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Image“Alkaline from lemon? Impossible.”

That is what I thought it was too, impossible.  And yes, despite being a citrus fruit and drink, juice from lemon turns into alkaline as it gets absorbed in your body.

Can it then help heal arthritis?  Yes is the answer as you may read on this link from Yahoo Voices, ‘Five Health Problems you can treat with Lemon Juice,’ including kidney stones and stomach problems.

That is why many call it a ‘wonder fruit’ as it has many healthy uses aside from strengthening our dynamic, God-given, immune system.  Its cleansing, anti-viral and anti-bacterial elements makes it a low cost therapy.


Please note:  All these related posts on natural remedies are for educational purpose only. Consult a health practitioner for any health problem(s) or “a doctor if symptoms persist.”


Effective on Warts?

I have seen it effective on warts.  Lemon, with its anti-viral properties, can help destroy the warts virus.

Consistently rubbing on the affected area of the skin with lemon when you wake up in the morning and before bedtime, using a cotton swab, until it reddens or a trickle of blood comes out of it, after washing with warm water and re-applying lemon juice on it to help neutralize the remaining virus, can produce surprising positive results in a few days.

How do I know?  I do it on my face, and I can see great results as it helps cleanse and smoothen my face.

No wonder I see lemon as part of the ingredients in some facial cleansing lotions or cream.

Sometimes I just apply a freshly cut lemon fruit portion and rub it on my face, let it dry as you take out the remaining pulp bits from your face, and voila, you have a lemon cleansed face.  You may want to rinse your face after about half an hour before bedtime with your spouse to remove any sour tasting remnant on your face, lol.

Duct taping a bigger wart after a lemon application may help contain and hasten the healing process.

[Read on our link on for more related tips on warts natural therapies]

Helps Heal Diabetes too? 

Yes, Virginia, many posts on the web support this.

I found this link from, “Benefits of Lemon and Diabetes,” by Elizabeth Woolley, quite informative and suits my research, choosing from among four interesting sources.

It tells us of lemon being an effective supplement in helping  heal diabetes among others including “sluggish digestion, constipation, some allergies, sinus problems” and more.

The effects of natural supplements as remedies for certain illnesses may differ from one individual to another though.

I seem to have noticed the more you believe in its healing benefits, the more it may work.

In other words, faith, for me, is a vital element in every healing process and since we were all created by God, in Jesus, comes our true healer.

If many illnesses have been healed by faith, some of these illnesses attributed to things of evil in the olden days, it is in believing in Jesus and abiding in Him that we may see the fullness of healing.  Do you believe this?

As in Act 5:12-16, “Many signs were done among the people at the hands of the apostles.  They were all together in Solomon’s portico. None of the others dared to join them, but the others esteemed them. Yet, more than ever, believers in the Lord, great numbers of men and women, were added to them.  Thus, they even carried the sick out in the streets and laid them on cots and mats so that when Peter came by, at least a shadow may fall on one or another of them. A large number of people from the towns in the vicinity of Jerusalem also gathered, bringing the sick and those disturbed by unclean spirits, and they were all cured.”

15 Hidden Health Secrets of Lemon

Reading further on another helpful link,, it tells us of 15 other health hidden secrets of lemon.

Now I know lemon can help heal acne.

How about fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, nervousness, anxiety and the like, that can be caused by stress?  I never knew drinking lemon juice can help heal too.  And so does a lemon room freshener for employees working in an office, it is found to cause relief and helps make them efficient.

For canker sore, and to help protect tooth enamel, chewing lemon and waiting for about an hour before brushing your teeth is reportedly effective.

Check it out on said link on and feel more confident using lemon as a versatile natural remedy, including skin remedies for corns and calluses, eczema, for fever, cold or flu, for halitosis, for hypertension together with garlic, honey and onions, to help lower your bad cholesterol level, as an insect repellent, as a bug bite therapy, as a sleep inducing element especially when mixed with insomnia healing herbs like chamomile, hops and valerian, helps in stomach health, helps relieve pain once rubbed on affected areas of the body and it helps fight varicose and spider veins with vein strengthening properties.

