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Five simple tips on getting a squirrel near you:

1. Don’t scare or be scared by a squirrel;
2. Come 9:30 in the morning at his favorite spot;
3. Get ready with your bait – a whole peanut will do;
4. Speak his neighborhood lingo, english in USA, lol; wistling may help;
5. Show the bait and feed him by the hand, or drop it as he gets near you – he may not bite you but is he rabid, don’t know? Better to play it safe, huh.

This can be healthy as we learn to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation and help share what makes others happy. Be filled with God’s love as we KJOH, and may this video help make your day.

Standing alone ‘majestic’ and ‘imposing’ on a hilltop overlooking the awesome Mike Sharpe’s Ranch.

“The Tree of Hope,” that’s what I call it, unmindful of what Mike Sharpe or others may call it.

This thing of beauty may have a few leaves on it but its massive trunk and many branches tells us so many things about life.

“Life is what you make it,” and so does the old saying goes.  But if there is hope, that dream remains alive in every person.

And one’s positive outlook in life help much guide one to the life ahead.

What more can be positive when one realizes that while life has a beginning, it may never end after all?  Or will it?

It depends on your perspective, or your outlook in life, perhaps?

Yes, it depends largely on what you believe in.

Whoever or however you may think made this world, and how it came into being what it is and how we see it today, would it ever matter much to you if you have not entertained the question that asks us, “where do we go when we die?”

Atheists may say, “I care less, for I know there is no God, but I do believe in science because it’s what I see and it has made my life better and worth living.”

No matter how I look at this statement, don’t you see it selfish and entertains hopelessness?

Is it rather evil in our ego that makes us think this way, or is it God?

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If we believe in God, and through Jesus, he created us all and all other things in this world since the beginning, as in John 1:3, don’t you think he has the rightful control over us in our reaction and response to all things, including the gift talents, of science and technology?

From us comes our own ‘free will’ to react, but God triggers a response to every reaction we may create.  Our body sends vivid signals to him and quickly or in no time, a fitting response comes, and every time, he asks us quietly like a voice from inside us, “Who is your master, is it Me in Jesus, or is it Mammon or evil?

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Just gazing at the ‘Tree of Hope,” as it greets all visitors to Mike Sharpe’s Ranch, I can see why faith in Jesus can give us hope, as we may see beyond what life presents in our day to day trials in our life long journey towards the truth, the same way that Mike Sharpe may have found hope while given that great opportunity to grow his business as a partner in a company that shares in that truth of our being, in that truth of sharing our talents and pooling our efforts and resources together onto a great mission, where we may express our love for our Creator by unselfishly helping others win with their love ones in this life and the next, and by doing so, may be blessed from their efforts, be it in kind or in spirit, irregardless, it is something that you may gain rewarded in your living sacrifice, that others may prosper.

With man, this may be impossible, but “with God all things are possible,” as in Matthew 19:26.

In his 30 fruitful years partnering with the company and helping many achieve financial freedom and independence, Mike Sharpe has remained humble, for he knows that in one’s humility comes greatness, and in a humble man comes honor and respect.

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And as Jesus said while sharing one of the eight beatitudes, “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.”

In our faith comes hope, and may the truth in God’s words prosper our life towards greater peace and joy in this life and onto his eternal kingdom.

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Enjoy my shared pictures and videos during the trip and feel a part of God’s greatness as we reflect in his words and the beauty of his goodness as he blesses, to always humble ourselves before him as part of his creation:

From A Day of Beauty at Mike Sharpe Ranch June 30 2012

from edwin camera 687Happy and humble, Manny Pacquiao, his power comes from what the Holy Spirit wants the poor to strive for greatness, giving back to Him for His greater glory, and where ‘with God all things are possible,’ as in Matthew 19:26.

“Manny Pacquiao won over Timothy Bradley, it was very clear, yet he lost by split decision.  Why so?”

See the humble Manny Pacquiao, unperturbed, he keeps his meekness intact, with faith in The Lord, he has won in many ways.

“It’s a rip-off.”  “The fight was fixed,”  “Bob Arum is the true winner.”  “How about those who bet on Pacquiao and lost?  Do they deserve a refund?  How about those who paid for their tickets to see the bout?  How about the watching public?”

“Was Pacquiao and his team aware of this plan?  How about Bradley’s team?”

“Did the Mafia have a hand on this?  Or were the two judges who ruled the fight against Pacquiao in anyway gay or supporters?”

Oh what chaos?  Everybody is affected by wrong decisions on that fateful night of June 9, 2012.  It’s malice against malice.  It never ends.

