Greetings of love and peace to all!
With an open mind, facing the truth may hurt, but truth sets us free and can bring greater peace and happiness in the family, community, nations and the world as we see the teaching of Jesus about He being the truth in this life, we may find the best way in facing a godly life, where greater creativity may thrive in the guidance of the Holy Spirit, where Jesus comes to us, in our being, as the light of truth that heals.
Many have been enslaved by ‘TIME,’ sadly, it is ‘TIME’ coming back to devour us if we fail to see the truth in our being.
TIME becomes imperfect when we sin against God and man, but what makes TIME ‘perfect?’
TIME to the worldly can be as perfect as money and all things we may value as
precious as gems, glittering items that catches the vanity of man and woman, are not all these passing?
If TIME changes, together with our attitudes and personalities from within, does this not tell us that God can mold us to become one with Him?
This is the perfection of TIME, when we may learn to love God and love others though Christ Jesus, building our heavenly treasures in heaven, with faith and love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
As in 1 John 2:21-23, the Holy Spirit has revealed to Saint John the truth that the Son and The Father are One and the same.
“I write to you not because you do not know the truth but because you do, and because every lie is alien to the truth.
Who is the liar? Whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ. Whoever denies the Father and the Son, this is the antichrist.
No one who denies the Son has the Father, but whoever confesses the Son has the Father as well.”
God was made incarnate to man, as the ‘word made flesh,’ in Christ Jesus comes the truth in this life, by His body and blood we are perfected in Him, His precious blood shed on the cross we may need to partake to cleanse our souls from all sinfulness, and that we may have eternal life as we ‘remain in Him.’
In His fullness in us, comes now our perfection in Him, and our perfection in this life, where ‘TIME and SPACE’ may see us ‘one’ with Him, ‘one’ with The Father, and ‘one’ with the Holy Spirit.
The promise of the Covenant is His blood, where God’s grace comes before us with ‘true faith’ that perseveres, for with Christ comes our everlasting ‘hope,’ hope that lasts forever for it never disappoints, where His everlasting love and mercy comes to the faithful.
This is when we have loved Him in truth, when He remains in us, from among the consecrated we become one with Him in the glory of The Father, in fellowship and union with The Holy Spirit and His vessels of truth, the holy ones.
In His light there is no darkness, for as we may sin in the flesh, His love and mercy comes to deliver us from the fangs of evil.
The Good Shepherd has bounded us to Himself where the lost sheep  may not be lost anymore in the blood of The Lamb, in perfection of ‘time and space,’ God has perfect control of time, Almighty power that He has, Jesus being One with The Father, He has full authority and rule over all of creation, seen and unseen, the fullness of the Deity is in Him in bodily form.
The ‘universal church’ of Christ comes the consecrated, may we see in us the burning fire from the Holy Spirit that all may drive us to being in the ‘lighted path,’ to be one with God through Christ Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.
In our sinfulness, things of pride lead us to many sins of man, one evil too many may come to devour us as we live in the flesh, being ruled by things passing, things that may come out to be ‘untrue’ from within our being, when we see ourselves ruled my Mammon (devil, money and all things material and passing), not by God through Christ.
Why ‘untrue?’
Things passing may rule our minds, TIME included, it is our mind through our human brain that may tell us ‘TIME’ is everything, but, when we may feel ‘spirit of truth,’ where our ‘heart of love’ belongs, it tells us what truth there is in this life, in ‘divine logic’ we may best know.
Just see the difference, our short lifetime, our eternity, where living in God’s Kingdom bring us to lasing peace and happiness in our hearts, where we may always rejoice with Him who remains in us.
We may hear from within the pureness of our minds and in the tranquility of our souls, “Christ Jesus in our lifetime leads us to what is true from within our being, for every thing in Him gives us an everlasting light that give hope and true healing from within our souls, leading to eternal salvation.”
Just go on, read with an open mind with no malice in tow, and be freed by the light of truth.
How do we sin by ‘material pride?’
in our sinfulness in things of pride, repentance becomes necessary to free us from evil in this world, where TIME for many, is everything, just as money becomes everything for most of us, yet, be wary, these imperfect things may cause us trouble and more problems in the idolatry of our souls, our enslavement to sin may cause our souls to suffer unless we may renew and repent and be redeemed by the blood of The Lamb.
An element of ‘material pride’ in all things passing comes the wolf we may feed from inside of us, the alien, when ‘loving in truth’ is not there in our being, when God in the Holy Spirit is not there to guide us.
Is it TIME for evil to rule us, or, is it time for us to change our ways, with God in Christ Jesus, who has control of time, lest we are lured to darkness, we may see God’s presence impossible, our ‘ego’ (selfishness) blinding us from the unseen wall in us, when we refuse to live in His light?
“With man many things are impossible,” yes, in human and natural ways.
But, “with God all things are possible,” as in Matthew 9:26, one of my favorite bible verses, this truth remains eternal as we may live in His light.
A powerful passage from 1 Timothy 6:3-10 (,bible,NAB), Saint Paul, he who possesses the Spirit of God in Christ, exhorts us of the truth about ‘divine logic,’ the truth in what the gospel preaches aligned with truth in God’s ‘word,’ “we shall not take anything out of it,”or, there is nothing that we may obtain in this life, and eternal truth tells us, “we brought nothing into the world,” and these includes time, material things and everything else that are passing.  The truth in this world as the ‘word’ of God:
“Teach and Urge These Things.
3  Whoever teaches something different and does not agree with the sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ and the religious teaching
4  is conceited, understanding nothing, and has a morbid disposition for arguments and verbal disputes. From these come envy, rivalry, insults, evil suspicions,
5  and mutual friction among people with corrupted minds, who are deprived of the truth, supposing religion to be a means of gain.
6  Indeed, religion with contentment is a great gain.
7  For we brought nothing into the world, just as we shall not be able to take anything out of it.
8  If we have food and clothing, we shall be content with that.
9  Those who want to be rich are falling into temptation and into a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires, which plunge them into ruin and destruction.
10  For the love of money is the root of all evils, and some people in their desire for it have strayed from the faith and have pierced themselves with many pains.”
Indeed, how true, only those who have humbled themselves to the Creator, may see themselves fulfilled in the ‘word’ of God, that Christ our Savior is in them, He who died for our sins, and common sense tells us of this truth as we may deepen our thoughts into the realms of the light of creation, made possible in our hearts of love.
Since God created us out of His love for us, it is the truth in our being that we remain created ‘in His image and likeness,’ as in Genesis 1:27.
Everything in this life is but a test of faith.
From deep within our souls and our hearts, a truthful question may come into our minds in search of what is true in our being, made possible as we surrender our ‘pride’ at the foot of the cross, where Christ’s sacred blood comes to cleanse us of our sins, in the power of faith, through the uniting power of the Holy Eucharist.
That truthful question may reverberate in our souls as we release our material pride.
Our pride remains the carrier of evil inside our being, the devil may come as the worm or serpent that blinds us of what is true in our being.
God will always ask us, “Who is your Master? Is it Me (God) or Mammon (devil/all imperfect and passing things)?”
There unseen wall in our ‘ego’ separates truth as from the lies of the flesh, or holiness and righteousness as against evil, filthiness in selfishness, lust and greed.
Often, we are caught unaware in our actions and reactions through the natural feelings of man to retaliate when signs of danger comes to our senses.
It can be a rash judgment, unless, ‘self-control’ materializes seeing the repercussions of retaliatory actions that may harm the flesh and the mind, in stress and torture.
When we have ‘self-control,’ our understanding of what is true in our spirit tells us to love and forgive, something innate in us, as the truth in our being, it is our connection to God who has created us ‘in His image and likeness,’ is this not our conscience?
But out of habit, from human culture passed on from generations, pride may set into our minds.
It is the Spirit of God in the light of truth that tells us, from beyond our minds, “calm down, control your temper, it is not your being, it is the tempter, the evil one, the alien from outside of you telling you to build malice in your heart, not ‘love’ that should remain in your heart. Share you love with others, as you may love in truth, truth in My commandments, and truth in My teaching, brought before you by My only begotten Son, Jesus the Christ, your true Savior and Messiah.  He possesses My Spirit.  He and I are One, One Spirit as, ‘I Am,’ the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses, united as One with My Spirit, the Holy Spirit.  I am the light, I have power over evil and darkness, for I have condemned evil in Satan and his minions, that no one who comes consecrated with My body and blood and believes in Me will never perish for I am with him, and he in Me. I am the power from within you, your body, as My sacred temple.  I lead you to the light of truth, My ‘divine truth’ that lasts forever in your spirit, your spirit that connects to My Spirit of love, truth that lasts forever, truth that you are My  child who lives by My grace, through faith that is ever true leading to everlasting life. This is My message of love, in truth of My light, to set you free from the bondage of darkness, of sin and evil.”
This message brought me chills from all over my body, it gave me that electrifying embrace of the Holy Spirit from within my being.
I praise you, O Lord, You are my Lord, my King my Master forever and ever, Amen.
God loves us so much, and this is an undeniable truth, that He gave us His only begotten Son, who is God incarnate from His very Spirit, as ‘the word made flesh,’ in the gospel of John 1:14, and ‘the word was God,’ John 1:1.
In the purity of their souls, our spirit that connects to God, we may know God’s ‘word’ in us is very much true, it is our spirit of love, where the Holy Spirit dominates our being, He tells us in our hearts, as we may remain true in Christ Jesus.

“Living by ‘true faith’ comes ‘true freedom’ in the light of Christ.

And how beautiful it is to understand that His glorious light comes ‘life eternal,’ with fullness of joy in this very life blessed as a gift from above.

An extension of His heavenly Kingdom comes an ‘infinite blessing,’ eternal bliss with the Lamb of God, Jesus, as ‘the truth the way and the life,’ as we may live in oneness with The Lord.”

I cannot write His ‘word,’ without the Holy Spirit guiding me, so true, so beautiful are His ‘word,’ majestic and divine, best understood in ‘divine logic,’ our oneness with Christ Jesus, the Lamb of God, with the covenant of God with Him as the promise, with His body and blood that cleanses us as we repent of our sins, in body, mind and soul we are cleansed by His Spirit as we may live in ‘true faith.’


God Controls TIME and SPACE.

By His will, things happen because they need to happen, it is God’s divine will and His ‘divine plan’ for us all.

There is imperfection of TIME in our imperfect world, but being with Christ, everything comes through His ‘perfection’ in us, His perfection in our being.

He is the light of the world.

