Greetings of love and peace to all!
With an open mind, facing the truth may hurt, but truth sets us free and can bring greater peace and happiness in the family, community, nations and the world as we see the teaching of Jesus about He being the truth in this life, we may find the best way in facing a godly life, where greater creativity may thrive in the guidance of the Holy Spirit, where Jesus comes to us, in our being, as the light of truth that heals.
Many have been enslaved by ‘TIME,’ sadly, it is ‘TIME’ coming back to devour us if we fail to see the truth in our being.
TIME becomes imperfect when we sin against God and man, but what makes TIME ‘perfect?’
TIME to the worldly can be as perfect as money and all things we may value as
precious as gems, glittering items that catches the vanity of man and woman, are not all these passing?
If TIME changes, together with our attitudes and personalities from within, does this not tell us that God can mold us to become one with Him?
This is the perfection of TIME, when we may learn to love God and love others though Christ Jesus, building our heavenly treasures in heaven, with faith and love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
As in 1 John 2:21-23, the Holy Spirit has revealed to Saint John the truth that the Son and The Father are One and the same.
“I write to you not because you do not know the truth but because you do, and because every lie is alien to the truth.
Who is the liar? Whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ. Whoever denies the Father and the Son, this is the antichrist.
No one who denies the Son has the Father, but whoever confesses the Son has the Father as well.”
God was made incarnate to man, as the ‘word made flesh,’ in Christ Jesus comes the truth in this life, by His body and blood we are perfected in Him, His precious blood shed on the cross we may need to partake to cleanse our souls from all sinfulness, and that we may have eternal life as we ‘remain in Him.’
In His fullness in us, comes now our perfection in Him, and our perfection in this life, where ‘TIME and SPACE’ may see us ‘one’ with Him, ‘one’ with The Father, and ‘one’ with the Holy Spirit.
The promise of the Covenant is His blood, where God’s grace comes before us with ‘true faith’ that perseveres, for with Christ comes our everlasting ‘hope,’ hope that lasts forever for it never disappoints, where His everlasting love and mercy comes to the faithful.
This is when we have loved Him in truth, when He remains in us, from among the consecrated we become one with Him in the glory of The Father, in fellowship and union with The Holy Spirit and His vessels of truth, the holy ones.
In His light there is no darkness, for as we may sin in the flesh, His love and mercy comes to deliver us from the fangs of evil.
The Good Shepherd has bounded us to Himself where the lost sheep  may not be lost anymore in the blood of The Lamb, in perfection of ‘time and space,’ God has perfect control of time, Almighty power that He has, Jesus being One with The Father, He has full authority and rule over all of creation, seen and unseen, the fullness of the Deity is in Him in bodily form.
The ‘universal church’ of Christ comes the consecrated, may we see in us the burning fire from the Holy Spirit that all may drive us to being in the ‘lighted path,’ to be one with God through Christ Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.
In our sinfulness, things of pride lead us to many sins of man, one evil too many may come to devour us as we live in the flesh, being ruled by things passing, things that may come out to be ‘untrue’ from within our being, when we see ourselves ruled my Mammon (devil, money and all things material and passing), not by God through Christ.
Why ‘untrue?’
Things passing may rule our minds, TIME included, it is our mind through our human brain that may tell us ‘TIME’ is everything, but, when we may feel ‘spirit of truth,’ where our ‘heart of love’ belongs, it tells us what truth there is in this life, in ‘divine logic’ we may best know.
Just see the difference, our short lifetime, our eternity, where living in God’s Kingdom bring us to lasing peace and happiness in our hearts, where we may always rejoice with Him who remains in us.
We may hear from within the pureness of our minds and in the tranquility of our souls, “Christ Jesus in our lifetime leads us to what is true from within our being, for every thing in Him gives us an everlasting light that give hope and true healing from within our souls, leading to eternal salvation.”
Just go on, read with an open mind with no malice in tow, and be freed by the light of truth.
How do we sin by ‘material pride?’
in our sinfulness in things of pride, repentance becomes necessary to free us from evil in this world, where TIME for many, is everything, just as money becomes everything for most of us, yet, be wary, these imperfect things may cause us trouble and more problems in the idolatry of our souls, our enslavement to sin may cause our souls to suffer unless we may renew and repent and be redeemed by the blood of The Lamb.
An element of ‘material pride’ in all things passing comes the wolf we may feed from inside of us, the alien, when ‘loving in truth’ is not there in our being, when God in the Holy Spirit is not there to guide us.
Is it TIME for evil to rule us, or, is it time for us to change our ways, with God in Christ Jesus, who has control of time, lest we are lured to darkness, we may see God’s presence impossible, our ‘ego’ (selfishness) blinding us from the unseen wall in us, when we refuse to live in His light?
“With man many things are impossible,” yes, in human and natural ways.
But, “with God all things are possible,” as in Matthew 9:26, one of my favorite bible verses, this truth remains eternal as we may live in His light.
A powerful passage from 1 Timothy 6:3-10 (,bible,NAB), Saint Paul, he who possesses the Spirit of God in Christ, exhorts us of the truth about ‘divine logic,’ the truth in what the gospel preaches aligned with truth in God’s ‘word,’ “we shall not take anything out of it,”or, there is nothing that we may obtain in this life, and eternal truth tells us, “we brought nothing into the world,” and these includes time, material things and everything else that are passing.  The truth in this world as the ‘word’ of God:
“Teach and Urge These Things.
3  Whoever teaches something different and does not agree with the sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ and the religious teaching
4  is conceited, understanding nothing, and has a morbid disposition for arguments and verbal disputes. From these come envy, rivalry, insults, evil suspicions,
5  and mutual friction among people with corrupted minds, who are deprived of the truth, supposing religion to be a means of gain.
6  Indeed, religion with contentment is a great gain.
7  For we brought nothing into the world, just as we shall not be able to take anything out of it.
8  If we have food and clothing, we shall be content with that.
9  Those who want to be rich are falling into temptation and into a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires, which plunge them into ruin and destruction.
10  For the love of money is the root of all evils, and some people in their desire for it have strayed from the faith and have pierced themselves with many pains.”
Indeed, how true, only those who have humbled themselves to the Creator, may see themselves fulfilled in the ‘word’ of God, that Christ our Savior is in them, He who died for our sins, and common sense tells us of this truth as we may deepen our thoughts into the realms of the light of creation, made possible in our hearts of love.
Since God created us out of His love for us, it is the truth in our being that we remain created ‘in His image and likeness,’ as in Genesis 1:27.
Everything in this life is but a test of faith.
From deep within our souls and our hearts, a truthful question may come into our minds in search of what is true in our being, made possible as we surrender our ‘pride’ at the foot of the cross, where Christ’s sacred blood comes to cleanse us of our sins, in the power of faith, through the uniting power of the Holy Eucharist.
That truthful question may reverberate in our souls as we release our material pride.
Our pride remains the carrier of evil inside our being, the devil may come as the worm or serpent that blinds us of what is true in our being.
God will always ask us, “Who is your Master? Is it Me (God) or Mammon (devil/all imperfect and passing things)?”
There unseen wall in our ‘ego’ separates truth as from the lies of the flesh, or holiness and righteousness as against evil, filthiness in selfishness, lust and greed.
Often, we are caught unaware in our actions and reactions through the natural feelings of man to retaliate when signs of danger comes to our senses.
It can be a rash judgment, unless, ‘self-control’ materializes seeing the repercussions of retaliatory actions that may harm the flesh and the mind, in stress and torture.
When we have ‘self-control,’ our understanding of what is true in our spirit tells us to love and forgive, something innate in us, as the truth in our being, it is our connection to God who has created us ‘in His image and likeness,’ is this not our conscience?
But out of habit, from human culture passed on from generations, pride may set into our minds.
It is the Spirit of God in the light of truth that tells us, from beyond our minds, “calm down, control your temper, it is not your being, it is the tempter, the evil one, the alien from outside of you telling you to build malice in your heart, not ‘love’ that should remain in your heart. Share you love with others, as you may love in truth, truth in My commandments, and truth in My teaching, brought before you by My only begotten Son, Jesus the Christ, your true Savior and Messiah.  He possesses My Spirit.  He and I are One, One Spirit as, ‘I Am,’ the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses, united as One with My Spirit, the Holy Spirit.  I am the light, I have power over evil and darkness, for I have condemned evil in Satan and his minions, that no one who comes consecrated with My body and blood and believes in Me will never perish for I am with him, and he in Me. I am the power from within you, your body, as My sacred temple.  I lead you to the light of truth, My ‘divine truth’ that lasts forever in your spirit, your spirit that connects to My Spirit of love, truth that lasts forever, truth that you are My  child who lives by My grace, through faith that is ever true leading to everlasting life. This is My message of love, in truth of My light, to set you free from the bondage of darkness, of sin and evil.”
This message brought me chills from all over my body, it gave me that electrifying embrace of the Holy Spirit from within my being.
I praise you, O Lord, You are my Lord, my King my Master forever and ever, Amen.
God loves us so much, and this is an undeniable truth, that He gave us His only begotten Son, who is God incarnate from His very Spirit, as ‘the word made flesh,’ in the gospel of John 1:14, and ‘the word was God,’ John 1:1.
In the purity of their souls, our spirit that connects to God, we may know God’s ‘word’ in us is very much true, it is our spirit of love, where the Holy Spirit dominates our being, He tells us in our hearts, as we may remain true in Christ Jesus.