Unless there is love, truth, justice and peace in one’s heart, evil may always prevail.

Did Manny Pacquiao handle the outcome professionally?  I think he did, and with ‘class.’

He knew he won the fight.  There was no doubt about it. He did not blame the judges.  But when worldly things work, and man allows it to flourish or prosper, then is man not the real loser?

As in 1 John 2:15-17, Jesus said, “Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love of the Father is not in them.  For anything in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life – comes not from the Father but from the world. The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.”

Did you think ‘boxing’ won, are was it really Arum who won being the promoter?  How about Manny Pacquiao or Tim Bradley?

When fairness, justice and truth is lost, is not everything lost?  What are we teaching our kids and the new generation … to ‘love the world’ and not God who created us all and without him we are nothing?

I hate to say this but despite our God given wisdom, gifts and talents, we still forget God’s power, God’s wisdom, and God’s control over us.

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Are the signs that we see around us reminding us to return to God in Jesus, not at all clear that we have to love the world more than our need to love God and his commands?  How many more people have to suffer because of man’s worldliness?

Are we not supposed to think more like matured adults, noble and true to one another, instead of thinking like confused, directionless, self-propagating incorrigible who have forgotten the truth about our living spirit that may only perish in hell if God so wills it, especially so when malice, pride, selfishness and love for material things so rule us instead of our love for God and of others?

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Dissecting the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley Fight

See these three sets of videos from YouTube with my own views incorporated on given annotations as you may want to compare it with your own findings and analysis of the fight, and we will start with the first four rounds set:

Manny Pcaquiao clearly dominates over Bradley from Round 1 to Round 4, Bradley feeling the powerful combination punches coming from Manny and this has made him hesitant into attacking Manny.

For the first time, we see a very cautious fighter in Bradley, yet, very hungry for the kill, which, unfortunately, has become more and more difficult with Manny’s remarkable boxing talents and skills.

With lesser boxers he may have perfected his attacks, but with Manny, he appears like a mesmerized hunter now a prey.  See the power, the quickness and the boxing skills of both boxers and I see Manny way ahead on points on each round, where on the latter part of Round 4, Bradley is seen quite groggy over Manny’s more accurate, heavy strikes and relentless attacks.

  1. 1st Round:  1st part of 8, 7th and 8th part of 8 (ie., in 8 full sections of video) Manny connects to the body  head of Bradley.  Pretty powerful punches – overwhelmingly fast and furious, it’s Manny’s round;
  2. Round 2:  Manny connects on Bradley on 1, 4, 8 and 9 (ie., in sections of 9 parts of round 2) with a near head butt on 8.  Bradley clips and does half punches on Manny’s side on 2. Overwhelmingly, it’s Manny’s round;
  3. Round 3:  Manny connects on 1(body punch), 3, 4 and 5(hard combinations punches) 7(power head punch), 8 and 9 with hard combination punches that confuse Bradley.  Bradley again clips and do side body punches on Manny on 2. Not a doubt, Manny’s round;
  4. Round 4:  Manny connects telling punches on Bradley 2, 3(hard head punches), 7, 8 and 9(power combination head punches); Bradley connects on 2(head punch). Definitely Manny’s round.

The second video set, from Rounds 5 to 8 comes next:

Timothy Bradley starts to back-up more often from Round 5 onwards as he starts feeling Manny’s powerful punches and rightfully, earns Bradley’s respect, and yes, would he not want to avoid a possible knockdown from a rushing power puncher, otherwise, his unblemished ‘no loss’ and ‘no knowdown’ record may come to naught?

He appears dazed in the latter parts of Rounds 5, 6 and 7, while on 8 he slowly recovers as Manny slows down a bit. Is it over confidence on Manny’s part knowing he’s way ahead on points?

  1. Round 5:  Manny connects on Bradley on sections 3, 7, 8 and 9 of said round; Bradley connects on Manny on 1 but starts backing up on 3 onwards having felt Pacquiao’s power punches;  Bradley appears dazed on 8 and 9. Manny seen still very dominant on this round;
  2. Round 6:  Manny connects on Bradley on 2 (power jab), 3, 4 (power jab), 6, 7, 8 and 9;  Bradley connects on Manny on 1;  Bradley appears dazed from 6 to 9. Another overwhelming Pacquiao round;
  3. Round 7:  Manny connects on Bradley on 2 (body punch), 4 (power jab), 6(combination), 7(power combination) and 8(power punch);  Bradley connects on Manny on 1(clips with soft punches to Manny’s body side), 2 and 6(body punches); Bradley dazed on 8 and 9. Another Pacquiao round as Bradley backs up again;
  4. Round 8:  Manny connects on Bradley on 4(body punch) and 9 (power combination); Bradley connects on Manny on 1(body punch) and 4(jab); exchange of punches on 6 and 8. Jinky Pacquiao seen stooping to pray at 9?  It’s Manny’s round – with more combination and power punches although he has slowed his tempo a bit, perhaps, because he knows he is leading by a wide margin?

