he asks us quietly like a voice from inside us, “Who is your master, is it Me in Jesus, or is it Mammon or evil?

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Just gazing at the ‘Tree of Hope,” as it greets all visitors to Mike Sharpe’s Ranch, I can see why faith in Jesus can give us hope, as we may see beyond what life presents in our day to day trials in our life long journey towards the truth, the same way that Mike Sharpe may have found hope while given that great opportunity to grow his business as a partner in a company that shares in that truth of our being, in that truth of sharing our talents and pooling our efforts and resources together onto a great mission, where we may express our love for our Creator by unselfishly helping others win with their love ones in this life and the next, and by doing so, may be blessed from their efforts, be it in kind or in spirit, irregardless, it is something that you may gain rewarded in your living sacrifice, that others may prosper.

With man, this may be impossible, but “with God all things are possible,” as in Matthew 19:26.

In his 30 fruitful years partnering with the company and helping many achieve financial freedom and independence, Mike Sharpe has remained humble, for he knows that in one’s humility comes greatness, and in a humble man comes honor and respect.

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And as Jesus said while sharing one of the eight beatitudes, “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.”

In our faith comes hope, and may the truth in God’s words prosper our life towards greater peace and joy in this life and onto his eternal kingdom.

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Enjoy my shared pictures and videos during the trip and feel a part of God’s greatness as we reflect in his words and the beauty of his goodness as he blesses, to always humble ourselves before him as part of his creation:

From A Day of Beauty at Mike Sharpe Ranch June 30 2012

Here are some pictures I am sharing with you from my Picasa Galery.

Being a lover of nature and anything that celebrates the gift of life, that our great Almighty God and Creator has given to us, I believe that in all these, one can reflect on the beauty of God’s creation and the truth on God’s words through Christ Jesus.

And in the process, experience true peace and happiness as we learn to put Christ at the center of our life.  That is when we fully understand what it is like being one with Christ.  And being one with Christ and in Christ, we may already feel heaven in this life, free from all worries and temptations that only make our life worthless, useless and more miserable.

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Related Bible Verses on Creation

“God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good.” (Genesis 1:31)

“He loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of the steadfast love of the LORD. By the word of the LORD the heavens were made, and all their host by the breath of his mouth.” (Psalm 33:5-6)

“The LORD is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made…. The LORD is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made.” (Psalm 145:9, 13; cf. Psalm 145:17)

The Galery of Flowers, Landscapes and Floats

We shall start with the pictures I took from around Hughes Avenue, Los Angeles and Culver City (each picture link leads you to an album),  then to the beautiful flowers of the ‘Mini-Garden of Eden’ at the Carmelite Retreat House in Alhambra, California, until you may come across the Flower Parade Float pictures taken while the floats were resting in Pasadena, California, after the parade proper of January 2011.

Album 1 FLOWERS in LA and Culver, CA (12142010-4132011)
Album 2 FLOWERS in LA and Culver, CA (4262011)
Mini Garden of Eden at Carmelite Retreat House at Alhambra, California (50711)
Model Landscapes, LA, CA
2011 1 Jan Pasadena Float Parade Album 1
Jan 2011 Pasadena Float Parade Album 2

Here is a bold and shocking revelation in the medical industry from a dependable source, Health Science Institute (HSI).

Is natural medication proving to be the better alternative or complement to the many deadly diseases which have haunted men and women for so many years?

If so, would this be the changing trend that many people have expected to come and enlighten the world as more and more people find natural complements being more effective than the old practice of relying purely on prescription drugs?

Or would this soon fizzle out and die a natural death?

What would be the most likely move of mainstream medicine to redeem itself, whether this is believable or not?

For me, I have always believed in natural remedies and complements as they are not only God given in that they come from nature, God’s gift to man.  As much as man’s body, organs and physical faculties deserve the be healed by natural means as these can better complement man’s immune system and its ability to heal itself.