“Living by ‘true faith’ comes ‘true freedom’ in the light of Christ.

And how beautiful it is to understand that His glorious light comes ‘life eternal,’ with fullness of joy in this very life blessed as a gift from above.

An extension of His heavenly Kingdom comes an ‘infinite blessing,’ eternal bliss with the Lamb of God, Jesus, as ‘the truth the way and the life,’ as we may live in oneness with The Lord.”

I cannot write His ‘word,’ without the Holy Spirit guiding me, so true, so beautiful are His ‘word,’ majestic and divine, best understood in ‘divine logic,’ our oneness with Christ Jesus, the Lamb of God, with the covenant of God with Him as the promise, with His body and blood that cleanses us as we repent of our sins, in body, mind and soul we are cleansed by His Spirit as we may live in ‘true faith.’


God Controls TIME and SPACE.

By His will, things happen because they need to happen, it is God’s divine will and His ‘divine plan’ for us all.

There is imperfection of TIME in our imperfect world, but being with Christ, everything comes through His ‘perfection’ in us, His perfection in our being.

He is the light of the world.

Whoever lives in His light becomes true to himself, and true to his body, the sacred Temple of the Holy Spirit, and true to God almighty,

Have you heard one say, through his imperfection, “A commitment is a commitment.” 
This must be the boss or manager telling us, or a teacher, a coach, or any leader who wants order in activities and events.
Yes, but whatever may be laid out in  ‘commitment,’ may be erased over time, because of the ‘imperfection’ of man and TIME, as God may so will it, attuned to God’s divine plan, it is what it is, a ‘test of our faith.’
Another message from the Holy Spirit comes before me as his willing instrument of His love for us all, incorporated in this powerful paragraph:
“Whatever is made ‘imperfect’ in TIME, is made imperfect over the passage of TIME. Whatever is true in the imperfection of TIME, comes man made ‘imperfect’ in all things passing, for whatever changes, is not made perfect in our sight and our human and natural senses.  Whatever changes is made imperfect in TIME, but whatever is perfect does not change, irregardless of TIME and SPACE.  Therefore, God is God and true God is true God, where light shines from true light where God comes from true light where His love comes the perfection of our being through Christ and The Father in union with the Holy Spirit, making TIME and SPACE as perfect as we can be when we become one body and one spirit with the perfection of the body and blood of Christ in us, He who is ever righteous and holy as God is righteous and holy.  And as we strive to be holy and righteous in our body as God’s sacred Temple, our perfection in Christ is made true when we live with nothing to fear in this life and in this world, for in baptism, we have lived in God’s grace and have died with the Spirit of Christ, buried with us are our sins from our ‘material pride,’ made imperfect over time, over the course of our mortal life.  In Christ, we are made holy and sinless as we live in ‘true faith,’ holy and righteous we shall become in the perfection of God in us with the Holy Spirit in the glory of Christ, the Lamb of God made One being in the glory of God The Father, forever and ever. Amen.”
Physics is defined as the ‘science that deals with matter, energy, motion and force,’ on google search.
But are these purported facts true, or become theories, for anything that changes in our ever changing life made possible by the ever changing TIME and SPACE makes life imperfect, therefore, facts of science are never made solid facts but are made eventually untrue in the ‘passage of time and space,’ they become mere theories of mortal life in the imperfection of TIME and SPACE.
Anyone who doubts this message from the Holy Spirit, becomes untrue to his very being, our body being the Temple of the Holy Spirit, where truth in Jesus remains forever, as truth in this life and in this world, and truth in eternal life, for again, can we obtain anything when we die?
Absolutely nothing, nothing material we may bring when we die, but the fruits of love, when we love in truth with Jesus in our hearts (read more about the truth in the gospel on Facebook page, Let’s KJOH, or Keep Jesus in our Hearts, as we keep the light of Christ in us that heals), comes the heavenly treasures that we may build remaining imperishable, they brings us to God’s heavenly Kingdom.
Is our TIME and SPACE made untrue in the passage of TIME?
Absolutely, what make it true is what is imprinted in our minds and souls, our mental faculties made imperfect in our brain that perishes when we die, for whatever dies in the flesh perishes with our body of flesh with the heat of the sun, with the sun that may shine forever with what remains eternally true, for God in Christ in us remains perfect, in ‘word’ and truth, for God’s ‘word’ is made perfect and will never pass away.

The truth about Saint Paul’s exhortation of what the Holy Spirit tells him to share, is what is true in our spirit, as in above bible verse, 1 Timothy 6:6-7,