I once had allergies on my arms and some parts of my body, and I presumed it was from the micro-fiber material wrapped around a reclining computer armchair we had.  I applied lemon juice on it until it gradually disappeared.

You may have micro-fiber dust flying inside your room with furniture wrapped with it, be wary if you find allergy spots on your skin, it may be causing the allergy.

I have come across lemon’s fat dissolving ways too that helps lower down weight.

Wow!  Is that not amazing?  I won’t be surprised if you would discover a lot more remedies learning from this resource.

Sharing these secrets with others can be helpful but be wary of possible ‘don’t do’s’ that same link may further help educate you to know.

Our body is equipped with an immune system.  It is a part of God’s creation in our body.

Once the immune system is neutralized or weakens, unfortunately, by some medication, by certain foods we may have consumed or by certain virus or bacteria transferred into the human body by contact,  it may be important to keep it back in shape again or revitalized for renewed strength.

Believing in natural healing and in the power of our faith in Jesus, I have learned to live in the essence of my faith, using natural remedies being at best, effective, as we learn to humble ourselves more to God’s commands, that we may better minimize stress in our lives, living by His words of love and forgiveness.

I firmly believe that spiritual health helps bring about a sustainable physical health.

Thank God I have seen His goodness, using only natural supplements to keep me in good health.

I have read from reliable sources how some medications can harm our immune system, and this finding I have come to believe especially so when I regained back my health doing natural means, totally stopped by reliance on prescribed medication, and trusting more on God’s words, relying more on my faith.

Will it work on you?  Only if you do believe.

[Read more helpful blogs on natural healing on and see what may work for you as we KJOH (Keep Jesus in our hearts)]

[Read my ebooks on Amazon,’s+kjoh&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Alet’s+kjoh, paying for access help support cancer research and Catholic Christian spiritual growth activities]

Reading on our Yahoo Health link “12 Foods With Super-Healing Powers” brings you to truth and reality, that the human body is just awesome, with God creating in us an immune system that helps heal itself and that there are a many super foods God has given us in nature, His supplementary creation to keep us healthy and enjoy living this life, no matter how short it can be though, lol.

It is precisely what God wants us to realize, that if only we fully trust in Him, with guidance from His words, commandments, and through the the teaching of His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, we can stay healthy and indeed, this is a temporary life, a stepping stone to the afterlife, the longer one, as we hope and pray to be duly rewarded, towards life eternal.

[Read on “God’s Awesome Works in God’s Awesome Creation and the Messiah in Jesus,” to further see the light in God through Christ.]

As in Genesis 1:29-30, is written, “Then God said, ‘I give you every seed bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it.  They will be yours for food.  And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground – everything that has the breath of life in it – I give every green plant for food.’”

And with our faith, we can be healed, both in body and in spirit, as we trust in God.

With our Yahoo Health link comes a detailed description of these super foods in kiwi, cherries, guava, dandelion, broccoli, beans, cabbage, carrots, onions, kale, spinach and watercress.

I did not even know about dandelion and watercress being as rich in goodness towards better health, but our link will surely keep you delightedly informed.

And so with beans, oh, how wonderful, being one of my favorites, they can truly help energize your body being rich in protein and contains a pack of antioxidants that promotes heart, kidney, digestive, bladder health and a lot more including cancer prevention.

Of course, even if we have these super foods, there is no substitute to keeping your diet in check as you may be eating too much of the same food especially those rich in fats and bad cholesterol.

As a general rule, “everything should be taken in moderation.”

[Read on “About Eating Fruits, Heart Attack and Stroke Signs and Avoiding Cancer,” as our related link.]

Keep healthy as we KJOH.

Please note: All these related posts under our “health label” are for educational purpose only. Consult a healthcare practitioner for any health problem(s) or “a doctor if symptoms persist”.

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Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Louis Ignarro, is the man. Awarded the very prestigious Nobel Prize in Medicine for his great discovery of a natural artery plaque remover, Dr. Ignarro, has contributed a superbly outstanding cure that may eventually bid goodbye to the most dreaded heart diseases in the history of man making angioplasty, heart bypass operations and blood pressure drugs practically obsolete.This “miracle molecule” he discovered incredibly cuts artery plaque by 50% and brings down cholesterol level to as much as 60 points.