Brace yourself as you get ready for this shocker from our HSI link – “EXPOSED:  Mainstream Medicine’s Deadliest Conspiracy,” and review its content.

Will appreciate your own comment(s) on this.

HSI has been dedicated and kept itself busy to researching and supporting natural remedies to benefit man and I can honestly say that I have learned so much getting educated with their monthly subscription that I have many times shared with others to, hopefully, try to make a difference and be a part in this awesome mission that HSI has been doing to help others

I can only hope and pray that more people in the medical industry commit themselves to genuinely help others and touch more people to do the same, that all may be blessed.

Citing a passage in the Holy Bible, upon being asked by the Pharisees who were testing Jesus of his teachings, in Matthew 22:37-40, Jesus said to them on the question of what is the greatest commandment, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law of the Prophets hung on these two commandments.”

We owe our life to God, and anytime, he can take it back.

What is a better way of thanking God for the many blessings that he has bestowed upon us in this life than to repay his love with kindness and love for others, in our own special way, that when we may one day face Him, we can take pride in saying, “Thank you dear Lord God, for giving us your Son, Jesus, who died for us on the cross, that we too may have new life and overcome death, and that we may feel your great love and concern for us, as we may feel the truth and peace behind that love, with our love for others. With this thought of power of the love of Jesus in my life, I have conquered death for eternal life.”

Please note: All these related posts under our “health label” are for educational purpose only. Consult a healthcare practitioner for any health problem(s) or “a doctor if symptoms persist”.

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Reading on our Yahoo Health link “12 Foods With Super-Healing Powers” brings you to truth and reality, that the human body is just awesome, with God creating in us an immune system that helps heal itself and that there are a many super foods God has given us in nature, His supplementary creation to keep us healthy and enjoy living this life, no matter how short it can be though, lol.

It is precisely what God wants us to realize, that if only we fully trust in Him, with guidance from His words, commandments, and through the the teaching of His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, we can stay healthy and indeed, this is a temporary life, a stepping stone to the afterlife, the longer one, as we hope and pray to be duly rewarded, towards life eternal.

[Read on “God’s Awesome Works in God’s Awesome Creation and the Messiah in Jesus,” to further see the light in God through Christ.]

As in Genesis 1:29-30, is written, “Then God said, ‘I give you every seed bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it.  They will be yours for food.  And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground – everything that has the breath of life in it – I give every green plant for food.’”

And with our faith, we can be healed, both in body and in spirit, as we trust in God.

With our Yahoo Health link comes a detailed description of these super foods in kiwi, cherries, guava, dandelion, broccoli, beans, cabbage, carrots, onions, kale, spinach and watercress.

I did not even know about dandelion and watercress being as rich in goodness towards better health, but our link will surely keep you delightedly informed.

And so with beans, oh, how wonderful, being one of my favorites, they can truly help energize your body being rich in protein and contains a pack of antioxidants that promotes heart, kidney, digestive, bladder health and a lot more including cancer prevention.

Of course, even if we have these super foods, there is no substitute to keeping your diet in check as you may be eating too much of the same food especially those rich in fats and bad cholesterol.

As a general rule, “everything should be taken in moderation.”

[Read on “About Eating Fruits, Heart Attack and Stroke Signs and Avoiding Cancer,” as our related link.]

Keep healthy as we KJOH.

Please note: All these related posts under our “health label” are for educational purpose only. Consult a healthcare practitioner for any health problem(s) or “a doctor if symptoms persist”.

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Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Louis Ignarro, is the man. Awarded the very prestigious Nobel Prize in Medicine for his great discovery of a natural artery plaque remover, Dr. Ignarro, has contributed a superbly outstanding cure that may eventually bid goodbye to the most dreaded heart diseases in the history of man making angioplasty, heart bypass operations and blood pressure drugs practically obsolete.This “miracle molecule” he discovered incredibly cuts artery plaque by 50% and brings down cholesterol level to as much as 60 points.