“Indeed, religion with contentment is a great gain.
For we brought nothing into the world, just as we shall not be able to take anything out of it.”
Jesus said, “Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will never pass away,” in whatever version of the bible, NAB (New American Bible, the Universal or Catholic Bible) or any protestant version tells us of the same message, as in Matthew 24:35.
Forgive me, for anyone whom I may have hurt, in the many times I may have missed some of my commitments, through it all, God through The Father, the Son in Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit, was with me, in my love of family and of others, in meaningful service to The Lord.  
“God’s will be done.  Things happen because they need to happen.  Everything is but a test of faith, when we live in Christ’s Spirit, His fullness in us brings us to His light (KJOH – Keep Jesus in our Hearts).”
But if you come to think and ponder deeper, from beyond your mind, you may see, in the imperfection of time, we are made perfect in Him when we forgive, for we have ‘loved in truth,’ but through it all, we are made imperfect in sins of the flesh, made more manifest in sins of ‘material pride,’ in the ‘idolatry of our souls,’ when we forget to receive guidance and ask for spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit, where in the weakness of the flesh, comes the strength of our spirit deriving power for the Spirit of God through Christ.
Satan’s temptation is strong because our mind and soul allow the alien in him to sow chaos and disorder in worldly sins, when ‘pride’ rules us, but as we live in the Spirit of God, humbling ourselves to Him makes us live in the strength of our spirit, humbling ourselves before God and man.
As in Matthew 5:5 (,NIV), Jesus said, “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”
This means, they, the meek, and their descendants in obedience of The Lord’s commandments and His words, may remain to live forever with Christ Jesus in their hearts.
Giving  value to God’s time is giving value to our love of God and the love of our commitments to others.
“Easier said than done,” it is in our compassion and understanding, with the greater wisdom of love and forgiveness, that makes us live in a higher state of love, the ‘agape love,’ where love becomes ‘unconditional,’ when we care to listen to others as we heed God’s calling to forgive, with no malice in our hearts and in the pureness of our souls, this is when we have outsmarted Satan and his minions.
The greatest love of all comes in our own realization, ‘to love God and to love others, and to spread the light to help enlighten the astray, as when we are made ready in the confidence of our souls to spread the gospel and God’s ‘word.’
‘Divine Logic’ the Path to Salvation
In ‘divine logic’ we may know best, the signs of God leading us to the lighted path, in ‘true faith,’ comes the path to salvation.
“In every way, God’s ‘will’ be done, again, and may we see along the way, our ‘imperfection’ may turn into our ‘perfection’ with the holy One, in Christ’s righteousness, guided by His light, as we humble ourselves before The Lord.”
In Matthew 5:37 (,NIV), Jesus said, “All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No;’ anything beyond that is of the evil one.”
He was referring to swearing or a commitment with anyone, with a ‘swear,’ Jesus does not want us to ‘swear’ to anyone or with anyone, just simply say ‘Yes,’ or ‘No.’
Do not lie, or become an instrument of the devil when we lie,” public persecution and condemnation may follow, when we may later say ‘Yes’ from a ‘No,’ or say ‘No’ for a ‘Yes,’ as one may swear, our integrity is put into question for anything that we may say, otherwise, may come evil or slanderous words and lies from our mouth.
Will an apology correct the wrong?
The gravity of the sin comes the gravity of your responsibility before God and man.
It is God to repay and to avenge, for it is God to judge, His justice encompasses all judgement, every time and at ‘all time.’
An apology may be necessary as atonement of sins, if what happened has the element of malice in it, but if we have not sin against God and man, we need not apologize for truth in Christ sets us free, and God in the Holy Spirit knows what is true in our hearts as He may search our hearts.
Jesus never apologized because truth was with him in his lifetime.
He wants us to spread the truth in his teaching that we may become His disciple.
We have to make a distinction between God’s will as against man’s plan and will.
We may need to qualify where others may see us wrong when we were doing what God was telling us to discern with Him, what is best in ‘the love of God and the love of others,’ as Christ’s greatest commandment, comes His guiding light, in righteousness may we abide by His truth.
Man’s will may be attuned with material things aligned with his survival, and that of his family, but, what he may miss is in his confusion, that all things passing are all but imperfect, TIME included.
It is in the signs from God that we may realize, God will test us of our faith to know how truly we may love, praise and worship Him, and how truly we may love our family and our neighbors, that we may all see His greater wisdom of ‘loving in truth.’
Do We need to worry?
Why then should we worry?
“If ‘time’ makes us worry, have we not considered that time, in our pride, we may hate and kill, sow retaliation when we get upset.
If this is not pride, then we may not feel arrogance and hatred from within.  In truth, we do.  
Let the light of Christ shine upon us that the fullness of our joy and peace may be complete (KJOH).”
If Jesus was upset and angry at the money changers and others who made the synagogue, the temple of God, a house of thieves and a market place, it was blasphemy to the Holy Spirit as a sin that cannot be pardoned that they were committing.
The pride of man may come to lure us to sin, we fail in our discernment because of our ‘ego,’ where selfishness comes to blind us, we do not know what is right or wrong, through human culture, human tradition its human wisdom in human endeavors that bind us to sin, not the ‘word’ where the light may see us rescued from darkness.
