Let us share with you this Christian dictum that has helped Pinoy Blogger keep his life on track …

“In everything that you do, do it right,
Keep in mind and follow God’s commandments and Christ’s teachings
Remember, God is watching you.
Give it your best shot,
And try to make a difference,
You are doing this not only for yourself
It is specially for others, that they may learn from you,
And better, if you can touch their lives and see Jesus in their faces
as such we are all created in the image and likeness of God
Take responsibility for your actions and decisions,
Do not whine, pass blame or think malice of others,
The more you judge, the more you need to see yourself in the mirror
The more you forgive, the more your sins are forgiven
and the more you will experience peace in yourself
The more you humble yourself yet speaking in truth and in love,
the more you shall gain respect and be elated
The more you give comfort, in God’s words you will be comforted
The more you share, the more you will see and feel
countless blessings come upon your life
Whatever the outcome in whatever you do, glorify the Lord
For He knows what is best for you.
Then you can start counting your blessings
And you will realize how much you are loved by God Almighty,
By your family, your friends, and others as well.”

May you find true wisdom in putting Christ at the center of your life so you can attain true peace where love, understanding, mercy and forgiveness abounds.
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