Whoever lives in His light becomes true to himself, and true to his body, the sacred Temple of the Holy Spirit, and true to God almighty,

Have you heard one say, through his imperfection, “A commitment is a commitment.” 
This must be the boss or manager telling us, or a teacher, a coach, or any leader who wants order in activities and events.
Yes, but whatever may be laid out in  ‘commitment,’ may be erased over time, because of the ‘imperfection’ of man and TIME, as God may so will it, attuned to God’s divine plan, it is what it is, a ‘test of our faith.’
Another message from the Holy Spirit comes before me as his willing instrument of His love for us all, incorporated in this powerful paragraph:
“Whatever is made ‘imperfect’ in TIME, is made imperfect over the passage of TIME. Whatever is true in the imperfection of TIME, comes man made ‘imperfect’ in all things passing, for whatever changes, is not made perfect in our sight and our human and natural senses.  Whatever changes is made imperfect in TIME, but whatever is perfect does not change, irregardless of TIME and SPACE.  Therefore, God is God and true God is true God, where light shines from true light where God comes from true light where His love comes the perfection of our being through Christ and The Father in union with the Holy Spirit, making TIME and SPACE as perfect as we can be when we become one body and one spirit with the perfection of the body and blood of Christ in us, He who is ever righteous and holy as God is righteous and holy.  And as we strive to be holy and righteous in our body as God’s sacred Temple, our perfection in Christ is made true when we live with nothing to fear in this life and in this world, for in baptism, we have lived in God’s grace and have died with the Spirit of Christ, buried with us are our sins from our ‘material pride,’ made imperfect over time, over the course of our mortal life.  In Christ, we are made holy and sinless as we live in ‘true faith,’ holy and righteous we shall become in the perfection of God in us with the Holy Spirit in the glory of Christ, the Lamb of God made One being in the glory of God The Father, forever and ever. Amen.”
Physics is defined as the ‘science that deals with matter, energy, motion and force,’ on google search.
But are these purported facts true, or become theories, for anything that changes in our ever changing life made possible by the ever changing TIME and SPACE makes life imperfect, therefore, facts of science are never made solid facts but are made eventually untrue in the ‘passage of time and space,’ they become mere theories of mortal life in the imperfection of TIME and SPACE.
Anyone who doubts this message from the Holy Spirit, becomes untrue to his very being, our body being the Temple of the Holy Spirit, where truth in Jesus remains forever, as truth in this life and in this world, and truth in eternal life, for again, can we obtain anything when we die?
Absolutely nothing, nothing material we may bring when we die, but the fruits of love, when we love in truth with Jesus in our hearts (read more about the truth in the gospel on Facebook page, Let’s KJOH, or Keep Jesus in our Hearts, as we keep the light of Christ in us that heals), comes the heavenly treasures that we may build remaining imperishable, they brings us to God’s heavenly Kingdom.
Is our TIME and SPACE made untrue in the passage of TIME?
Absolutely, what make it true is what is imprinted in our minds and souls, our mental faculties made imperfect in our brain that perishes when we die, for whatever dies in the flesh perishes with our body of flesh with the heat of the sun, with the sun that may shine forever with what remains eternally true, for God in Christ in us remains perfect, in ‘word’ and truth, for God’s ‘word’ is made perfect and will never pass away.

The truth about Saint Paul’s exhortation of what the Holy Spirit tells him to share, is what is true in our spirit, as in above bible verse, 1 Timothy 6:6-7,