Envy and jealousy may come easy in greed and selfishness, sin of omission comes handy to propagate death, illness, destruction and division or we may become unreasonable and irresponsible when bounded by time?
It does not matter how time may rule our actions and reactions for in due time, we may all face death, where all things material we may never obtain, hence, we are forever lost in the imperfection of time, for all of us have bounded our lives on ‘time,’ “how long will I live,” or, “how long will I die?”
Time has enslaved us, with our given space to live this life, all things material have bounded us to devour one another in sin.
The one that governs us is ‘death,’ and our ‘stomach,’ that fills our body from hunger and thirst.
But the mind governed by the Spirit speaks about love, to give life, to give peace, that the water immersed with the blood of Christ gives out everlasting water that adds life to our souls, on and on and on, where His words fill us, hunger in not in us anymore, and it quenches our thirst, forever.
His light empowers us not to fear through faith, that no evil may snatch us from mortal death, as it reveals darkness, that in our lifetime, we must possess the light of truth in Christ, ready to conquer evil, with Jesus, ready to rebuke it.
Time, therefore, with space and sin in all things passing, will never enslave us, for Christ is in us, the ever shining lamp in the ‘new heaven and the new earth,’ the new city Jerusalem is in us,  as The Lamb is the lamp that shines over the whole temple, the city as the temple of God and of The Lamb.
God’s glory gave it light, that no darkness and anything accursed may come near it, as the light shines forever in God’s Kingdom (KJOH).”
As in Romans 8:6, “The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.”
If we may never have to fear death, life and peace comes to us for we have the perfection of Christ’s love in us, where true prosperity and happiness belongs.
The ‘survival of the fittest’ has ruled our lives for many of us have  been lost in keeping us alive and keeping us fed with the lure of money that has caused many death and destruction plus division, and where time has caused many to hate and to destroy in man’s pride, where evil and darkness remains.
Time, space and money, are but all things passing, but the truth in our lives is Jesus, our Lord and Messiah.  He teaches us to live and love in His truth and light. Anything passing will always be imperfect, but God’s love is always perfect as we ‘love in truth.'”
Is this not the truth,”God’s love is prospered in the truth about Jesus in our lives, the truth about His words, and the truth about ‘true faith,’ that we need to remain in Him with the promise of everlasting life.
For us, understanding ‘God’s will be done,’ gives us greater wisdom that ‘we need not worry,’ for when we die, we cannot obtain anything?
“For the more we may worry, the more evil may lure us to sin.”
“The importance of accepting our imperfection and grow in our spirit, as we may have the courage to accept our wrong, then comes humility and honor in our hearts.”
“For the honest, meek, brave and courageous may swallow his pride, to readily admit and correct his wrong, it may take him years before one in the bondage of sin and evil, submits to God and surrender his pride as he may be humbled before The Lord.
The more we wait to correct our wrong, the more our souls may suffer in the bondage of sin.
The soul may suffer, but it is the spirit of truth that will lead him to the lighted path, when he see himself freed from evils bondage, as he may continue to rebuke the evil one with The Lord (KJOH).”
So grave was the sin of King David that he has to repent of it, so dearly as he prayed before The Lord for his sin of murder, and lust of the beautiful Bathsheba, the wife of his good and loyal friend, Uriah, until God has seen his sincerity to be renewed before Him, his Good Shepherd, the light brought him from darkness, “there is nothing I shall want.”
He suffered so much for his sin, he was made a fugitive, when King Saul was running after him, but truth was with Him, The Lord was with Him, destiny in his faith was in his favor, to rule Israel as a great king.
God has shown hope in His divine pardon and mercy over David, and this is God’s everlasting hope, where His everlasting love and everlasting mercy prevails upon those who have surrendered their pride, their inequities and sinfulness, as they may repent and renew as they arise with The Lord, a new heart, soul and spirit come to set them free.
God has given us ways to cope, as we bear with one another and forgive one another, we can never be a master of our time, it is God’s time, it is God’s will in us, depending on which path we may so choose, the light of truth in Christ Jesus, our true Master, the author of life, or darkness in sin and evil, where the false god, Mammon is, in the pride of man, we may see us fail.
Forgiveness and mercy, as it is for the love of others, that we must see the zeal of an upright person willing to serve the Lord and His church.
“God is telling me to send this message that all may know, “we can never judge, rather, ‘let God judge,’ for everything in this life is but ‘a test of faith,’ and a test of our ‘love’ for one another, but by His ‘word,’ comes judgment from Him who is the ‘word’ (KJOH).”
In any season of the church, God reminds us of a borrowed life, and everything in it, comes God’s gifts, and within it, a realization of our own imperfection, that we may learn to ‘love in truth’ as we may learn to forgive others and ourselves. 
“God has loved and has shown His mercy many times in many ways, and many times, we have taken all these truth for granted, when we go back to ‘sin again,’ until we may see us humbled from our sins, where ‘wages of sin is death,’ may we soon realize, the promise to eternal life is in Christ Jesus.