And the third set, but not the least, are taken from Rounds 9 to 12:

On Rounds 9, 11 and 12, I see Pacquiao still on the upperhand despite a more aggressive Bradley.  On the first four rounds, Bradley had difficulty connecting, while in the middle rounds, Bradley was feeling Manny’s power punches that nearly floored him. On Round 10 though, I see a DRAW on the exchange.  I saw, nevertheless, Pacquiao’s punches delivering the more telling blows on Bradley.

The fight was not even close as all seen on the collected video footage, on the manner Pacquiao relentlessly threw his punches, he was mostly on the attack, he was the more aggressive fighter.

Why the judges had almost the same score at 115 to 113, is this not a great mystery that Sherlock Holmes may need to unravel?

Further, two judges surprisingly favored Bradley, they were Duane Ford (74) and C.J.Ross, and only one, Jerry Roth (71), favoring Pacquiao despite the clear win in most, if not on all, rounds in Pacquiao’s favor?  Now, you be the judge.

  1. Round 9:  Manny connects on Bradley on 1, 2(power body and head punches putting Bradley off balanced), 3 and 4(body and head punches), 5(body and head punches), 6(head punch) and 9(powerful combination punches);  Bradley connects on Manny on 2 and 4(body punch) and 7(combination punches);  exchanges on 9. Clearly Manny’s round with more power combination punches thrown,  and not Bradley’s as concluded by many others although he was seen on a rare surprising and daring attack mode during rounds 8 and 9;
  2. Round 10:  Manny connects on Bradley on 4(power combi punches), 8 and 9(combi punches);  Bradley connects on Manny on 2, and 6(head combi punches) and 8(head punches);  Bradley backing on 3 and 5 to avoid Manny’s punches, counter exchanges on 5 and 7, and gets off balanced on 8 after Manny’s power jab.  A DRAW, although clearly, Pacquiao delivered more power punches.  I would have to give Bradley some credit for his determination and fighting heart.  Honestly, I still see Pacquiao ahead on this round, however slower he might have been since round 7;
  3. Round 11:  Manny connects on Bradley on 4, 6 and 7(power head punches), and on 8 and 9(head combination punches);  Bradley connects on Manny on 2(jab), 3(body punch) and 8(head punch).  More powerful combination punches – Manny clearly won this round;
  4. Round 12:  Manny connects on Bradley on 2, 3 and 9(power head punches); Bradley connects on Manny on 1(combination head punches) and 2(body punch). Exchanges seen on 4 and 6 with Bradley always backing up. Aggressive and power punching, it’s Manny’s round.

Was Timothy Bradley honest enough to accept the Championship Belt?   If he feels comfortable wearing it, will this not be fine?  The official judges for the fight gave it to him, is it not?

It is interesting to note that a few weeks before the fight, another boxing promoter, Murad Muhammad, did he not mention about Arum’s possible plan ‘or was it a plot’ for a rematch, in November 2012, which Timothy Bradley even seconded about a couple of weeks before the fight?

And when a call for an investigation came out, was Bob Arum not washing his hands when he himself was reportedly encouraging an investigation even after 5 independent WBO judges concluded the fight to have been won by Pacquiao?

Duane Ford felt “Bradley gave Pacquiao a ‘boxing lesson’ in the second half of the fight.”  Was that being honest to himself?  My mom at 80 and the other older or regular fans of Pacquiao, are they better judges than Ford?

Watch this YouTube video on Manny Pacquiao’s, Timothy Bradley’s (on wheelchair) and Freddie Roach views on the controversial fight:

This semi-rap song, with a faster version above (slower version on third YouTube video below), is dedicated to you and to all of mankind, as we celebrate the love of God in Jesus, inspired by powerful verses from the Holy Bible, collected from among my favorites: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17, Matthew 6:33, 8 Beatitudes, Matthew 5:3-12, Psalm 37:4,  all joined together in a song with a message of love, hope, faith and truth in God’s words, that as we abide in Jesus, he may abide in us and bless us while we KJOH, keeping Jesus in our hearts, then, we may see and find  everything in order, attuned to God’s will and his divine plan for us, for Jesus is in all of us, waiting to be revealed, and better understood as we open up and humble ourselves to him, and feel him, in our hearts and spirit.