“Indeed, religion with contentment is a great gain.
For we brought nothing into the world, just as we shall not be able to take anything out of it.”
Jesus said, “Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will never pass away,” in whatever version of the bible, NAB (New American Bible, the Universal or Catholic Bible) or any protestant version tells us of the same message, as in Matthew 24:35.
Forgive me, for anyone whom I may have hurt, in the many times I may have missed some of my commitments, through it all, God through The Father, the Son in Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit, was with me, in my love of family and of others, in meaningful service to The Lord.  
“God’s will be done.  Things happen because they need to happen.  Everything is but a test of faith, when we live in Christ’s Spirit, His fullness in us brings us to His light (KJOH – Keep Jesus in our Hearts).”
But if you come to think and ponder deeper, from beyond your mind, you may see, in the imperfection of time, we are made perfect in Him when we forgive, for we have ‘loved in truth,’ but through it all, we are made imperfect in sins of the flesh, made more manifest in sins of ‘material pride,’ in the ‘idolatry of our souls,’ when we forget to receive guidance and ask for spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit, where in the weakness of the flesh, comes the strength of our spirit deriving power for the Spirit of God through Christ.
Satan’s temptation is strong because our mind and soul allow the alien in him to sow chaos and disorder in worldly sins, when ‘pride’ rules us, but as we live in the Spirit of God, humbling ourselves to Him makes us live in the strength of our spirit, humbling ourselves before God and man.
As in Matthew 5:5 (,NIV), Jesus said, “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”
This means, they, the meek, and their descendants in obedience of The Lord’s commandments and His words, may remain to live forever with Christ Jesus in their hearts.
Giving  value to God’s time is giving value to our love of God and the love of our commitments to others.
“Easier said than done,” it is in our compassion and understanding, with the greater wisdom of love and forgiveness, that makes us live in a higher state of love, the ‘agape love,’ where love becomes ‘unconditional,’ when we care to listen to others as we heed God’s calling to forgive, with no malice in our hearts and in the pureness of our souls, this is when we have outsmarted Satan and his minions.
The greatest love of all comes in our own realization, ‘to love God and to love others, and to spread the light to help enlighten the astray, as when we are made ready in the confidence of our souls to spread the gospel and God’s ‘word.’
‘Divine Logic’ the Path to Salvation
In ‘divine logic’ we may know best, the signs of God leading us to the lighted path, in ‘true faith,’ comes the path to salvation.
“In every way, God’s ‘will’ be done, again, and may we see along the way, our ‘imperfection’ may turn into our ‘perfection’ with the holy One, in Christ’s righteousness, guided by His light, as we humble ourselves before The Lord.”
In Matthew 5:37 (,NIV), Jesus said, “All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No;’ anything beyond that is of the evil one.”
He was referring to swearing or a commitment with anyone, with a ‘swear,’ Jesus does not want us to ‘swear’ to anyone or with anyone, just simply say ‘Yes,’ or ‘No.’
Do not lie, or become an instrument of the devil when we lie,” public persecution and condemnation may follow, when we may later say ‘Yes’ from a ‘No,’ or say ‘No’ for a ‘Yes,’ as one may swear, our integrity is put into question for anything that we may say, otherwise, may come evil or slanderous words and lies from our mouth.
Will an apology correct the wrong?
The gravity of the sin comes the gravity of your responsibility before God and man.
It is God to repay and to avenge, for it is God to judge, His justice encompasses all judgement, every time and at ‘all time.’
An apology may be necessary as atonement of sins, if what happened has the element of malice in it, but if we have not sin against God and man, we need not apologize for truth in Christ sets us free, and God in the Holy Spirit knows what is true in our hearts as He may search our hearts.
Jesus never apologized because truth was with him in his lifetime.
He wants us to spread the truth in his teaching that we may become His disciple.
We have to make a distinction between God’s will as against man’s plan and will.
We may need to qualify where others may see us wrong when we were doing what God was telling us to discern with Him, what is best in ‘the love of God and the love of others,’ as Christ’s greatest commandment, comes His guiding light, in righteousness may we abide by His truth.
Man’s will may be attuned with material things aligned with his survival, and that of his family, but, what he may miss is in his confusion, that all things passing are all but imperfect, TIME included.
It is in the signs from God that we may realize, God will test us of our faith to know how truly we may love, praise and worship Him, and how truly we may love our family and our neighbors, that we may all see His greater wisdom of ‘loving in truth.’
Do We need to worry?
Why then should we worry?
“If ‘time’ makes us worry, have we not considered that time, in our pride, we may hate and kill, sow retaliation when we get upset.
If this is not pride, then we may not feel arrogance and hatred from within.  In truth, we do.  
Let the light of Christ shine upon us that the fullness of our joy and peace may be complete (KJOH).”
If Jesus was upset and angry at the money changers and others who made the synagogue, the temple of God, a house of thieves and a market place, it was blasphemy to the Holy Spirit as a sin that cannot be pardoned that they were committing.
The pride of man may come to lure us to sin, we fail in our discernment because of our ‘ego,’ where selfishness comes to blind us, we do not know what is right or wrong, through human culture, human tradition its human wisdom in human endeavors that bind us to sin, not the ‘word’ where the light may see us rescued from darkness.
Envy and jealousy may come easy in greed and selfishness, sin of omission comes handy to propagate death, illness, destruction and division or we may become unreasonable and irresponsible when bounded by time?
It does not matter how time may rule our actions and reactions for in due time, we may all face death, where all things material we may never obtain, hence, we are forever lost in the imperfection of time, for all of us have bounded our lives on ‘time,’ “how long will I live,” or, “how long will I die?”
Time has enslaved us, with our given space to live this life, all things material have bounded us to devour one another in sin.
The one that governs us is ‘death,’ and our ‘stomach,’ that fills our body from hunger and thirst.
But the mind governed by the Spirit speaks about love, to give life, to give peace, that the water immersed with the blood of Christ gives out everlasting water that adds life to our souls, on and on and on, where His words fill us, hunger in not in us anymore, and it quenches our thirst, forever.
His light empowers us not to fear through faith, that no evil may snatch us from mortal death, as it reveals darkness, that in our lifetime, we must possess the light of truth in Christ, ready to conquer evil, with Jesus, ready to rebuke it.
Time, therefore, with space and sin in all things passing, will never enslave us, for Christ is in us, the ever shining lamp in the ‘new heaven and the new earth,’ the new city Jerusalem is in us,  as The Lamb is the lamp that shines over the whole temple, the city as the temple of God and of The Lamb.
God’s glory gave it light, that no darkness and anything accursed may come near it, as the light shines forever in God’s Kingdom (KJOH).”
As in Romans 8:6, “The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.”
If we may never have to fear death, life and peace comes to us for we have the perfection of Christ’s love in us, where true prosperity and happiness belongs.
The ‘survival of the fittest’ has ruled our lives for many of us have  been lost in keeping us alive and keeping us fed with the lure of money that has caused many death and destruction plus division, and where time has caused many to hate and to destroy in man’s pride, where evil and darkness remains.
Time, space and money, are but all things passing, but the truth in our lives is Jesus, our Lord and Messiah.  He teaches us to live and love in His truth and light. Anything passing will always be imperfect, but God’s love is always perfect as we ‘love in truth.'”
Is this not the truth,”God’s love is prospered in the truth about Jesus in our lives, the truth about His words, and the truth about ‘true faith,’ that we need to remain in Him with the promise of everlasting life.
For us, understanding ‘God’s will be done,’ gives us greater wisdom that ‘we need not worry,’ for when we die, we cannot obtain anything?
“For the more we may worry, the more evil may lure us to sin.”
“The importance of accepting our imperfection and grow in our spirit, as we may have the courage to accept our wrong, then comes humility and honor in our hearts.”
“For the honest, meek, brave and courageous may swallow his pride, to readily admit and correct his wrong, it may take him years before one in the bondage of sin and evil, submits to God and surrender his pride as he may be humbled before The Lord.
The more we wait to correct our wrong, the more our souls may suffer in the bondage of sin.
The soul may suffer, but it is the spirit of truth that will lead him to the lighted path, when he see himself freed from evils bondage, as he may continue to rebuke the evil one with The Lord (KJOH).”
So grave was the sin of King David that he has to repent of it, so dearly as he prayed before The Lord for his sin of murder, and lust of the beautiful Bathsheba, the wife of his good and loyal friend, Uriah, until God has seen his sincerity to be renewed before Him, his Good Shepherd, the light brought him from darkness, “there is nothing I shall want.”
He suffered so much for his sin, he was made a fugitive, when King Saul was running after him, but truth was with Him, The Lord was with Him, destiny in his faith was in his favor, to rule Israel as a great king.
God has shown hope in His divine pardon and mercy over David, and this is God’s everlasting hope, where His everlasting love and everlasting mercy prevails upon those who have surrendered their pride, their inequities and sinfulness, as they may repent and renew as they arise with The Lord, a new heart, soul and spirit come to set them free.
God has given us ways to cope, as we bear with one another and forgive one another, we can never be a master of our time, it is God’s time, it is God’s will in us, depending on which path we may so choose, the light of truth in Christ Jesus, our true Master, the author of life, or darkness in sin and evil, where the false god, Mammon is, in the pride of man, we may see us fail.
Forgiveness and mercy, as it is for the love of others, that we must see the zeal of an upright person willing to serve the Lord and His church.
“God is telling me to send this message that all may know, “we can never judge, rather, ‘let God judge,’ for everything in this life is but ‘a test of faith,’ and a test of our ‘love’ for one another, but by His ‘word,’ comes judgment from Him who is the ‘word’ (KJOH).”
In any season of the church, God reminds us of a borrowed life, and everything in it, comes God’s gifts, and within it, a realization of our own imperfection, that we may learn to ‘love in truth’ as we may learn to forgive others and ourselves. 
“God has loved and has shown His mercy many times in many ways, and many times, we have taken all these truth for granted, when we go back to ‘sin again,’ until we may see us humbled from our sins, where ‘wages of sin is death,’ may we soon realize, the promise to eternal life is in Christ Jesus.
“We ourselves may see from within us, as He may reveal Himself to us, back to being truthful to ourselves, that we were created in ‘the image and likeness of God,’ where, in the miracles of faith, we may become true witnesses of His love, every single day, may we see all these, as we live in His light, in His truth, where life belongs (KJOH).”
“We can only help enlighten, all men, the poor, the sick and the astray, from what we may know from His holy and divine ‘word,’ with gifts of fortitude, temperance, love, forgiveness, charity, understanding and wisdom from the Holy Spirit, and pray that the Holy Spirit may search our hearts, as we may say, “May God bless our hearts of love as we pray for one another, that we may be led to Christ’s light, from the ‘truth’ that heals (KJOH).”
Forgiving Ourselves
But how can we rebuke evil, if we refuse to forgive ourselves?
When we sin in our pride, more evil may come to us, for in our ‘pride,’ it may be hard to forgive ourselves.
‘Pride’ in itself is evil, where our ‘ego’ rules, in our selfishness we become rude and be upset over time, when we ourselves have made commitments, some have not pushed through.
Some may have, and this is the truth in this life, the ‘imperfection of time,’ when we fail to listen and understand what truth in God’s words tell us.
By God’s divine plan, He tests us of our faith.
Is ‘loving in truth’ to be believed, or loving with conditions in our mind, conditions that may bring malice to our souls, conditions that may bring lies in our flesh?
Our feelings overwhelmed by our emotions, we cannot think right, our ‘pride’ blinding us of truth in understanding, love and mercy.
“Loving God with all our mind, heart, soul and with all our strength, and loving others as God loves us and as we love ourselves,” comes God’s filtering guide with His words of truth, that we may know, in godly ways, what is good and evil.
With God’s greatest commandment, and every time, we need to move forward by having alternate plans, and it’s so amazing, how God provides answers through us, as faithful followers, being instruments of His love.
This is living in harmony in the unity of faith in Christ Jesus.  This is God’s grace bestowed on us, a product of love, understanding and compassion, knowing that when we are in Christ, ‘everything that happens need to happen,’ reconciled with those who may have believed differently, but the light brings us to oneness in spirit and in heart by Christ Jesus through the Holy Spirit, as we humble ourselves to God. 
It simply is one of the tests in our faith.
“In Christ we live to love that we may stay in His light (KJOH).”
The 9/11 Terror Attack  in the gigantic Twin Towers, New York, we saw miracles happen where time element has saved the many, either they were off the time to work or they were in another event freeing their souls from death, that is when they may say, “I was in the right place at the right time.” 
These are the signs from God that we must see, the miracles of faith and our life long search for truth and salvation to conquer the world and darkness, that we may save others onto Christ’s light, not the destruction itself, for we have God the Creator, and the light of truth in Christ that will rebuild our sacred Temple from within, that unity and harmony from within, may bring about the light of truth and creation from us to others. 
Destruction of life and properties may be seen from all parts of the world, it is what the devil wants our eyes to see, that ‘death’ is something to fear, it can remove us from this life and may not see our loved ones.
But in Christ, true believers may live forever, when we have been buried with Christ’s death on the cross as when we were baptized in ‘true faith.’
Those who have died are living with us in the love of our hearts.  They are the true witnesses of God’s promise in Christ’s death and resurrection, that in Him, if we believe and remain in Him, we may live forever as we may follow our spirit, where truth belongs from among God’s faithful vessels.
In the breaking of the bread may we see our oneness with Christ, with ‘order, peace and harmony,’ in the love of Christ in us.
And may the light shine on us to make a better world for greater freedom and prosperity, from within and outside of our community of true believers in Christ, that The Father may be glorified through The Son, the Lamb of God.
While we may judge others of the same measure, are we not judged back when we fail in our commitment to serve The Lord?
We may be reminded of this truth, when God reminds us to stay committed to Him, in memory loss for a time, cramps from our legs, feet and arms, numbness in some parts of our body, and other signs, these are reminders of our commitment to serve The Lord in spreading what is true in the gospel.
In our deeper faith may we know, its time to open our hearts to God and see greater wisdom from His book of love and life, the Holy Bible where His ‘word’ guide us to His truth.
[Read on NAB, New American Bible, the un-corrupted version from the original Bible, where all 7 books from the Old Testament discarded by Protestants may add to our healing in the guidance of the Holy  Spirit, where our truth in our spirit comes from the holy ones as vessels of truth lead man to light in the ‘word,’ where Jesus is ‘I am,’ the firstfruits of all creation, as the ‘Alpha and the Omega,’ the ‘Beginning and the End’).
Do we not see the number of times that we may judge others, may become the same number of times that we may fail to judge ourselves of our own misgivings, for in us is the Holy Spirit, the sacred Temple, our body (flesh, heart and soul) and spirit?
If we value time as much as we value our mortal life, why not value ‘love’ more which encompasses the truth of our salvation?
However one may see it, God’s hands are always in ‘control’ of time, telling us, “everything is in “God’s divine plan,'” so why worry,  when we have done our best in the service of The Lord and His church?
God may tell us, “Did you do your best?  Did you love the poor?  Did you love the sick and the astray?  Did you guide, tend and fed them onto my light, to my truth, to my love, where My light quenches their thirst and fills their soul from hunger?
To glorify God in whatever we may do, is God’s calling, as in 1 Corinthians 10:31.
We may falter and fail to come despite giving value to our commitments, until we may realize, “God is in control,” as we pray and believe, where if we follow Christ’s teaching (word), may we become His disciples, and ‘truth will set us free,’ as in John 8:31-32.
True Love
What happens when we put material things up front, like time and all of passing things, more than ‘love,’ where forgiveness and compassion is, do we not get upset, and may refuse to accept truthful reasoning?
Are we not in darkness when we worry, or when we tell ourselves, ‘time’ is more important than ‘love?’
Absolutely not.
 ‘True Love’ is more important than ‘time,’ ‘love is what prosper’s ‘divine logic,’ love of God and love of others.
TIME, like history becomes imperfect for it quickly passes away.
Again, when we die, can we obtain anything?
It is always the Holy Spirit that enlightens us, to know that ‘nobody is perfect’under the sun, but our ‘perfection’ is in the fullness of our love, as God has always loved us unconditionally, and He remains to forgive us in the pureness of our intentions and the pureness of our hearts.
Through it all, we remain accountable to Him, as we may be transformed as instruments of His love.
It remains in the ‘pride’ of others that in their imperfection, they may fail to accept of their inequities, but, may we never stop praying for one another to grow our spirit in ‘true faith,’ to overcome sin as we may learn to rebuke evil, as God may deliver us from all evil and temptations.
Search from within our souls how many  times we have denied Christ in the idolatry of our souls, when we listen to our minds more attuned to selfishness and vanity, more than listen to His teachings and words of wisdom?
It is high time to ‘forgive ourselves first’ before we could move on, cleansed by Christ’s blood from sins of pride and idolatry, that we may best come ‘clean’ before The Lord, with confidence in our hearts, blessed by His grace we become true witnesses of His love and of miracles of ‘true faith.’
Is it the will of God to deprive kindness and love, that others may do likewise? Or is it the other way around, that we become instruments of the many beautiful talents, gifts and virtues from the Holy Spirit?
Is this not, therefore, the ‘golden rule,’ what that we must follow to love in truth and avoid sin?
In Matthew 7:12, Jesus said, “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.”
In 1 John 4:18 (,NIV – Protestant bibles do mean the same way if we have the filtering message from the Spirit of God, again, true original and un-corrupted versions of the Holy Bible remain in NAB, the Catholic Bible, where all Protestant bible versions came about from 1825, where Lutheran reformation came about in 1518), “There is no fear in love. Perfect love drives out fear, but fear has to do with punishment. Anyone who fears, is not made perfect in love.”
Discipline is deep within us as true Christian faithful. It is imbedded in ‘true faith.’
Whether volunteer or paid, it does not matter, for to serve The Lord is beyond money, it is bounded by the truth in God’s love, where money and material things, when used to prosper ‘true faith’ becomes priceless, for it leads to truth that remain eternal.
Fear of God is what is foremost in our hearts for this brings us to completion of our faith. As against fear of death which is of the devil, it makes us more insecure, for it keeps us in darkness and within the frameworks of sin, corruption and temptation.
Deeper thoughts may come from within, it is the lack of faith and the lack of God in us.
It is upon the will of God, when God tells us ‘to love and bear with one another, and to bear fruits of God’s love in you,’ yet, some may sin in ‘malice,’ in the selfishness of our hearts, where in ‘divine logic,’ again, may we realize, from deep within our souls, ‘we can never obtain anything material’ when we die, and that includes ‘time,’ where many people sin when they get upset of ‘time,’ in our worldly nature, we have become enslaved to ‘time and money,’ when money and time will forever be ‘imperfect’ as we follow Christ’s ways.
However, the perfection of time is, “when we love in truth every single day of our life, building treasures upon treasures in heaven in our love for one another, a love that heals, a love in Christ’s ever consuming light.”
Whatever talents God has gifted us, hone it and use it wisely to glorify God in truth, and it is evil and wicked to hide our talents, laziness and sloth brings us to more sins, do not all these lead us to darkness, and destruction, in the ignorance of the gospel, we may be living in the death of our souls, precisely why God has given us our body, completed by His fullness in us, our body being His Temple, living in the many gifts and blessings He has given us in our faithfulness, that His Spirit may live in us to become His true children.
To live in His heavenly Kingdom from within our hearts frees us from anything accursed, guarded by angels in all twelve gates, the ‘new heaven  and the new earth,’ it is Jerusalem in us, the holy city, the living Temple of God in us, in our hearts of love.
With whatever gifts we may have, we need to give back to God who created and gaves us the breath of life, and to Him in Christ who died for us to save us from sin, that we have eternal life as we live in His Spirit.
In Luke 12:47-48 (,bible,NAB) from the ‘parable of vigilant and faithful servants:’
“The servant who new his master’s will but did  not make preparations nor act in accord with his will shall be beaten severally;
And the servant who was ignorant
of his master’s will but acted in a way deserving of a severe beating shall be beaten only lightly. Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more is required of will be ‘demanded of the person entrusted with more.'”
God is challenging us, to outsmart  Satan, by “leaving everything in this life, all things material for nobody is ever worthy of God’s Kingdom if he remains attached to worldly things, rather, do whatever is truthful in this life, where we do not own anything when we die, all our passions in things passing we may not obtain, it may come to devour us if we fail to see God in Christ, in our love of others, that all these gifts bestowed on us, should be shared in our love for one another, that we may see peace and joy from within us, and may feel God’s loving embrace as we may feel our victory over the world in ‘true faith.'”
God has always been generous of His time for our repentance and renewal that we have to forgive 70 x 7 times, until we may see our own perfection in Him, in His righteousness we are perfected in our love for one another, for in this life, it becomes so stressful to become an enemy of another.
In every way, when we fail to ‘love’ in truth (which is the ‘fullness of the Law of God’), we fail to justify ‘malice,’ what we may have in our hearts, it remains ignored by our sinful souls, by our ‘ego’ that drives us away from the ‘light of Christ.’
“Pride has to go, that we may humble ourselves to The Lord, and see greater wisdom in our minds, our hearts and souls filling our being with Christ’s love.”
If we pursue in darkness, we may see the brokenness of our hearts, the emptiness of our souls, we may see tears flow from our wounded hearts, by our pride, where all along, evil has been riding on our ‘ego,’ where self ‘love’ is nothing more than ‘self-pity,’ whence, “Agape love,” becomes sublime, noble and true, and to the spiritual, heavenly and eternal.
As in Proverbs 8:13, “To fear the Lord is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior and perverse speech.”
Every which way, Christ has always been our hope, His Divine Mercy and ‘love’ is but everlasting, it dwells in those who believes, who trust and have faith in Him.
And the fullness of His love is in those who present themselves with no guilt nor shame in their hearts, cleansed by His body and blood in the Holy Eucharist, in the breaking of the bread, to be one with Him.
The perfection of our time is in Him, as we may pray, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”
There goes God’s ‘divine plan,’ whatever we may will, it’s God’s divine will that comes to overcome our will.
The one who cannot make it on time and the people who may judge on godly ways to help enlighten our ways, forgive us, O Lord, what malice may have corrupted our souls, and may judge wrongly when compassion and understanding is way beyond our reach, for only You know why things have to happen, all in the passage of time.
The serenity prayer may best guide us to greater wisdom, it bring us inner peace, it’s God’s wisdom from within our spirit,  Serenity prayer from God through Reinhold Niebuhr
Is it not the Holy Spirit, in any religion, telling us to prosper good deeds, to stay in the light, at best, to be enlightened to Christ’s ways, for He is the truth in this life?
In the pureness of one’s heart, we may see it best to enlighten the astray, where malice in their hearts may prevail, his judgment of bias and prejudice, may come from sins of pride.
For anyone who has malice in his heart, stays not in the light but darkness in his soul.
It is impossible for him to tell himself, ‘Let go and let God,’ unless he let go of his pride, for pure love does not count faults, as in the definition of unconditional love by Saint Paul – where in the perseverance of one’s faith, comes ‘truth’ in heavenly justice, as one may ask the virtue of ‘patience,’ ‘fortitude in faith’ and ‘strength of his/her spirit’ from God’s Spirit of mercy and love, and is ready to move forward that no evil may hold him back to sin when one may lean to look back, ponder, and be caught in the fray of destruction.
“What is ‘past is past,’ learning from the past is ‘to love, and to live and grow in spirit’ (KJOH).”
Looking back may bring more evil in our current predicament.
The Holy Spirit has already condemned evil, and will always do. In many ways we may see this truth in the passage of history.
“The wicked and the filthy never last.”
Must we then override such condemnation with our own quick worldly, natural and, as others make call it, ‘a no brainer’ condemnation?
As Jesus sand in Matthew 12:37, “for by your words you will be acquitted,  and by your words you will be condemned.”
“Repent and renew, that we may arise as one body with The Lord.”
As we are immense into worldly ways, may our spirit of truth lead us back to the ‘word,’ and live in the Spirit of Christ.
If God is to avenge, why then do we need to worry, lest we may fall in Satan’s trap and add evil to our ways?
Let us be wary, forces of evil can be very cunning, we may not see them, but God’s eyes in our souls comes the light of truth from The Lamb, where things unseen can be seen in ‘true faith,’ where the ‘word’ reveals darkness in its many deceptions.
Satan and his minions can lure our weak souls, weakened in the flesh, may we not be led into the idolatry of our souls, where malice in pride belongs, as such, is the imperfection of our flesh.
Therefore, by all means, let the ‘words of God,’ forever ‘active and alive,’ undress people’s motives that we may know the attitudes of the heart, and be willing to help enlighten, onto the light of truth that heals.
Aligned with this goal, let us be one with the Holy Spirit as we rebuke evil in every way, accept our sinfulness when we forgive ourselves, that we may
build His image and likeness in us, molded in Him, that we and our household, we pray, may also be blessed.
There is ‘no need to worry,’ my friend, God knows what is in our hearts.
Many times saints have encountered the same pressures, but their spirit leads them to forgiveness, for again, nothing is perfect under the sun, the truth in our spirit may tell us so, and time is but passing, it can only be perfected in our unconditional love for one another, as we build our very treasures of love onto God’s Kingdom.
In every circumstance, pray and be joyful, it is God’s will for us in Christ Jesus.