“We ourselves may see from within us, as He may reveal Himself to us, back to being truthful to ourselves, that we were created in ‘the image and likeness of God,’ where, in the miracles of faith, we may become true witnesses of His love, every single day, may we see all these, as we live in His light, in His truth, where life belongs (KJOH).”
“We can only help enlighten, all men, the poor, the sick and the astray, from what we may know from His holy and divine ‘word,’ with gifts of fortitude, temperance, love, forgiveness, charity, understanding and wisdom from the Holy Spirit, and pray that the Holy Spirit may search our hearts, as we may say, “May God bless our hearts of love as we pray for one another, that we may be led to Christ’s light, from the ‘truth’ that heals (KJOH).”
Forgiving Ourselves
But how can we rebuke evil, if we refuse to forgive ourselves?
When we sin in our pride, more evil may come to us, for in our ‘pride,’ it may be hard to forgive ourselves.
‘Pride’ in itself is evil, where our ‘ego’ rules, in our selfishness we become rude and be upset over time, when we ourselves have made commitments, some have not pushed through.
Some may have, and this is the truth in this life, the ‘imperfection of time,’ when we fail to listen and understand what truth in God’s words tell us.
By God’s divine plan, He tests us of our faith.
Is ‘loving in truth’ to be believed, or loving with conditions in our mind, conditions that may bring malice to our souls, conditions that may bring lies in our flesh?
Our feelings overwhelmed by our emotions, we cannot think right, our ‘pride’ blinding us of truth in understanding, love and mercy.
“Loving God with all our mind, heart, soul and with all our strength, and loving others as God loves us and as we love ourselves,” comes God’s filtering guide with His words of truth, that we may know, in godly ways, what is good and evil.
With God’s greatest commandment, and every time, we need to move forward by having alternate plans, and it’s so amazing, how God provides answers through us, as faithful followers, being instruments of His love.
This is living in harmony in the unity of faith in Christ Jesus.  This is God’s grace bestowed on us, a product of love, understanding and compassion, knowing that when we are in Christ, ‘everything that happens need to happen,’ reconciled with those who may have believed differently, but the light brings us to oneness in spirit and in heart by Christ Jesus through the Holy Spirit, as we humble ourselves to God. 
It simply is one of the tests in our faith.
“In Christ we live to love that we may stay in His light (KJOH).”
The 9/11 Terror Attack  in the gigantic Twin Towers, New York, we saw miracles happen where time element has saved the many, either they were off the time to work or they were in another event freeing their souls from death, that is when they may say, “I was in the right place at the right time.” 
These are the signs from God that we must see, the miracles of faith and our life long search for truth and salvation to conquer the world and darkness, that we may save others onto Christ’s light, not the destruction itself, for we have God the Creator, and the light of truth in Christ that will rebuild our sacred Temple from within, that unity and harmony from within, may bring about the light of truth and creation from us to others. 
Destruction of life and properties may be seen from all parts of the world, it is what the devil wants our eyes to see, that ‘death’ is something to fear, it can remove us from this life and may not see our loved ones.
But in Christ, true believers may live forever, when we have been buried with Christ’s death on the cross as when we were baptized in ‘true faith.’
Those who have died are living with us in the love of our hearts.  They are the true witnesses of God’s promise in Christ’s death and resurrection, that in Him, if we believe and remain in Him, we may live forever as we may follow our spirit, where truth belongs from among God’s faithful vessels.
In the breaking of the bread may we see our oneness with Christ, with ‘order, peace and harmony,’ in the love of Christ in us.
And may the light shine on us to make a better world for greater freedom and prosperity, from within and outside of our community of true believers in Christ, that The Father may be glorified through The Son, the Lamb of God.
While we may judge others of the same measure, are we not judged back when we fail in our commitment to serve The Lord?
We may be reminded of this truth, when God reminds us to stay committed to Him, in memory loss for a time, cramps from our legs, feet and arms, numbness in some parts of our body, and other signs, these are reminders of our commitment to serve The Lord in spreading what is true in the gospel.
In our deeper faith may we know, its time to open our hearts to God and see greater wisdom from His book of love and life, the Holy Bible where His ‘word’ guide us to His truth.
[Read on NAB, New American Bible, the un-corrupted version from the original Bible, where all 7 books from the Old Testament discarded by Protestants may add to our healing in the guidance of the Holy  Spirit, where our truth in our spirit comes from the holy ones as vessels of truth lead man to light in the ‘word,’ where Jesus is ‘I am,’ the firstfruits of all creation, as the ‘Alpha and the Omega,’ the ‘Beginning and the End’).
Do we not see the number of times that we may judge others, may become the same number of times that we may fail to judge ourselves of our own misgivings, for in us is the Holy Spirit, the sacred Temple, our body (flesh, heart and soul) and spirit?
If we value time as much as we value our mortal life, why not value ‘love’ more which encompasses the truth of our salvation?
However one may see it, God’s hands are always in ‘control’ of time, telling us, “everything is in “God’s divine plan,'” so why worry,  when we have done our best in the service of The Lord and His church?
God may tell us, “Did you do your best?  Did you love the poor?  Did you love the sick and the astray?  Did you guide, tend and fed them onto my light, to my truth, to my love, where My light quenches their thirst and fills their soul from hunger?