This so-called “miracle molecule” is the nitric oxide, with the same product derivative you may see on the web endorsed by some Mix Martial Arts (MMA) champions to keep their muscles bigger and stronger.

And some health practitioners see this dynamic molecule as the same enhancer that helps stimulate certain virility enhancing drugs.

Nitric oxide is actually gas that is inhaled. The additional effect of nasal breathing relates to this powerful hormone, nitric oxide, produced in nasal passages.

The endothelium, a single layer of cells tissue that lines the blood and lymph vessels, heart and some other cavities, also produces nitric oxide with an NO enhancer.

And it has been proven effective too in lowering inhaled steroids among asthma patients (read “Positive Winds of Change for Pulmonary Hypertension” and its last section for related topic at this link…  “compared to standard care potentially decreasing risk of side effects,” according to a study in 2005 by the New England Journal of Medicine.

Products which claim to help produce and release this “miracle molecule” from our system or body metabolism have been there on many grocery shelves all along with many identified or better known as muscle builders (see capsuled products with nitric oxide on their label made available too on this site at a fairly affordable rate).

It has been some years back since doctors using natural complements have uncovered and made public its very usefulness on preventing heart ailments as it has been found to relax smooth muscles to widen (dilate) blood vessels, normalizes transmission of nerve signals and modulates the immune system.

Several anti-oxidants such as green tea, garlic, Vitamin C and many others coupled with regular exercise also help in the release of Nitric Oxide.

Reading Dr. Louis J. Ignarro’s book, “NO More Heart Disease,” can give you a wealth of information on the many uses of NO and how it can keep you healthy.

For other enlightening aspects of Nitric Oxide you may refer to other sites on the web with FAQ’s and answers that may interest you, despite of probable scam claims, it leaves you the prerogative over weighing your findings before making your own decisions for your health.

There are reported side effects though such as blood in the urine, high blood sugar, increased difficulty breathing infection, low blood pressure and/or skin infection but all these have been attributed to an overdose of NO (nitric oxide) or the release of too much of it.

As the saying goes, “whatever is too much can be dangerous”.  Moderation is still the key.

The body tolerates NO so fast so cycling them every month or so is recommended to help you stay healthy.

Usage of no longer than 8 to 10 weeks continuously can be safe and Pinoy Blogger (PB) uses it 2 to 3 times a week on single dosage before a workout and it has helped him much maintain a normal blood pressure, so far with no side effects, and reduce cholesterol level with the help of red wine, green tea, cucumber, banana, grapefruits and/or cantaloupe/watermelon on the sides.

You do not have to take PB’s word for it if you have doubts but getting a copy of the book “NO More Heart Disease” by Dr. Louis Ignarro can give you more confidence in using Nitric Oxide.

PB has proven to himself this regimen very effective especially so being a firm believer of God’s goodness through the many natural foods, fruits, herbs, gas, vitamins and minerals He has created that can sustain our good health (you can readily contact him through this email address,

Keeping in mind and following God’s commandments with the powerful words of love, humility, understanding, mercy and forgiveness in Christ’s teachings, can help much in any healing process.

Releasing our mind and body from undue stress has been found in many scientific and medical researches to help strengthen our immune system.

And as they say in drug advertising parlance, “If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.” It pays to get a second opinion.

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You may want to read the book “World’s Greatest Treasury of World Secrets” as edited by Arthur P. Johnson  for related findings and learn 2618 lifesaving secrets all in one book.

You can also find related and very informative support gadgets including audio and video clips through our link which promotes Tikva Plus, a more complex product with reportedly more healthful ingredients aside from nitric oxide to help in anti-aging and healthy living.

And you can write down your comments or queries if any on given site or below this post, or just email us, as we highly appreciate your views.

Please note: All these related blogs under our “health label” are for educational purpose only. Consult a healthcare practitioner for any health problem(s).
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