“Things happen because they have to happen, as God’s ‘divine plan,’ and we are, graciously, in that plan, as we pray and enlighten one another in the truth of our spirit.”As in Thessalonians 5:16-17 (NIV), “Be joyful always; pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

God’s words are ever active and alive, each time.

As Jesus’ said, “heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away,” as in Matthew 34:35 (,NAB).

Reading what is true in the Holy Bible, with God’s words as our sword makes us strong against all evil in this life, and the Holy Eucharist makes us one with Christ, one body with the Holy Spirit, leading our imperfection to His perfection and righteousness as we continue to be molded in Him in body and spirit.

The assurance of Christ to us all is ‘everlasting hope in Him.’

He remains our Divine Provider, our Divine Healer, our Divine Mercy, our Good Shepherd, and that we may not sin repeatedly, as we may live in His light, and remain forgiving and loving in our hearts, whence we may see His Kingdom from within us, as we keep ourselves responsible and accountable to Him, and to remain in His words.

My responsibility to Christ is my responsibility to His Church, our ‘universal church,’ the true church of the universe, the Catholic Apostolic Church, where we find the universe is where all creations of God lives, and where those who may live and believe in His words, become one with Him, to become true, noble, holy and righteous, in His sacred Kingdom.

In the fullness of Christ in us, may we see everlasting peace and happiness from within our being, as we pray, bear and love one another in the name  of The Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, to God be the glory, as we live in Christ’s mighty and holy name, Amen.

Blessings to you and your family, my dear friends.  Stay in the light and live.

Two weeks back, in late July of 2015, I have registered as an editor of the prestigious wikipedia organization, and I tried editing some of the given wiki articles.

I have learned in my spirit that everything in this life is God’s ‘divine plan,’ and it is ‘truth that sets us free.’

Anything that has no wikipedia reference was identified as “unsupported,” perhaps, just as when people write about history, they avoid the mysteries of religion, of faith and of what is beyond the mind.

If many of us believe that we have been created by God, then by all means, we can always go back to reality which many believe, by their faith, where perception by the inner soul or gut feel, makes many believe that we were all created by God.

Why do unexplained miracles happen, that science cannot explain that they do happen, it is the fact of life, that we are here in this life on a temporary journey, to seek the truth about God and the true revelation upon me by the Holy Spirit has made manifest the truth about ‘divine logic,’ leading to Jesus as the true Spirit of God as the ‘word of God,’ and everything evolves from this eternal truth, that there is life everlasting, and those so judge by Jesus, because of their deep faith in living in His Spirit, makes them one with Him to become heirs to the heavenly Kingdom of God, as true children of God.

On the reference the truthful source of such a vision, or as so claimed to be by the visionaries, or people who also saw the visions, over and above that truth there is on their belief system, it is what it is, they saw what they saw, and can vividly recall what they really saw, heard or perceived.

As in Matthew 10:26-33 (source:,bibie), as Jesus himself has said:

“Courage under Persecution. 26 “Therefore do not be afraid of them. Nothing is concealed that will not be revealed, nor secret that will not be known. 27 What I say to you in the darkness, speak in the light; what you hear whispered, proclaim on the housetops. 28 And do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather, be afraid of the one who can destroy both soul and body in Gehenna. 29 Are not two sparrows sold for a small coin? Yet not one of them falls to the ground without your Father’s knowledge. 30 Even all the hairs of your head are counted.31 So do not be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. 32 Everyone who acknowledges me before others I will acknowledge before my heavenly Father. 33 But whoever denies me before others, I will deny before my heavenly Father.”

History will always veer away from what is true in the ‘divine’ why?  Is this not ‘ego’ in man, where he knows he is better that all those who believe in the true God, in Jesus who is one with the Spirit of God?

History is ‘human wisdom’ based on ‘human logic,’ many times corrupted by what Mammon (money, evil and all things passing), may lead us onto the ‘misdeeds of the flesh,’ where the ruler has now come to be the devil as the ruler of the world.

But ‘divine logic’ leads us to ‘living’ in the Spirit of God, as we die in Christ, then may come to believe that ‘true freedom’ from within us that extends to the realities of eternal life, where the power of the cross leads us to living forever with God, all these bring about the truth in the ‘trials of faith,’ as we live this temporal life.

Many atheists and agnostics will always base their reasoning to history, numbers, and those seen by the naked eyes.

But are not all these but ‘passing,’ as ‘time and space’ in this life is all but ‘passing,’ and anything that is ‘passing’ is not true in the long run, and is not true in the long term, therefore, in the realities of what is true in the ‘finite,’ it is ‘not true at all,’ it is truth that cannot hold for long at all, plain and simple, it brings us to the meaninglessness of life as we are lured to the misdeeds of the flesh, but, ‘it becomes so meaningful when we have loved in truth,” leading to that everlasting truth in ‘love,’ the love of God which is ‘forever,’ and ‘divine logic’ leads us to what is eternally true in ‘divine wisdom,’ greater than all of human knowledge or wisdom, for we all came from what is ‘divine,’ where the Spirit of God is, where in ‘divine logic,’ when we die, nothing material and passing, and all things about the flesh and of this world we may ever bring along?

Is this not ‘virtual reality’ as some may say, a ‘nightmare’ for some who may long to live with power, wealth and fame and later are ‘lost’ from the lures of their ego, a ‘beautiful dream’ for some who have lived the peace, joy and love of God within their being despite all kinds of persecution, for some a life full of ‘confusion’ and those who are ‘lost’ in seeking the truth, or a life full of ‘wonders’ seeing this life with all the beauty that God has created, for some a life full of challenges where getting rich and wealthy, or heaving titles or awards become the measure of success, for some a life living in despair remaining lost for they cannot accept defeat and rejection with so much fear and negativity in their hearts, for some remaining poor and simple, meek and proud with their own culture where they feel they belong, in all these, may we see ‘divine logic’ waking us up to the realities of this temporal life, and seek what is true from beyond our minds, for it is what is beyond our soul, in our spirit, in eternal ‘love,’ that brings us to what is ‘true faith,’ in God’s words all these are made manifest, never is the pride of man, where malice, selfishness, envy and retaliation comes to rule the misguided, where truth in ‘living in the Spirit of God escapes them;’no wonder, the truth in God’s words comes the insurmountable power that can destroy evil and Satan’s minions in this world.’    

“History will further confuse us as we fail to see the signs of God.”

“History repeats itself,” because evil blinds us as it gives more importance to what is true in things passing.

If what is true in the ‘divine,’ where Jesus is ‘life and love, onto eternity,’ has not evil blinded us from the wisdom in God’s words,  where “the wages of sin is death?”

“How does ‘divine truth,’ where God’s words belong, lead us to what is true in this life, as against how  ‘human wisdom,’ may lead  the astray to ‘lies in the flesh,’ from false prophesy to what the ‘antichrist’ may propagate?

The many religions come and go, it is how they come to influence man’s ego, and if you think from beyond your mind, is it not but evil that dissuade us from what is ‘divine,’ to satisfy more the flesh as against what is true in our spirit?

Whatever is true in the flesh may find it hard to reconcile with what is true in the spirit.

In John 3:5-7 (source:,NASB), “Jesus answered, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. “That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. “Do not be amazed that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’…”

Jesus was referring to true baptism in water and Spirit, where we die with Him as the grace of God may come upon us in our baptism.

‘Love’ is the fulfillment of the Law, and to ‘love in truth’ comes the ‘priceless’ gift of God to us, by the power of His grace, may we feel God’s ‘love’ in our hearts, so true, so beautiful, so ‘overwhelming,’ with enormous and bountiful joy and peace in our souls.

If you feel that joy from a newborn infant, despite the labor pain from the mother, or the struggles, rejection and challenges of life and faith from the husband or from both parents, with all members of the family in toe, the joy  can be so priceless, and to journey The Lord, with love in our hearts, as we love in truth, elevates our faith to a higher level, onto eternity, in the power of God’s words, the power of ‘unconditional love.’

It is our ‘love’ for God that empowers us to the ‘love of others,’ our children, and all others who remain our brothers and sisters for all humans have been created in the ‘image and likeness’ of God, ‘image’ in our spirit of truth that connects to God in His Spirit, and ‘likeness’ in human and bodily form, in Christ Jesus, the firstfruits of all creation.

In all these, our love is made ‘priceless,’ for all this truth, with no malice in fear and worries to blind us, as we trust Him more, in the acceptance of His love for us in His Kingdom, and the acceptance of ‘God’s will be done,’ may we be lead to the power of the ‘word of God,’ where Jesus is the ‘Word’ and His ‘Words’ will forever live while all things may pass away.

“As we may think deeper from beyond our minds and beyond our souls, God has made it possible for us to reconcile the soul (mind in the flesh) with what is true in our spirit.