To glorify God in whatever we may do, is God’s calling, as in 1 Corinthians 10:31.
We may falter and fail to come despite giving value to our commitments, until we may realize, “God is in control,” as we pray and believe, where if we follow Christ’s teaching (word), may we become His disciples, and ‘truth will set us free,’ as in John 8:31-32.
True Love
What happens when we put material things up front, like time and all of passing things, more than ‘love,’ where forgiveness and compassion is, do we not get upset, and may refuse to accept truthful reasoning?
Are we not in darkness when we worry, or when we tell ourselves, ‘time’ is more important than ‘love?’
Absolutely not.
 ‘True Love’ is more important than ‘time,’ ‘love is what prosper’s ‘divine logic,’ love of God and love of others.
TIME, like history becomes imperfect for it quickly passes away.
Again, when we die, can we obtain anything?
It is always the Holy Spirit that enlightens us, to know that ‘nobody is perfect’under the sun, but our ‘perfection’ is in the fullness of our love, as God has always loved us unconditionally, and He remains to forgive us in the pureness of our intentions and the pureness of our hearts.
Through it all, we remain accountable to Him, as we may be transformed as instruments of His love.
It remains in the ‘pride’ of others that in their imperfection, they may fail to accept of their inequities, but, may we never stop praying for one another to grow our spirit in ‘true faith,’ to overcome sin as we may learn to rebuke evil, as God may deliver us from all evil and temptations.
Search from within our souls how many  times we have denied Christ in the idolatry of our souls, when we listen to our minds more attuned to selfishness and vanity, more than listen to His teachings and words of wisdom?
It is high time to ‘forgive ourselves first’ before we could move on, cleansed by Christ’s blood from sins of pride and idolatry, that we may best come ‘clean’ before The Lord, with confidence in our hearts, blessed by His grace we become true witnesses of His love and of miracles of ‘true faith.’
Is it the will of God to deprive kindness and love, that others may do likewise? Or is it the other way around, that we become instruments of the many beautiful talents, gifts and virtues from the Holy Spirit?
Is this not, therefore, the ‘golden rule,’ what that we must follow to love in truth and avoid sin?
In Matthew 7:12, Jesus said, “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.”
In 1 John 4:18 (,NIV – Protestant bibles do mean the same way if we have the filtering message from the Spirit of God, again, true original and un-corrupted versions of the Holy Bible remain in NAB, the Catholic Bible, where all Protestant bible versions came about from 1825, where Lutheran reformation came about in 1518), “There is no fear in love. Perfect love drives out fear, but fear has to do with punishment. Anyone who fears, is not made perfect in love.”
Discipline is deep within us as true Christian faithful. It is imbedded in ‘true faith.’
Whether volunteer or paid, it does not matter, for to serve The Lord is beyond money, it is bounded by the truth in God’s love, where money and material things, when used to prosper ‘true faith’ becomes priceless, for it leads to truth that remain eternal.
Fear of God is what is foremost in our hearts for this brings us to completion of our faith. As against fear of death which is of the devil, it makes us more insecure, for it keeps us in darkness and within the frameworks of sin, corruption and temptation.
Deeper thoughts may come from within, it is the lack of faith and the lack of God in us.
It is upon the will of God, when God tells us ‘to love and bear with one another, and to bear fruits of God’s love in you,’ yet, some may sin in ‘malice,’ in the selfishness of our hearts, where in ‘divine logic,’ again, may we realize, from deep within our souls, ‘we can never obtain anything material’ when we die, and that includes ‘time,’ where many people sin when they get upset of ‘time,’ in our worldly nature, we have become enslaved to ‘time and money,’ when money and time will forever be ‘imperfect’ as we follow Christ’s ways.
However, the perfection of time is, “when we love in truth every single day of our life, building treasures upon treasures in heaven in our love for one another, a love that heals, a love in Christ’s ever consuming light.”
Whatever talents God has gifted us, hone it and use it wisely to glorify God in truth, and it is evil and wicked to hide our talents, laziness and sloth brings us to more sins, do not all these lead us to darkness, and destruction, in the ignorance of the gospel, we may be living in the death of our souls, precisely why God has given us our body, completed by His fullness in us, our body being His Temple, living in the many gifts and blessings He has given us in our faithfulness, that His Spirit may live in us to become His true children.
To live in His heavenly Kingdom from within our hearts frees us from anything accursed, guarded by angels in all twelve gates, the ‘new heaven  and the new earth,’ it is Jerusalem in us, the holy city, the living Temple of God in us, in our hearts of love.
With whatever gifts we may have, we need to give back to God who created and gaves us the breath of life, and to Him in Christ who died for us to save us from sin, that we have eternal life as we live in His Spirit.
In Luke 12:47-48 (,bible,NAB) from the ‘parable of vigilant and faithful servants:’
“The servant who new his master’s will but did  not make preparations nor act in accord with his will shall be beaten severally;
And the servant who was ignorant
of his master’s will but acted in a way deserving of a severe beating shall be beaten only lightly. Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more is required of will be ‘demanded of the person entrusted with more.'”