This so-called “miracle molecule” is the nitric oxide, with the same product derivative you may see on the web endorsed by some Mix Martial Arts (MMA) champions to keep their muscles bigger and stronger.

And some health practitioners see this dynamic molecule as the same enhancer that helps stimulate certain virility enhancing drugs.

Nitric oxide is actually gas that is inhaled. The additional effect of nasal breathing relates to this powerful hormone, nitric oxide, produced in nasal passages.

The endothelium, a single layer of cells tissue that lines the blood and lymph vessels, heart and some other cavities, also produces nitric oxide with an NO enhancer.

And it has been proven effective too in lowering inhaled steroids among asthma patients (read “Positive Winds of Change for Pulmonary Hypertension” and its last section for related topic at this link…  “compared to standard care potentially decreasing risk of side effects,” according to a study in 2005 by the New England Journal of Medicine.

Products which claim to help produce and release this “miracle molecule” from our system or body metabolism have been there on many grocery shelves all along with many identified or better known as muscle builders (see capsuled products with nitric oxide on their label made available too on this site at a fairly affordable rate).

It has been some years back since doctors using natural complements have uncovered and made public its very usefulness on preventing heart ailments as it has been found to relax smooth muscles to widen (dilate) blood vessels, normalizes transmission of nerve signals and modulates the immune system.

Several anti-oxidants such as green tea, garlic, Vitamin C and many others coupled with regular exercise also help in the release of Nitric Oxide.

Reading Dr. Louis J. Ignarro’s book, “NO More Heart Disease,” can give you a wealth of information on the many uses of NO and how it can keep you healthy.

For other enlightening aspects of Nitric Oxide you may refer to other sites on the web with FAQ’s and answers that may interest you, despite of probable scam claims, it leaves you the prerogative over weighing your findings before making your own decisions for your health.

There are reported side effects though such as blood in the urine, high blood sugar, increased difficulty breathing infection, low blood pressure and/or skin infection but all these have been attributed to an overdose of NO (nitric oxide) or the release of too much of it.

As the saying goes, “whatever is too much can be dangerous”.  Moderation is still the key.

The body tolerates NO so fast so cycling them every month or so is recommended to help you stay healthy.

Usage of no longer than 8 to 10 weeks continuously can be safe and Pinoy Blogger (PB) uses it 2 to 3 times a week on single dosage before a workout and it has helped him much maintain a normal blood pressure, so far with no side effects, and reduce cholesterol level with the help of red wine, green tea, cucumber, banana, grapefruits and/or cantaloupe/watermelon on the sides.

You do not have to take PB’s word for it if you have doubts but getting a copy of the book “NO More Heart Disease” by Dr. Louis Ignarro can give you more confidence in using Nitric Oxide.

PB has proven to himself this regimen very effective especially so being a firm believer of God’s goodness through the many natural foods, fruits, herbs, gas, vitamins and minerals He has created that can sustain our good health (you can readily contact him through this email address,

Keeping in mind and following God’s commandments with the powerful words of love, humility, understanding, mercy and forgiveness in Christ’s teachings, can help much in any healing process.

Releasing our mind and body from undue stress has been found in many scientific and medical researches to help strengthen our immune system.

And as they say in drug advertising parlance, “If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.” It pays to get a second opinion.

[Read on our related post on “Feeling Depressed, Disappointed, Sad or Lonely, See the Best Remedy.”]

You may want to read the book “World’s Greatest Treasury of World Secrets” as edited by Arthur P. Johnson  for related findings and learn 2618 lifesaving secrets all in one book.

You can also find related and very informative support gadgets including audio and video clips through our link which promotes Tikva Plus, a more complex product with reportedly more healthful ingredients aside from nitric oxide to help in anti-aging and healthy living.

And you can write down your comments or queries if any on given site or below this post, or just email us, as we highly appreciate your views.

Please note: All these related blogs under our “health label” are for educational purpose only. Consult a healthcare practitioner for any health problem(s).
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