Seeking that key to God’s Kingdom can be elusive, only if we allow evil and darkness to blind us, whence, the more we may suffer, for the truth evades us.

But ‘with God all things are possible.’

Love and forgiveness  brings peace to our souls, we become ‘sons and daughters’ of God as we bring all these gifts to the table of life.”

“It is time to wake up to the deeper realities of life, from what is true in what is ‘divine,’ where God’s words lead us to what is eternally true in our hearts and souls, in our spirit that connect to God.”

Truthful visions remain untrue for the hardened hearts, where ego remains their guiding rule, where human intelligence is, and history will always judge these visions as ‘allegation’ or as ‘reported.’

In our humility to God, we see greater wisdom from beyond our souls, to give honor to our being.

The unbeliever in Christ Jesus may always see visions as doubtful, even touching the Holy Bible he may see this a an insult to his intelligence, for his experience may not allow him to understand, the same way that a natural person may refuse to understand things that question his ego, his understanding is being blocked in things passing, where the lies of the flesh may remain in his mental faculties, refusing to grow what is true in his spirit, where things we may not see, may lead us to greater horizons of growth from beyond our minds.

Is this not how worthy inventions are created, on men who ponder beyond the limits of their minds, creating new innovations, where the light of truth comes to their rescue, as gifts of faith may come from the ever living Creator of the world, with His holy angels of love, life and truth, all these but gifts from the Holy Spirit, where Jesus and The Father are One.

Again, what makes us open ourselves to what is true in what is ‘divine’ can be the ‘love’ in our hearts, that when we feel that ‘love,’ it sends a deeper vibration into our being, it make us defenseless, our adrenaline may run into an uncontrollable level, we feel what ‘true love’ means, and since God created us out of love, we may feel this loving spirit in us, it is the Spirit of truth where God is, and where Jesus is, in Him comes the greater feeling of power from our souls, the power of ‘unconditional love,’ a love that is boundless, a love that may last forever as you may see from within your being, Christ’s love that is true, the love of God, where the cross of Jesus is the true and eternal message of God’s love and mercy for us all, and in the forgiveness of our sins comes the power of the Spirit of God becoming One with us, in our spirit we may feel, the loving embrace of God.

Once again, if you have seen greater happiness from within you seeing others happy, and living that love in their hearts, in truth, that is the fullness of God’s love in you.

‘Divine logic’ is what ‘true happiness’ is, it is the ‘agape’ love in our hearts, it is not about money, it is not about our looks, our color or race, it is not about how wealthy we can be or how things or this world may direct our lives to, but it is about ‘loving in truth,’ caring for the poor and the astray, for each one of us connect to each other in the ‘love of one another,’ as prophets, kings and priests we may see His calling to spread what is true.

Using ‘Divine Logic,’ as title of the post, without permission is a copyright infringement, with the author in this infringement identified later as Clifford H. Charles, googling him up brought me Clifford H. Charles Jr, on “Sound Doctrine – Divine Logic – the Early Church,” under the url,, having used the term without permission, and without referring to the sacred author of “Divine Logic” as that of the Holy Spirit, with your humble servant in Christ as an instrument of God’s love for us all, royalties and effects of this copyright should be made through the universal church, the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church as the ‘vine of true faith,’ where all material gifts are gifts The Lord, as we may live this life.

Nothing comes from us for in death, ‘divine logic’ tells us we cannot obtain anything from this life, but truth to everlasting life leads us to true freedom from our being, even now, we may experience God’s Kingdom from our very hearts and souls, when Christ reveals Himself to us in our being.

Jesus’ lovng message for us all,  “to stay in the lighted path, help and care for the poor, and provide enlightenment to the astray, that more may be saved.”

Again, I am here to enlighten, not to judge, for the true judge is Jesus, our true Messiah, who has come to “judge the living and the dead.”

Clifford’s attempt, so are the Author(s) of WebRing (promoting what is of the ‘antichrist and evil,’ yet linked to dubious websites that help prosper Christianity with Buddhism ? Guiding all to the light is eternal truth) and Divine Logic and Justification (latter with Rev. Dr. Michael Sean O’Brannon as author), to duplicate or to sow confusion from what is true in “Divine Logic,” evil deception comes again as a big question on infringement, so with other companies, entities or posts that uses the name ‘divine logic,’  for in truth, this term is from the Spirit of God, it refers to something sacred, where God’s words and truth comes from what is true about Jesus, where ‘divine’ is made manifest in the Holy Bible, and truth that lives forever is what infinite ‘logic’ tells us.

Again, many more are guilty of copywright infringement, using the sacred name of ‘Divine Logic,’ without referring to the original source, from where it was revealed, meant to unify the all Christian believers onto sanctification in truth, where the ‘breaking of the bread’ (cleansing in the Holy Eucharist), is what the Holy Spirit’s message in revealing ‘Divine Logic,’ where all believers in Christ needs to unity if ‘true faith,’ in the universal church, where Saint Peter (first pope) holds the keys to heaven.

Anyone who may question this sacred term, must refer to all related posts where ‘Divine Logic,’ has become an important revelation from the Holy Spirit, and may the Holy Spirit guide all to act accordingly  to become living instruments of the light and instruments of God’s truth, that more may be saved from undue miseries and suffering  brought about by evil in all forms of deception, leading to man’s denial of what remains true and freeing in the power of God’s words against worldly sins; living in the light, Christ frees us from the bondage of darkness.  Stay in the light, rebuke evil, do not submit to corruption of the flesh in to prosper what is not true, avoid copyright infringement and be set free.

Another ‘Divine Logic’ website repair page, on url,, needs to justify the usage of ‘Divine Logic’ on the entities business title for this word is, again, is of divine revelation, using the word is using the sacred word in vain, and is an infringement from the copyrighted kindle e-book from Amazon, “Jesus is Real – an Attestation to the Truth and “Divine Logic,” and Seeing Jesus in Magnificence,” if made without permission from the author, an instrument of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, kindly revert back to the original business’ name in due reverence to truth and integrity of the ‘word’ from the Holy Spirit, Jesus as ‘Word of God,’ the author appeals to all possible users, this ‘divine word’ made as an instrument for unification of all Christian who believes that Christ Jesus is the truth in this life, that God’s universal church now comes His divine message of what is true in the gospel of Christ, through God’s everlasting love and mercy, be it known, “Divine Logic” leads us to what ‘true faith’ means, what the Holy Spirit wants to convey to all mankind.  Refrain from using this ‘sacred word’ in vain, to use it for meaningless ways is to deceive others from what is true, just as things passing, for words that are from The Lord will never pass away, they are forever ‘active and alive,’ meant to be spread that more may be saved, that His church is intended to unify us as one body in Christ’s name, forever, as more may learn to live in the Spirit of God, in the glory of The Father.

Other users of ‘Divine Logic’ includes:,, and more. Again, please refrain from using this sacred term without permission, or, do a reference link to any of the following related url’s (websites/webpages, on links on this page) if you want to make an honest review, to bring all to the light of truth:


Infringement is fraud and deception of the flesh, let us give value to what is revealed to men, and our spirit reveals what is true in this life, all others that fail to filter itself from what is true in God’s words comes evil in one’s ego, whence, ego is but the flesh and dies with the flesh.

May all be guided and enlightened in the light of truth in Christ Jesus.

Jesus in me, forgives all who may have come to fault in sin, but Jesus tells us, to “leave your life of sin,” or to “sin no more,” as in John 8:11.

Money, material things and all things passing, they remain meaningless over time, but they become meaningful, sans any malice in the pureness of our souls, as they become “fruits of our love of others.”

“Many people suffer and cannot attain true peace and true joy in this life, it remains in God’s words that we are set free from all bondage of evil.  It is God’s love in us that we owe our loved ones, and all others in this world.”

“For those who truly believe in Christ, they rejoice as they suffer from rejections and persecutions, for in all these, it is God’s will for them in Christ Jesus.”

As in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NIV)-using different versions of the bible are to unite the church, as One in the Spirit of Christ, where the pope is Christ in Saint Peter, in the guidance of the Holy Spirit we may know, here for all faithfuls to help enlighten, of what is true in the gospel-, “Rejoice always, pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

Many have been deceived by history because we refuse to see what is beyond our mind, where truth in our spirit is, for as long as we live by the flesh, evil in our ego will always be there to rule the flesh, but, in every which way, as we open our hearts to God, we may see the greater meaning of this life as but a ‘test of our faith,’ and the essence of ‘divine logic,’ can best explain all these.

God wants us to be happy in this life, for through Him, in Christ Jesus, we become the ‘new creation,’ having been saved from sin, many amazing things have come into our lives, and the truth is bounded by the truth of Jesus being in our lives, that seeing his fullness in our being makes us complete with Him, completely happy and at peace with Him.

“In peace He has come to us, in peace we must learn to live by His grace.”

In Matthew 12:37 (NIV), Jesus said, “For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.”

“Keep away our tongue, O Lord, from cursing, in lies and perverse speech, that we may not disturb the celestial angels out to protect, guard, guide and keep us healthy in body soul and spirit with the Spirit of God. May we be reminded of your words, O Lord, as you have said,“It is not what enters the mouth that defiles the man, but what proceeds from out of the mouth, this defiles the man” – Matthew 15-11 (NASB). 

“God has never forsaken us, Jesus has always been there in our hearts and souls, in our spirit, by His grace may His Spirit live in us if we avoid and rebuke sin, but it is when we start to fear, when we may become insecure in this life, when we fear ‘death,’ may we realize how our ‘ego’ may rule over our souls and our minds as the transport of evil in this life. Every time, it is time to let go and let God reign in our souls.”

“Every suffering in this life comes from evil in idolatry, or merely, a test of our faith, when we refuse to see God in Christ Jesus, as our true Master, or when we come short of His glory in us, and as true instruments of His love, we may see gratitude in us, sanctified and cleansed by truth in His words, consecrated to The Father.”

“Many of us prefer to live like ‘children’ who are bonded by things passing, when we know that all things passing are never permanent, all worldly things here and there, all these are but proof of ‘divine logic,’ however we want to reach that human goal to become rich, to become healthy, to become wise and intelligent, to become smart, to be ruler of our community, our business of our world, all these shall all come to pass, for all we know, our emotions may lead us when we do things wrong, to become ‘idolaters,’ where we more than ‘pity’ ourselves, refusing to love others which is but God’s greater message for us all, ‘loving in truth’ is His compelling message, in the miracles of faith, where the faithful may so experience, it is in our witnessing the gives credence to God’s presence in us all, where Christ’s Spirit comes to heal and save us.”

“And when one ‘pity’s’ himself, will he not be more insecure for he may cling to the false god in Mammon?”

It is when we become insecure that we fail to see the light of truth, we easily become upset of trivial things, of things that are of human traditions and of culture, all these may blind us to what truth there is in this life.

“Jesus wants us to be one, and live in the culture of ‘love and truth.'”

“‘History and news of violence and destruction of life’ makes life meaningless, where gossips and untruthful events may proliferate as evil takes control of man’s ego that money and worldly things may become man’s false master.”

“Why the need to let our souls suffer, in this life and the next, when we may feel Christ’s faithfulness in our souls for in the forgiveness of sins, through His death and resurrection, may we feel His love in us as we open our hearts to Him.”

If it is in ‘love’ from which God has created us, will it not be ‘love’ with that deep sense of responsibility to our Creator, in obedience and abeyance, in ‘divine wisdom and knowledge,’ with self-control, temperance and ‘true faith,’ as gifts from the Holy Spirit, will God not bless mankind for being true to himself and to others?

Jesus has always cared for us, and He wants us to see His Kingdom from within our hearts, reading form this link, “Supporting Video’s and Links for Kindle e-book, ‘Laminin,…..” one may see God’s glory in him.

And to see God’s fullness in you, in Christ Jesus, and read on the essence and truthfulness of ‘divine logic,’ read this link to the salvation tool, “Understanding God in Spirit and Christ’s Saving Light – the ‘Divine Truth’ in ‘Divine Logic.”

