In Matthew 24:35, Jesus firmly stated and made a reassurance of the truth, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” That was when he delivered a strong message of what was to happen and the signs that will come at “the end of the age”(you may read further Matthew 24:1-35 for details).

With the many temptations in various forms in this age of high technology, be strong and take heed to God’s words and share the light of the world to everyone, that in Christ’s teachings we can be saved. Above is an evangelization tool on Youtube from our CNA(Catholic News Agency …, updated everytime, in which you can view and see the many aspects and the many miracles of our faith (see amazing miracle sites to the unexplained phenomenon on the Shroud of Turin and many more, just click forward on frame until you see your chosen video feature). To God be the Glory.

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