Try reflecting with the lyrics of the song:

Let’s KJOH – “Keep Jesus in our Hearts”


Keep Jesus in our hearts and everything will be alright! (4x)


1 Tessalonians 5:16:17, it says …

“Be joyful always, pray continually

Give thanks in all circumstances

For this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (2x 1 male then 1 female voice blend)


“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God

And all these things will be added unto you;”

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God

And all these things will be added to you as well.”


III  Chorus (Rap)

Let’s KJOH    Rap:  “Delight yourself with the Lord

Let’s KJOH       and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

Let’s KJOH   “Blessed are the poor in spirit

Let’s KJOH       for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.”  (4 x straight ‘Let’s KJOH’)

Let’s KJOH   “Blessed are those who mourn

Let’s KJOH       for they will be comforted.”

Let’s KJOH   “Blessed are the meek for

Let’s KJOH       they shall inherit the earth.”   (4 x straight ‘Let’s KJOH’)


Let’s KJOH    “Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled.”

“Blessed are the merciful for they shall be shown mercy.”   (4 wavy let’s KJOH’s)

Let’s KJOH   “Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God.”

“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God.” (4 wavy let’s KJOH’s)

Let’s KJOH  “Blessed are they

Let’s KJOH       who are persecuted

Let’s KJOH       because of righteousness

Let’s KJOH       for theirs is the Kingdom of God.” (4 x straight ‘Let’s KJOH’)


Let’s KJOH  “Remember these words and put them in your heart, Let the light of Christ shine, lifted, healed and saved, may eternal life be thine!” (4 wavy let’s KJOH’s)


For this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus (2x by men then women; men after “God’s will for you”)

 repeat and end with Refrain … then, voicing on end phrase…“Let’s KJOH – Keep Jesus in our Hearts, forever.”

Feel the song with this quicker and livelier ‘addendum’ version below, dance and sing-along with it (with lyrics) and have fun as we KJOH.

See related pictures shared through my picasa gallery, for a clearer view of background pics for Let’s KJOH, slower version, and a separate link for background pics for the ‘faster full version’ now available.

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God bless us all as we share the light of Christ to the world.

background pics for KJOH slower version:

Let’s KJOH 1

slower version below with faster version background pics preceding it:

Let’s KJOH2

Here are some pictures I am sharing with you from my Picasa Galery.

Being a lover of nature and anything that celebrates the gift of life, that our great Almighty God and Creator has given to us, I believe that in all these, one can reflect on the beauty of God’s creation and the truth on God’s words through Christ Jesus.

And in the process, experience true peace and happiness as we learn to put Christ at the center of our life.  That is when we fully understand what it is like being one with Christ.  And being one with Christ and in Christ, we may already feel heaven in this life, free from all worries and temptations that only make our life worthless, useless and more miserable.

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Related Bible Verses on Creation

“God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good.” (Genesis 1:31)

“He loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of the steadfast love of the LORD. By the word of the LORD the heavens were made, and all their host by the breath of his mouth.” (Psalm 33:5-6)

“The LORD is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made…. The LORD is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made.” (Psalm 145:9, 13; cf. Psalm 145:17)

The Galery of Flowers, Landscapes and Floats

We shall start with the pictures I took from around Hughes Avenue, Los Angeles and Culver City (each picture link leads you to an album),  then to the beautiful flowers of the ‘Mini-Garden of Eden’ at the Carmelite Retreat House in Alhambra, California, until you may come across the Flower Parade Float pictures taken while the floats were resting in Pasadena, California, after the parade proper of January 2011.

Album 1 FLOWERS in LA and Culver, CA (12142010-4132011)
Album 2 FLOWERS in LA and Culver, CA (4262011)
Mini Garden of Eden at Carmelite Retreat House at Alhambra, California (50711)
Model Landscapes, LA, CA
2011 1 Jan Pasadena Float Parade Album 1
Jan 2011 Pasadena Float Parade Album 2

(Pacman’s Trainer Buboy Fernandez(5) shown above with the Regalado brothers, Carlo(1) and Miguel(3), together with Edwin Tayag(2) and Pinoy Blogger(4) before the fight)

There was no knockdown and there was no knockout and Clottey played it smarter than Cotto, despite a loss. Clottey’s coach and handlers were telling him in the later rounds to “take chances because you are losing on points” but Joshua Clottey fought Manny Pacquiao the smartest way he can to avoid being knocked down, knocked out or worst, ending up in a hospital.