If Pope Francis has called on all of us to save our planet from deterioration, it is the Holy Spirit who is speaking for him, as the instrument of God’s love, that is the love of all creation, may we see our life blessed in abundance.

As in Colossians 1:16-18 (source:,NASB), “For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities– all things have been created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. He is also head of the body, the church; and He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, so that He Himself will come to have first place in everything.…”

“For indeed, Jesus is ‘the truth in this life,’ as He is ‘beyond religion,’ beyond the universe and all things created, and is ‘beyond this life,’ through out eternity He rules as One Spirit with the Father.”

“The more we may suffer as we allow evil to rule us, whatever the length of time we may come to realize all these, it is when we are humbled that we may see what is true in His words, He may be ‘slow to anger,’ but His loving message is for us to renew in Him, where God’s reward is everlasting life, though it may entail in us a great deal of sacrifice to leave our pride and ego behind, in the gifts of the Holy Spirit all these we may bear in the trials of our faith, where dignity comes to our being when we ‘love in truth,’ leaves us with greater peace and happiness in our hearts and souls, all but priceless and so true.”

If we truly believe in the ‘manna from heaven,’ it is the truth in Christ Jesus, who is the ‘bread of life,’ as our ‘Divine Provider’ and our ‘Divine Healer,’ whom we must follow as we abide in Him and follow His words and teaching, and be one body with Him in our hearts, continuously bearing with one another as we persevere in our faith, while we build heavenly treasures in our being, to live in eternal bliss.

seek ye first his kingdom and rightousness KJOH green border

Miracles of life comes in the humility of our hearts to The Lord, Jesus Christ, in our Lord and Savior, the King of all Kings, our Divine Provider, from whom all good things come.

God is Almighty, in Christ Jesus, we may not need to boast, for there is nothing there is to boast, everything comes from him, for Jesus in the ‘TRUTH’ in this life, and He is the ‘WAY.’

My contribution to Wikipedia on ‘Divine Logic,’ per the Holy Spirit’s calling, is shared herewith (with ‘unsupported’ markings on given lines, and the possibility of it being deleted, yes, it has just been deleted, I say, “all in God’s ‘divine plan.’), irregardless of the ‘unsupported’ messages from the editor, it is eternal truth that comes to justify what is ‘divine’ in God’s words, where evil we must be strong enough to rebuke in our spirit, that with the Holy Spirit, we may stand to conquer darkness and sin from within our being, and remain free, cleansed from the sacred blood of Christ, we lived to live forever in the Spirit of God, where in water we have been baptized to have died with Christ, with truth in His words we are redeemed by His grace :

“Divine logic,’comes from the words: ‘divine,’≥,[1] which is based on divinity,≥[2] as a supernatural being, where ‘Deity’≥[3] is; and ‘logic,’≥[4] where true principles come from on how human intellect and perceptions may see as harmoniously common as it relates to things true in human wisdom and life, as valid reasoning.

One may see intelligence as more valuable than divine wisdom, but the author sees human intelligence changes through time, it varies because it is never perfect. In truth, he says, what is perfect is God’s wisdom, where God’s words will never pass away, “Heaven and earth may pass but my words will never pass away.”ʉ/[unsupported input]/ Worrying in our anxieties may cause undue harmful stress in our body metabolism, it may cause undue inflammation due to an increase in blood pressure, and all these may cause undue harm in our health, and may trigger fatal illnesses like a block in the arteries, or cancer, where in reliable researches made by scientists, illnesses can be caused by undue stress,ʉ/[unsupported input]/ and some medications may harm our immune system, as an anti-rejection measure in transplants,ʉ/[unsupported input]/ where in truth, as the author feels it in his spirit, it is “our dynamic immune system created by God that can help us heal,” and natural remedies are seen to be more effective in many unbiased researches.

A truthful being may see what is ‘common sense’ɔː/[unsupported input]/ in this reasoning, where in his words, Jesus said, “Can anyone of you worrying add a single hour to your life?”ʉ/[unsupported input]/

The author believes, as it remains in his thoughts, accordingly, in the inspiration of the Holy Spirit for him to share:

“the truth of human existence can be felt in his spirit, where the most rational creation in man, may not come to believe, for he may refuse to believe in what he has not seen, blinded by his ego,ʉ/[unsupported input]/ he may refuse to acknowledge the true miracles of this life, where in signs of condemnation of evil in the history of man, this truth may escape his thoughts, that God was there in the Holy Spirit to help man condemn and rebuke evil, the victory of good over evil are signs of what is true in God’s words, where divine wisdom leads us to the power of the Spirit. Men may die to prosper what is true and may come justified, and it is in the love of others that we may feel God’s Spirit in us. Others may not feel the same way, but it is in doing good deeds in the love of a friend to free him from evil, where ‘truth and freedom reigns,’this separates the love of God from deceptions of evil. In the guidance of the Holy Spirit, one may discern in the truth of his spirit, what good and evil is, where living in the Spirit of God, we may see the truth of living in God’s Kingdom, one may feel this in our heart, for this life is but a test of faith, where His ways are in us as we strive to be happy in the love of others, for in the care of ourselves we may fall from evil. It is when we give value to one another as we share our love for one another, and bear with one another as we care to enlighten to what is true in this life, with no malice or guilt in our souls, for the light of truth renders us free from evil, where Jesus comes to judge all evil, onto the pool of fire, ‘all the dead were judged according to their deeds.'”ʉ/[unsupported input]/. Even if man may be rational,ʌ/[unsupported input]/, still, in one’s faith, in things that he may not see but perceives in his being as true,” as the author has so experienced, “one may come to believe that there is something more powerful in what may not see, may the Holy Spirit reveal in our hearts the relevance of the ‘ego’ʉ/[unsupported input]/ of man being the vehicle for evil in this mortal life, where truthful things are purposely avoided to deceive men of what is true in their spirit. It is in the light of truth that true miracles of faith happen, for it is innate in man to do good deeds, and to promote what is true and helpful to man; however, it is evil in one’s ego, to selflessly promote his ways to yearn a better quality of life forgetting the love of others among the poor, the astray and the misguided, a cause for alarm among a society of intellectuals,ʉ/[unsupported input]/ blinded from what is eternally true in ‘divine logic.'”

The author’s thoughts are further shared in the ensuing paragraphs, of thoughts that are attuned to God’s words in the Holy Bible, on ‘divine logic,’ were in God’s words, as he claims and believes, ‘true peace and happiness comes, for a better life in this world, while we may live this life in the light of truth, where Jesus is truth in this life:

“While “Darwin’s theory of evolution,”≥[5] may lead some to seeing the ‘evolution of man’ from the apes,≥[6] or the evolution of man emanating from the ‘big bang’ theory,≥[7] it is always in man’s ‘ego’≥[8] that truth will never come out from his mind, from his intellect, for everything in this life may seem so confusing and complex in the hardness of man’s heart and mind.

On the contrary, it is in the humility of man to himself, that he may see the truth from within him, where understanding this life is not as complex as one’s ego may perceive it to be.

Our one true Godʌ/[unsupported input]/ wants us to be one with him in our love of others, where truth is in Jesus,ʃ/[unsupported input]/ as the truth in this life, being that light of creation.

No wonder religionsaɪ/[unsupported input]/ may come and go, and so what is true even before Christ was born. Some may stay, some may come divided into many other religions, some may pass away where truthfulness in man comes the verdict, in ‘human logic’ŋ/[unsupported input]/ comes corruption where lies of the flesh may prosper, he may remain lost without the filter of truth.

However truth may come from man, all these may simply come out as lies in man, as all lies comes from evil, and it is in one’s ego that comes out the inequities of man, where we come short of what is true in proclaiming the glory of God in us, He is in us, as Jesus is in us, our body being the Sacred Temple of Truth leading man to everlasting life, where the Holy Spiritʉ/[unsupported input]/ is residing from within us, but when we fail to love, that is when we deny God, it is when we deny God that God allows evil to confuse us, just as he confused Adam and Eve that they may eat of the forbidden fruit in Paradise.

That in all these confusion, man may see the need to seek the greater truth that permeates from his soul to his spirit, where the spirit of the soul comes to conquer all divisions brought about by evil in men, by evil carried on the shoulder of his ego, that without letting all these go, the more he suffers in confusion, the more unhealthy he may be from the stress and pressures of Mammon, the false master where evil is, his heart and soul so imprisoned by idolatry, refusing the presence of God in his being, refusing the true essence of hope in Jesus, ‘the light of truth.’

Our ego can be the vehicle of evil in this life, wherein, the more we follow our ego, the more we are lost as darkness blinds us from knowing what is ‘good and evil,’ his basis being ‘human knowledge,’ as against ‘divine wisdom.’

He blinds us of what is true in God’s words, where even the truth in God’s words may be interpreted in the natural way, where scholars and the learned may come to deceive man, as they may come out worldly in their ways that lead the many to natural interpretations from human logic, missing the vital essence of interpreting God’s words from the spirit of truth, in Jesus and the Holy Spirit, where the truth in our spirit guides us to what is true in what the Spirit of God tells us leading us to God’s Kingdom.

In the rush of wind from within our being, is God’s embrace, comes the affirmation that God is with us in our truthful interpretations as we live in the Spirit of God, while we may die with Christ in this life, we strive to conquer evil in this world as we may live in the fullness of Christ in us.

The words of Godaʊ/[unsupported input]/, as those who may believe in what others may claim to be true in the Bible, are not words of men, but words of God, where chosen men are made instruments to write for God,ʉ/[unsupported input]/ as scribes of God where all goodness and spiritual blessings come from divine truth and wisdom.

Be wary, as one may see in deductive reasoning, where, in the survival of the fittest, comes man’s ego, one may come out wanting to be better than the rest, forgetting that this life is to be shared with the many, for we have been created by God many, not few, that we may interconnect with one another in the Spirit of God in our love for one another.

And forgetting that this life is but temporary, however short or long it may be, it comes out temporary, so with our ego, our ego dies with the flesh at the point of death, for where will evil go without transport?

What happens when the ego dies in mortal death, man is humbled in his flesh, where the flesh of our manhood or womanhood, if you were created a woman, deteriorates with the light of truth, where anything that perishes may we see the power of God in the light of creation, for in his light, comes out life that lives forever, where darkness has no power over the light, his lies are exposed, for it is only the light that shines forever that exposes darkness, where no evil may hide.

The Holy Bibleʉ/[unsupported input]/ remains the true filter to what is true in this life, where ‘Jesus in the truth.’ʉ/[unsupported input]/

Our ego may always come to question this truth, but be wary, and be truthful to God’s Sacred Temple in you, for the Holy Spirit can never be blasphemed, as Jesus himself has said, ‘blasphemy to the Holy Spirit is unforgivable.’ʉ/[unsupported input]/

It is in God’s words, in Jesus, where the fullness of the Deity is,ʉ/[unsupported input]/ Jesus being the ‘Word of God,’ʉ/[unsupported input]/, as ‘the Word became flesh,’ʉ/[unsupported input]/ where in Him is the ‘Spirit of God,’ʉ/[unsupported input]/ and Jesus being the One true Judge,ʉ/[unsupported input]/as the Messiahʉ/[unsupported input]/ and Redeemerʉ/[unsupported input]/ or Saviorʉ/[unsupported input]/ being the firstfruits of those who diedʉ/[unsupported input]/ and now, lives againʉ/[unsupported input]/ in everlasting life,ʉ/[unsupported input]/ as we come here in this life in God’s mighty presence in us,ʉ/[unsupported input]/ in Jesus who is our true Masterʉ/[unsupported input]/ and there is no other,ʉ/[unsupported input]/ it is in him that we may see happiness from within our being,ʉ/[unsupported input]/ where with him, comes the essence of God’s heavenly Kingdom in us, God’s peace and loveʉ/[unsupported input]/ in our hearts and souls.

