(My mom, Mommy Peth, 2nd from left, toasts with family for good health during 2009 Thanksgiving celebration.)

This natural therapy has been passed on in the Philippines by email, and My mom, Mommy Peth, tried it in 2009 and guess what, her gallstones were gone as confirmed by her personal physician and she excitedly shared to him the details of her new found therapy.

She happily said goodbye to a supposed gall bladder surgery.

After much research on the web, I finally hit the right link (below) as the email source, where you can read on comments posted that may tickle your interest. 

[Read on our featured link:  “Removing Gallstones Naturally by Dr. Lai Chu-Nan.”]

I find this therapy very effective too as I tried it once and felt better urinating.  Drinking apple juice regularly at one or two glasses a day after each meal, and a glass of green tea before bedtime has helped much in keeping my gall bladder and other body organs in good shape.

Yup, there is truth in the popular cliche that goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Will appreciate your comments if you find this effective too or not. Whatever can save lives must be worth sharing. Keep healthy and enjoy God’s gift of life.

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