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Reading from our link above, the People’s Champ, World Boxing’s P4P Champ and  8th Time World Champion in 8 Boxing Divisions Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao made it clear during a thanksgiving mass for his victory held at the Quiapo Cathedral in Manila, that he “won not because of (his) own skills, but of (his) faith in the Lord.”

Who would ever imagine a small 5’6 1/2″ fighter can achieve this extraordinary feat taking 8 division titles if he just relied on his own skill?

In his recent fight with a taller and a much heavier warrior, Antonio Margarito, Pinoy Blogger saw Goliath before the fight bragging about how he intends to slay a puny David in Manny Pacquiao, having won by a knockout against Miguel Cotto.
Even before his fight pitting him with Cotto, many people doubted his ability to overcome the much bigger and heavier seasoned fighter in Miguel.

His speed and punching power awed many including his bigger sparring partners, not to mention UFC MMA champion George St-Pierre and WBC Silver Middleweight Champion who both saw him train with Roach.

Despite all the praises and accolades he has received around the world, Manny still humbles himself to people around him and very calmly avoids using derogatory and trashy comments or bear an unsportsmanlike behavior inside or outside the ring.

He is a true gentleman you might say unlike many title holders in different sports discipline who cannot even control their mouth when they talk against their opponents and fall short of even thanking or praising God before or after an encounter.

As in among the 8 Beatitudes, Matthew 5:5, while talking to a multitude with his disciples tow Jesus was saying, “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” 

Manny, who himself had a humble beginning while helping his family earn a decent living at a younger age as a tricycle driver before trying on his first boxing gloves as he yearned for a better livelihood honing his skill with his new found talent in this unpredictable and life threatening sport in General Santos City, better known as the ‘Tuna Capital of the World,’  is now serving in the Philippine Congress aside from giving inspiration to many people around the world with different nationalities while acknowledging and glorifying God in all his undertakings.

And many people know how much he has endured, sacrificing his own life and family while serving God in this own dignified way through his country and its people.

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During the post fight interview, Manny showed great character and humility.  He was honest enough to admit his weakness in the fight and where he got hurt by his toughest opponent thus far in Margarito.

He knows he can only rely on his faith, especially when the going gets rough.  And he feels all the time secured with his persevering confidence in his Creator.

With rosary around his neck resting close to his heart, he knows Jesus Christ is there ever guiding him, and Mama Mary, keeping him close to his family and to the people he serves and continue to inspire.

And a fitting reflection from Proverbs 29:23, perhaps, seems appropriate for this man of humble spirit as it states, “A man’s pride brings him low, but a man of lowly spirit gains honor.”

Still after the fight with Margarito, he never forgot his countrymen and his constituents in Sarangani, Cotobato, whom he represents as he said, “I need to go back and serve my people,”  as he knows that he has a bigger task to handle back home.

In Matthew 23:11-12, Jesus Christ said to the crowd with disciples, “The greatest among you will be your servant. For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.”

This ‘man of God’ and ‘true to life hero’ truly deserves our support and prayers.  Again we salute you, “Mabuhay ka (Long Live) Manny Pacquiao.”

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