Jesus comes to judge us as the ever living God in the Lamb,ʉ/[unsupported input]/ from his death on the cross comes our salvation,ʉ/[unsupported input]/for as long as we believe in this eternal truth comes our total freedom from the bondage of evilʉ/[unsupported input]/ as we may live and love in this life by his grace.ʉ/[unsupported input]/ He is the Messiah and Lord of all, so empowered by the Spirit of God, as the Creator, the Beginning and the End,ʉ/[unsupported input]/ as the Alpha and the Omega.

Where is therefore, the truth in true peace and happiness in life? How do we build more treasures in our heart, is it not in knowing what is true in our being?

The author, has seen Jesus, and feels the Spirit of Godθ/[unsupported input]/ in Christ, in his being in God’s embrace, as it is true in every human creation, God’s Spirit in us tells us, by faith, in our hearts we may know and feel God’s Spirit in us.

In our spirit comes the Spirit of Truth in God,ʉ/[unsupported input]/ in Jesus, for we were all created by God first in spirit,ʉ/[unsupported input]/ from his Spirit, as the invisible God, then came the flesh, in our mother’s womb we were formed by God’s loving hands.

While we were born of the flesh, our natural body yearns to seek God’s truth as we humble ourselves to our Creator, in His image, in the Spirit of God, we need to seek God’s righteousness in Jesus,ʉ/[unsupported input]/ or remain confused and lost in evil ways.

Other things around us, may have been created by man, but from our spirit we may know that God’s will in us can be over and above our will, so are our talents and our gifts, for with God all things are possible./[unsupported input]/

If God in Christ knew that he will die on the cross,ʉ/[unsupported input]/ then resurrect from his grave in 3 days, and before these happened, he knew how Saint Peter will deny him,ʉ/[unsupported input]/ and how Judas would come to betray him,ʉ/[unsupported input]/ where even before the last supper, he knew of his miracle works and he knew that The Father was with him as he has seen his friend Lazarus rise up from his grave,ʉ/[unsupported input]/ at his command, in all these, what God’s words reveal in the gospel are the truth in what my spirit reveals.

Jesus is as perfect as God can be as his words were as truthful and absolute,ʉ/[unsupported input]/ as God is as perfect and truthful in his love for us all, that in many miracle of faith that I have experienced, I testify of the truth in my spirit, where in his fullness comes the many miracles of faith.

God in human form, in Christ Jesus, comes the many new creations of God in man, whether it be from man’s hands and thoughts, many good things may come created through the Holy Spirit, where Jesus is.

Like angels of the light comes the many creation of God, the universe, the stars, the planets, and all things within and around the earth, through him, in Jesus, all things were made, without him, nothing was made that was ever made, as revealed to the apostle John, the beloved, close to Jesus, where the Book of Revelation has been so revealed to him by the Spirit of God in Christ Jesus, made manifest by an angel, a messenger of God.

All scriptural writings are so divinely inspired in the Holy Bible, all telling us about the love of God in us, human beings being the most intelligent and most rational among all creation, as highly regarded creations of God, for humans have been created in the ‘image and likeness’ of God, so with the image and likeness of the angels so empowered by God to help him in creation.

From ‘divine logic’ comes what evil wants man to understand at best what is eternally true in his spirit, where all these truth are passed on the hearts and souls of men, best understood as one may come humbled that God may reveal himself to him, as so divinely chosen by The Lord.

Is it not true in one’s mind, in one’s intellect, the essence of ‘human logic’ tells us that while things passing may be created, it is in ‘divine logic’ that we may understand the workings of the Holy Spirit in our being?

More are revealed by the Holy Spirit on the ‘salvation tool,’ that more may see the purpose of our being in this temporary life, where tests of our faith may abound.

It is from ‘divine logic’ that we may see in our spirit, in the many eyes of the spirit, the deception of evil in the lies of a lesser form of logic, taken from what is divine, comes ‘human logic.’

From what we may not see, comes the power of God in us, where true faith in God’s love for us all makes us one with him, where miracles of faith comes in the humility of our hearts.

Our love of others, comes the fullness of God’s love in us, for it is the fullness of the law, of the law of God.

Anyone who does not love does not know God.

Evils in ‘human logic’ may blind us to what is true in this life, but in God’s words, in the Holy Bible, comes what is true in our spirit, where perfect love drives away fear, and from it, comes the promise of Jesus, our true Lord and Master in this life, onto eternal life.

From his light comes the miracles of faith, from his light comes true creation, all from the Spirit of God, where in us, is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, where all blessings and all gifts come from, that in the Holy Spirit, who has condemned evil, may we see us always guided to always rebuke evil in this life.

In the temperance of our faith, whence comes true peace, true love, where growth in our spirit remains in our forgiving souls, here to conquer evil in this world, to glorify God in Christ, that glorifying Christ, we come to glorify The Father, from whom all good things and blessings come.”

Now, “who is deceiving who in this life?”

“In Jesus, there is nothing to fear, my Good Shepherd, yours and mine, we come to conquer the world with him, there is nothing ‘we’ shall want.””

Manny clearly won the fight.

Look at this video, it is ‘unbiased,’ perhaps because I cannot understand it, funny, but as you may see it for yourself, it provides a clearer view of who won the fight of the century, that no one should blame Manny Pacquiao for losing the fight, it was meant to be, that more may see the light on what is true, and that Manny and his wife Jinky may see God’s message for them, in ‘true faith,’ more are cleansed and freed from the bondage of sin.

[see ‘salvation tool’ link from this supporting blog, “Jesus is Real – An Attestation to the Truth, and ‘Divine Logic,’ and Seeing Jesus in Magnificence”]

Manny Pacquiao clearly won the fight. Look at this video above, it is unbiased, from ‘kanalturk,’ from Turkey TV?

from edwin camera 036from edwin camera 038

Reporting scores on boxing per round has never been so biased, no wonder, Manny said, “I think I won the fight. He didn’t do nothing?”

Even former heavyweight champion, Evander Holyfield, thought that Manny Paquiao won, as seen on shared video below.

It shows the deception of judging in Mayweather’s favor, sees more weight on things material, on money, not on things of the spirit, where truth is.

Honestly, I counted more effective punches thrown by Manny, and all these has hurt Floyd, why do you think he kept on dancing?

His dancing kept his points down and he may have no other choice against a very aggressive Manny, or get knocked down or knocked out.

Some seasoned judges, if not many, sees backpedaling and retreating as weak, it shows lack of confidence on any given competitor, unless it is made a strategy to confuse the adversary, where a sudden attack may ensure points to move ahead.

Some judges do deduct points on a fighter showing much fear from a more superior adversary.

This time, it is Floyd doing the dancing primarily, because of what?

Does he want to survive and have more chances of winning dancing, this fight being mainly a ‘Mayweather promotion’ with sub-promoter being that of Bob Arum, or go KO’ed or knocked down by Manny if he remains on his post and act like one, a ‘sitting duck.’

Floyd is a lot smarter than that.

Let the dance begin and everybody who knows the tune should dance away, whether they be the rapper, the singer, the dancer with our without rhythm, and whoever loves money, but who loses?

And where is God, if God is love, where is the love of men, who live and love in truth?

Other featured videos show edited film clips complete with graphic sounds, depicting Floyd as the winner, as the flawed scoring may say.

But did Floyd land the most punches or was it Manny?  And did Floyd threw more power punches or was it Manny?

See the video below and do your own ‘unbiased’ scoring, and see for yourself why Manny Pacquiao was so confident, he thought he was getting a more favorable decision from among the judges and declared the winner?

Manny was landing more effective and telling punches on Floyd.

“Boxing science” is now favoring Manny, it is on Manny’s lap, more than what used to be Floyd’s game, no wonder Floyd got surprised, Manny avoiding many of his jabs and punches.

What if reporting showed a biased angle, it can tell so much, right?

That is the magic of cropping and editing, it is modern technology.

Videos where taken from another biased angle to prove their point, where scoring for Mayweather became so easy.

Whoever was scoring the punches did not see that more eyes want to see the real score.  The scoring truth can be seen on the featured video itself.

Where the reporters paid?

from edwin camera 039

Many of these people, on above photo, saw Manny Paquiao lost, but in our hearts he won, and that is the truth, nothing can erase the truth.

Disappointments may come, but in the reality of God’s ‘divine plan,’ the truth of being with Jesus, our true Messiah, Lord and Master, we may see hope in everything, and see how we can conquer evil that binds us to meaningless sin and evil.

But all these have to be done, and have to happen because they are bound to happen.

Here is a ‘blow-by-blow account:’

The 1st round saw Manny and Floyd sizing each other, with Floyd on jabs and body punches, a couple when through but Manny countered with an attack on the latter part of the round, and Floyd was saying something to Manny when Floyd hugged him. I don’t know what Floyd said. But some punches appeared hitting Manny from an angle, but I can see how Manny avoided all these on the right angle. You can see how deception may come from. The unseen punches of Manny were negated by the scorers? Let’s give this round to Floyd, for Manny was to cautious to attack, although he countered with his own attacks hitting Floyd, no wonder, this attack gets Floyd’s respect. Let us give this round to Floyd, my generosity says so, to deduct score from the tepid and passive, and none aggressive Manny.

2nd round saw Manny on the attack. Floyd grazing the face of Manny with his left gloves but no damage on Manny. There have been many misses from Floyd giving Manny more confidence in answering the jabs and the combinations from Floyd. Many punches from Floyd grazed Manny, but no harm done, Manny effectively avoiding the punches. Delivered telling punches on Floyd to show how much in control he is in avoiding Floyd’s jabs. This is a draw this time, with Floyd starting to retreat to avoid Manny’s attacks. It is Manny’s round.

3rd round saw a low blow from Floyd on Manny but referee Kenny Bayless never noticed it? Why?

The supposed points for Mayweather were hitting wind and air, not ‘accurately’ placed on Manny for they all missed, as claimed by the deceptive scoring pawns and reporters. 3rd round saw Manny winning with more accurate punches than Floyd.

Even the 5th round when Mayweather tried to counter an attack but hit ‘nothing credible’ over and above the good defenses from Manny. Many was even leading here on points scored on a back pedaling Floyd. It is Manny’s round, and Floyd can’t find the mark of an elusive Manny while feeling Manny’s power.

The 4th, 6th had Manny winning with combinations, with barely an effective answer or counter coming from Floyd. Both as Manny’s attacking and high scoring rounds.

7th was also a draw, but we see Floyd chin hit solidly, and the punches from Manny kept Floyd at bay, can’t take the power and the accuracy.

8th round saw Manny throwing effective combinations, never returned by Floyd. One punch got in, but Floyd kept on retreating, sensing the power punches and parrying ability of Manny. Punches from Manny on the body and on the face where accurate, some missed, but Floyd missing more. Again, it is Manny’s round.

9th round, Manny attacked three times with combinations but Floyd never answered back, tried to but missed badly. One punch got in, but all the while, it was Manny moving forward and Floyd has learned to respect Manny’s power punches, and this punches were never as accurate any more with Manny avoiding his supposed quick responses.

No wonder Floyd was cautious, he was afraid of getting knocked out. And Manny was always very confident, he was in control. Where did the scores for Floyd come from?

10th round two attacks, all combinations, favored Manny, with no counter from Floyd. He got through with one clean punch but all the rest were air, missing Manny many times. Where’s accuracy of Floyd claimed by many commentators? Another round for Manny with effective combinations against Floyd.

11th round, Floyd attacked with combinations that went through, but Manny countered and hitting Floyd on the body. This round is clearly Floyd’s round.

12th round, Floyd wearing a beautiful smile, does he know he will win? There was a very clear chin hit on Mayweather, and a clear body punch despite his movement. Manny attacked Mayweather but he escaped some punches but the power punches from Manny was bothering him, he had to run and dance, to show that he was in control he raised his right hand, he was in control dancing alright, and avoiding the punching power from Manny. It was a clear Manny’s round with punches getting through despite the moving Floyd and his ‘choreo,’

All shots missed were counted for Floyd, shown on the wrong angle, why?

De la Hoya said and twitted, ‘sorry fans.’ Were is fairness?