Joshua Clottey has seen how fast Manny can be and seemingly felt his power punches, although he did not admit this on the post fight interview by HBO insiders at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium, where the first big fight has been held with its very excited owner, Jerry Jones seen successfully promoting it himself.

Manny was clearly disappointed (and many of his fans too) for a no “hitting the canvass” main event, unlike his previous fights. Manny humbly admitted an unexpectedly “very good” opponent in Joshua and that he also felt his hard punches.

Clottey stated that this fight was his “first real loss” in his professional boxing career. Manny, on the other hand, did not forget to thank his fans, the audience and all viewers around the globe.

Once in the fight Clottey even made a dancing wobbly body motion to psyche Pacquiao out but Manny was relentless with his combination punches in his quest to weaken Joshua and show his unwavering confidence in the ring.

He even made later an “ala Fernando Poe(famous Filipino Action Star)” double handed punch on both ears of Clottey in retaliation to Clottey’s antics but was warned by the referee that this was not allowed, and he responded with a mischievous grin and a quick “high five” apology to Clottey.
Clottey was doing a Mayweather in the fight. Although he may not have been as fast, he made Pacquiao happy for the challenge and the chance to respond to a Mayweather defence of sort.

Who knows, Clottey might have taken some pointers from Mayweather before the fight, directly or indirectly. Pretty much though, Mayweather and Mosley will learn much from this fight, not only Pacquiao, while Floyd Jr. enjoys his money making fights before he may have to decide facing Manny.

Meanwhile, Filipinos and Pacquiao fans worldwide are already celebrating their hero’s victory, with many thanking God for their answered prayers.

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Many people would liken Manny Pacquiao to King David, their favorite hero in the Bible’s Old Testament.

And just like King David, our Filipino Sports and World Sports Icon who was recently acclaimed as the Best Fighter in the World by ESPY(Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) for 2009 is also our living legend and hero, aside from being God fearing and prayerful.

Manny has had many spectacular wins against boxers bigger and perceived to be much stronger than he is.

Who would ever think that he can win overwhelmingly against boxing’s most popular legend (then) Oscar de la Hoya, notwithstanding his height and reach advantage over Manny?

So with very powerful boxers in higher weight categories like the Manchester Hitman Ricky Hatton and Puerto Rico’s Pride Miguel Cotto to gain the unprecedented recognition award as the record holder of seven world championship titles, a hall of famer indeed. King David also showed his bravery by slaying the Philistine Giant, Goliath, by a single stone from a slingshot.

One would wonder what kind of training David had to become a slingshot marksman? But for sure, just like Manny, they can best assume David had arduous training and strict discipline to master his skill.

Digressing a bit and talking about Manny’s incoming fight this coming Saturday against Joshua Clottey on March 13 at the Dallas Cowboys Texas Stadium in Arlington, simple deduction would say that in most probability, Manny can again win by a knockout, as long as he is in very good shape.

Unless Clottey becomes overly aggressive and become careless like Hatton did, the kind of game Manny wants his opponent to play for an early KO, a possible stoppage may run in the later rounds like what happened in Manny’s bout against Cotto.

Now going back to our two gentlemen, Manny and King David derive their strength, their cunning ability to outsmart their opponent and elusively agile from the poisonous stings of their adversary – from their strong belief, as they proclaim and pray from their heart, that their extraordinary and close to indescribable power comes from God.

And they have a throng of prayer warriors who love them or intercessory support backing them. When Manny fights, barely do you see people or vehicles in the streets. Many are either inside their homes or in a public place all watching and praying along the way, wanting to see Manny win. Even those outside their country, they group together in every fight, practically uniting all Filipinos around the world to see to their hearts’ delight how a Filipino fights to win with an unwavering faith in God, whichever way it may go.

Yet King David and Manny have shown their humility before God and before their followers as well. They stay prayerful and accept their imperfections as they grieve for their sins.

Even if they pray in public for many to see, who can be a judge to that. What many can see is a sincerely devoted follower of Jesus who knows how to pray from his heart and who knows how to glorify the Lord along the way earning the respect of many people around the world as he makes them happy and proud.

And this makes them God’s dynamic instruments to exemplify what power from faith, humility, forgiveness and prayer is all about. Just like King David, many believe that his love for our Creator grows ever stronger within Manny, so with his love for his family… and his people, and followers too. “Mabuhay ka Manny(Long live Manny).”