The rallyists may have all the good intentions of having a Muslim mosque built on Ground Zero in New York City, where the 9/11 massacre happened killing thousands of people, but would this really promote peace and freedom not only in the US but also around the world, especially in Muslim countries where there is ongoing war and violence?

Would this really promote the Muslim faith founder, Mohammed, as the Prince of Peace as others have commented on our Yahoo link article below?  Then would Muslims be discouraged from supporting globally Al Queda and  Imams who are for terroristic attacks and suicide bombings that kill countless civilians including children?  Then would there be freedom of religion in all Muslim countries? Then would Muslim women be given equal rights too as men?  Then would children and adults caught stealing in these countries be put to jail instead of having their hands cut off so they won’t steal again?

Come to think of it, why is it in many Muslim countries’ flags, the crescent moon is present?  Is Allah and Al-ilah, the pagan Moon-god worshipped as the greatest of all deities among 360 gods at Kabah in Mecca in 555 BC, one and the same, as some people who made extensive research on this say?  We certainly hope not as Muslims claim that Allah in the Quran is the same as the God of Abraham and Moses in the Old Testament, and this too as testified by Mohammed, claimed to have been duly passed on to him and dictated by the Angel Gabriel, as in all the 114 chapters of the Quran.

If all these questions can be affirmed that the building of the mosque at Ground Zero would lead to global peace, justice and freedom for all including the free practice of one’s faith even in Muslim countries, then, let it be.  Hereon we pray for further guidance and enlightenment that there would be true lasting peace not only in the US but the whole world over.