(pic of good health on left with young Pinay movie actress Ann Curtis on far left – ‘a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, with that healthy, happy outlook in life’)

Watch the Shocking Video
This is an informative video from Jeff and Isabel.

‘You are what you eat.’  This popular cliche has been heard several times used mostly in health and fitness, cooking and lifestyle circles and publications.

And this is no farther than the truth.  If you have heard about antioxidants helping our immune system get rid of illnesses causing ‘free radicals’ in our body, and you believe in it, then you must have a pretty good idea which food you have to eat and which food you have to avoid, coupled with good exercise, to keep us healthy, in good shape and not fat.

It is the unwanted fats that we need to eradicate in our system and this can help keep our body healthy and in good shape.

And how do we do that?  …It’s with ‘good fats’ from the food we eat,  as this educational and informative video tries to explain. 

See and learn from it.  And thank God He has created in us a ‘dynamic body with a magnificent immune system that helps heal itself.’

Please note: Again, these related posts under our “health label” are for educational purpose only. Consult a health care practitioner for any health problem(s) or “a doctor if symptoms persist.”

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