God is challenging us, to outsmart  Satan, by “leaving everything in this life, all things material for nobody is ever worthy of God’s Kingdom if he remains attached to worldly things, rather, do whatever is truthful in this life, where we do not own anything when we die, all our passions in things passing we may not obtain, it may come to devour us if we fail to see God in Christ, in our love of others, that all these gifts bestowed on us, should be shared in our love for one another, that we may see peace and joy from within us, and may feel God’s loving embrace as we may feel our victory over the world in ‘true faith.'”
God has always been generous of His time for our repentance and renewal that we have to forgive 70 x 7 times, until we may see our own perfection in Him, in His righteousness we are perfected in our love for one another, for in this life, it becomes so stressful to become an enemy of another.
In every way, when we fail to ‘love’ in truth (which is the ‘fullness of the Law of God’), we fail to justify ‘malice,’ what we may have in our hearts, it remains ignored by our sinful souls, by our ‘ego’ that drives us away from the ‘light of Christ.’
“Pride has to go, that we may humble ourselves to The Lord, and see greater wisdom in our minds, our hearts and souls filling our being with Christ’s love.”
If we pursue in darkness, we may see the brokenness of our hearts, the emptiness of our souls, we may see tears flow from our wounded hearts, by our pride, where all along, evil has been riding on our ‘ego,’ where self ‘love’ is nothing more than ‘self-pity,’ whence, “Agape love,” becomes sublime, noble and true, and to the spiritual, heavenly and eternal.
As in Proverbs 8:13, “To fear the Lord is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior and perverse speech.”
Every which way, Christ has always been our hope, His Divine Mercy and ‘love’ is but everlasting, it dwells in those who believes, who trust and have faith in Him.
And the fullness of His love is in those who present themselves with no guilt nor shame in their hearts, cleansed by His body and blood in the Holy Eucharist, in the breaking of the bread, to be one with Him.
The perfection of our time is in Him, as we may pray, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”
There goes God’s ‘divine plan,’ whatever we may will, it’s God’s divine will that comes to overcome our will.
The one who cannot make it on time and the people who may judge on godly ways to help enlighten our ways, forgive us, O Lord, what malice may have corrupted our souls, and may judge wrongly when compassion and understanding is way beyond our reach, for only You know why things have to happen, all in the passage of time.
The serenity prayer may best guide us to greater wisdom, it bring us inner peace, it’s God’s wisdom from within our spirit,  Serenity prayer from God through Reinhold Niebuhr
Is it not the Holy Spirit, in any religion, telling us to prosper good deeds, to stay in the light, at best, to be enlightened to Christ’s ways, for He is the truth in this life?
In the pureness of one’s heart, we may see it best to enlighten the astray, where malice in their hearts may prevail, his judgment of bias and prejudice, may come from sins of pride.
For anyone who has malice in his heart, stays not in the light but darkness in his soul.
It is impossible for him to tell himself, ‘Let go and let God,’ unless he let go of his pride, for pure love does not count faults, as in the definition of unconditional love by Saint Paul – where in the perseverance of one’s faith, comes ‘truth’ in heavenly justice, as one may ask the virtue of ‘patience,’ ‘fortitude in faith’ and ‘strength of his/her spirit’ from God’s Spirit of mercy and love, and is ready to move forward that no evil may hold him back to sin when one may lean to look back, ponder, and be caught in the fray of destruction.
“What is ‘past is past,’ learning from the past is ‘to love, and to live and grow in spirit’ (KJOH).”
Looking back may bring more evil in our current predicament.
The Holy Spirit has already condemned evil, and will always do. In many ways we may see this truth in the passage of history.
“The wicked and the filthy never last.”
Must we then override such condemnation with our own quick worldly, natural and, as others make call it, ‘a no brainer’ condemnation?
As Jesus sand in Matthew 12:37, “for by your words you will be acquitted,  and by your words you will be condemned.”
“Repent and renew, that we may arise as one body with The Lord.”
As we are immense into worldly ways, may our spirit of truth lead us back to the ‘word,’ and live in the Spirit of Christ.
If God is to avenge, why then do we need to worry, lest we may fall in Satan’s trap and add evil to our ways?
Let us be wary, forces of evil can be very cunning, we may not see them, but God’s eyes in our souls comes the light of truth from The Lamb, where things unseen can be seen in ‘true faith,’ where the ‘word’ reveals darkness in its many deceptions.
Satan and his minions can lure our weak souls, weakened in the flesh, may we not be led into the idolatry of our souls, where malice in pride belongs, as such, is the imperfection of our flesh.
Therefore, by all means, let the ‘words of God,’ forever ‘active and alive,’ undress people’s motives that we may know the attitudes of the heart, and be willing to help enlighten, onto the light of truth that heals.
Aligned with this goal, let us be one with the Holy Spirit as we rebuke evil in every way, accept our sinfulness when we forgive ourselves, that we may
build His image and likeness in us, molded in Him, that we and our household, we pray, may also be blessed.
There is ‘no need to worry,’ my friend, God knows what is in our hearts.
Many times saints have encountered the same pressures, but their spirit leads them to forgiveness, for again, nothing is perfect under the sun, the truth in our spirit may tell us so, and time is but passing, it can only be perfected in our unconditional love for one another, as we build our very treasures of love onto God’s Kingdom.
In every circumstance, pray and be joyful, it is God’s will for us in Christ Jesus.

“Things happen because they have to happen, as God’s ‘divine plan,’ and we are, graciously, in that plan, as we pray and enlighten one another in the truth of our spirit.”As in Thessalonians 5:16-17 (NIV), “Be joyful always; pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

God’s words are ever active and alive, each time.

As Jesus’ said, “heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away,” as in Matthew 34:35 (,NAB).

Reading what is true in the Holy Bible, with God’s words as our sword makes us strong against all evil in this life, and the Holy Eucharist makes us one with Christ, one body with the Holy Spirit, leading our imperfection to His perfection and righteousness as we continue to be molded in Him in body and spirit.

The assurance of Christ to us all is ‘everlasting hope in Him.’

He remains our Divine Provider, our Divine Healer, our Divine Mercy, our Good Shepherd, and that we may not sin repeatedly, as we may live in His light, and remain forgiving and loving in our hearts, whence we may see His Kingdom from within us, as we keep ourselves responsible and accountable to Him, and to remain in His words.

My responsibility to Christ is my responsibility to His Church, our ‘universal church,’ the true church of the universe, the Catholic Apostolic Church, where we find the universe is where all creations of God lives, and where those who may live and believe in His words, become one with Him, to become true, noble, holy and righteous, in His sacred Kingdom.

In the fullness of Christ in us, may we see everlasting peace and happiness from within our being, as we pray, bear and love one another in the name  of The Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, to God be the glory, as we live in Christ’s mighty and holy name, Amen.

Blessings to you and your family, my dear friends.  Stay in the light and live.