Again, things happen because they have to happen, that more may know and realize what is true and what is evil.

Manny won, unanimously, but things happen because they should, to show the unworthy win, and the judges, plus the referee showed be made to answer?

In summary, rounds 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 were seen as Manny’s gains over Floyd with clear attacking fashion with hurting blows on rounds 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 saw Floyd dancing to avoid Manny’s fury.  Floyd earned rounds 1 and 11, Draws seen on rounds 2 and 7.

See the shared video above and make your own scores and see where lies what is true and what deception means.

True, no knockdown, but Manny was always dominant, he missed some shots, so did Mayweather, more times from the latter, but recorded as points for Floyd? Why?

You answer the obvious question.

You can see how deception has ruled those who can become too selfish to accept the truth. I pray that more may see with many people who are ruled by money, God is love and God is truth, not money that deceives.

We can never bring any of these worldly things when we die.

Again, disappointments may come but to enlighten those lost an astray is best, for the Holy Spirit has already conquered evil, where those who do not know remain still in his bondage.

Jesus is everywhere, as he is always in us, in our body where the Temple of the Holy Spirit is, and he judges us every time, and wants us to go back to him, in the truth of our spirit from within us, this life being temporal, meant for us to seek what is true in our being and our purpose in life.

The proof of ‘divine logic’ tells us about the truth of our being, where ‘human logic’ may come corrupted with things material and passing.

Read more on shared ‘salvation tool’ link, “Jesus is Real…’Divine Logic”…,” and see the true purposes of our existence.

In every decision we may make, may we see truth in Christ, and be set free, and be healed, and in peace, as we rejoice in truth, be made worthy of Christ’s love as see our nation prosper where true courage is, to enlighten in the light.

Indeed, ‘human logic’ can always be corrupted by thing material, all but passing, but the truth is always in the light, you can never hide from it, and the light is in ‘divine logic,’ where God’s words are, in ‘divine wisdom,’ all leading to eternal life.

Blessings to all that more may see truth in our ways and be more blessed.

‘Greetings of Peace and Love’ from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our true God and only Master!

This e-book remains inspired by the Holy Spirit, so with 3 KJOH (Keep Jesus in Our Hearts) e-books, and I thank God for his works, as an instrument of his truth, I humbly share what needs to be uncovered about the many basic truths of our faith in God’s words and what Jesus wants us to know, that I may not boast, what evil has done to divide us, and Jesus wants us back, to his light.  It is the Holy Spirit, who wants me to share in God’s truth, for in Christ, it is in the light of truth that we may see his everlasting love and mercy upon us all. Every human being was created by God, with his Spirit. We may not realize it at first, for in truth everybody has the Temple of the Holy Spirit in them.  It is the Spirit of God who may reveal himself to you where Christ Jesus is, in the Holy Spirit, as you may open your heart to him. 

Read this tool of salvation through this link, now with promo discounts on Amazon kindle e-books and on printed copy (preferred for anyone who wish to share a printed version it with others) up to May 10, 2015, and be set free from your bondage, and see the truth in your heart – “Jesus is Real – An Attestation to the Truth, and ‘Divine Logic,’ and Seeing Jesus in Magnificence.”

In truth, basically, we are a spiritual person, left untapped because of the hardness of our minds, where evil in the flesh corrupts this truth, we remain a child of the flesh, where the devil may rule because we allow him to rule, he may not rule if we have that truth in our spirit that guides us.  

Jesus wants to win us all back, to his light, this is how much he loves us, to be saved from evil.

How he wins us back to become true children of God, read this salvation tool and see.    

A revelation is about to unfold in our being, as we may read through this tool, that more may know, all through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Keep our goals united as one body in Christ by referring this ‘e-book tool’ link to your website, blog or reading material, that more may be guided to the oneness of our spirit in truth, as we open our hearts to him.  

Interestingly, with so many religions rising from here and there, many things confuse us and it is by the light of Christ Jesus, the light of truth and love, that you may see God’s truth from within you, seeking what is true while you may search for God’s Kingdom and his righteousness, all who may open their hearts to God’s Spirit may see Jesus revealed in them and the truth in his gospel, not unless one may see the influence of deceit because the temptation to ‘idolatry’ in things material may be there hidden, he may find it hard to explain the true meaning of God’s word,  

Christ in truth is ‘love,’ and eternal truth is the “Word of God.” Jesus in the beginning was the ‘Word,’ as the ‘Word of God,’ the ‘Word was with God’ (expounded on Chapter 4-B Truth in The Bible and the Holy Scripture), and the ‘Word was God.’

seek ye first his kingdom and rightousness KJOH green border And may the Holy Spirit herein guide us as we may journey with Christ in this temporal life, and see what eternal truth is in God’s love.

It tells us more about God’s truth in Jesus and how we may better fortify our faith against all evil, striving to bring out the truth of the gospel, the truth about salvation while given this chance to be his instruments in the flesh, to live in his fullness, and help save more people against false prophets, deceivers from what is true, where evil is in ‘spiritual warfare.’  

If we may see, either directly or indirectly elements causing destruction and death in selfishness, in evil where pride is, darkness and sin may soon occur, unless, we may see the hope of all, in Christ Jesus.  

If we believe that the Holy Spirit has already condemned evil from that time Jesus ransomed us from the bondage of sin – all these further revealed to us in Chapter One on Essence of God, under Different Religions Compared , and in the other chapters -that we may know how to react against all evil in this life.

The Holy Spirit wants to reveal to us many basic truths about Jesus and deception in evil. 

For indeed, Jesus was the true Son of God and the true Messiah, as his truthful and absolute words and these are carefully and delicately shared by the many gospel writers, the apostles, and gifted scribes, all ‘divinely’ inspired by the ‘Word of God,’ in Jesus, and his words are so true with accuracy and perfection ‘to a tee.’ 

No one is greater than him, as perfect as God can be. 

His passion and death on the cross was so ‘gross’ and ‘inhuman,’ and in his sacrifice for us all, it was all worth it, ransomed with honor and glory, in humility and obedience to the Father, for as a way to be revering as we may pray to the Father, he showed us the way, in the prayer “Our Father,” he taught us humbly and reverently how to pray to the Father, having been God’s ‘incarnate’ to man, being One with the Father, to live in the flesh, he showed us how to respect and revere, worship and adore the great Almighty Father of all creation where he and the Father are One in the Spirit of God (the prayer ‘Our Father,’ as explained in another tool of the Holy Spirit, in “‘Laminin,’ Binding Truth of the Cross and Creation..,” read supporting page before the e-book), and in his love for us all, he knew he was here to die for us and knew the events in his life that will come, including the apostles who will betray him and deny him, he knew people by their names even they never met before, if dying was painful, why was he ready to suffer to die for us all, and why did he live a simple life, being the Son of God, you must live like a princess or a king?

Why did he humble himself, the Son of God being humbled?  

More will be revealed to you on this tool, in Chapter 3 under Three in One God, where the baptism of children is justified in Matthew’s verse (Matthew 28:19), the meaning of the 8 Beatitudes, who is our Advocate, the breaking of the bread, why Jesus is everywhere and more.

Again, it is the Holy Spirit who wants all these to be revealed that more may see many of us changed to live in Christ’s fullness, in the essence of passing ‘time and space,’  and what is true, overwhelmingly, in ‘divine logic’ where ‘divine wisdom’ is, as against ‘human logic’ where ‘human wisdom’ and ‘human intelligence’ is.  

If we see many destruction and death around the globe, do we not see the antichrist (read Chapter 4-B The Holy Bible and Truth in The Holy Scripture)

Nothing is too late, Jesus is real, Jesus is whom we may need to trust and follow more than ever, for he is the light of truth, of joy, and of peace, Jesus is our All in All.

Move one and see where our unfailing hope in his mercy as we may live in him.

Nobody can be perfect as Jesus, even the greatest genius in inventor, Albert Einstein, or, who else you may say in greater, Mr. Einstein lived his life, like many other inventors and gifted men, he lived with ‘trial and errors’ practices until he perfected a theory, so with his other inventions, why? 

If you see this verse powerful, where “with God all things are possible,” in John 1:3 (framed version on Chapter 4 Magnificence of Jesus …, under 4-B The Holy Bible and The Holy Scripture), it tells us more than we ever thought we ‘truly knew,’ where in this tool, a clearer view comes in the light of truth. With God all things are possible KJOH sky blue border

I realized that I have long ago searched for the truth about God, but listening to others opinions and views did not help me, I was hungry for truth.  But by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, a Catholic Christian Charismatic Movement in BLD (“Bukas Loob Sa Diyos” or ‘Open Your Heart to God” – open basically, to all baptized Catholic Christians) has opened my heart and my soul to the Spirit of God that was within me, where most teaching presented were based on God’s words from the holy scripture, now, the Holy Spirit wants all of us to deepen our faith as we may help enlighten, using this tool can be handy, as more are revealed as we may be guided in ‘true faith.’

It was God’s will for anyone to see Jesus’s image in a vision, and giving this truth and experience great importance, where in our faith he may reveal himself to us, in our own ministry to serve him in this life, that more we and our family may be blessed for in good deeds he may so repay.  

How I saw Jesus, the details are on this tool.  Again, it is the Holy Spirit who wants me to share this truth, that you too may see him in your heart and in visions too, as you may abide in him and remain in his words. Christ revealed in those who obey him KJOH Mar 8 2015

let not wise man boast of his wisdom but boast in the Lord KJOH gold border

After my miracle experiences, it is so humbling to ‘die in Christ,’ where my physical health has improved ever since I have taken natural supplements in September 2010. 

The Holy Spirit is driving me in that burning desire to share, becoming selfless in Christ gives me greater strength in my spirit, where things of nature have healing spirits in them, it is from God’s Spirit who makes all these possible, all these may effective, as he blesses them and make them effective, taken by his instruments of his love and truth, where ‘true faith’ is what may heal us, in the pureness of our hearts, in total surrender of things material and things of the flesh, will we still see redemption and healing with no other Master except Christ to fill our hearts and our souls?   

All things that I may read or learn, the Holy Spirit will always be there to guide me in God’s words, and he may so empower you as you may feel his holy presence in your spirit, the Holy Bible made as a ‘filtering’ instrument of what is true and righteous in Christ, and in what is evil in sin and darkness where corrupted human logic brings us.

What learning I may have read from others in books, in blogs and many websites or several other reading materials and testimonies, it is the Holy Spirit that reveals what is true from what is deceiving, and in God’s words that are ever active and alive in truth, comes the Spirit of God blessing us in ‘true faith.’

How can we remain in ‘true faith’ when evil tells us to separate from God’s divine vine of truth in God’s words, where Christ is complete in the Holy Spirit, where God Jesus wants us to be one body with him in his love and mercy in the Holy Spirit?  

Every time, it has been the Holy Spirit  – as the God of prophetic spirits – who blesses the family of the faithful.  In truth, this is God’s love and mercy in Christ, with the Blessed Mother as its main vessel, so with others in the saints and those who may remain one in Christ as true believers in his light (will expound on these on Chapter 3 Blessed Mother – Main Vessel of the Holy Spirit to Christ).

It is in our brokenness that we may seek what makes us stronger in this life. 

The Holy Spirit always points us to Christ Jesus as our greatest hope in this life.

‘True faith’ in Christ can be so overwhelming, where peace and joy remains in your heart, where keeping his commandments gives you so much freedom that most of the times, you may see yourself smiling with that confidence ever present in your heart, and every time, you may want to always thank him for what he may reveal to you, what is so true in what attunes to his words.

With him, any rejection may be taken in stride, for in Christ I am made full.  

Figuring out ourselves any ‘puzzle’ in life, it is in the many blessings that he created to help you figure out, just like a game of ‘truth and consequences,’ where he shows your many choices of knowledge that you can choose from, ‘human knowledge’ or ‘divine wisdom,’ just as the devil may have presented the fruit of ‘good and evil’ to Adam and Eve.

Death may come anytime in this life, but were your soul may go, with your loved ones and those you cared for, it is ‘where your treasure is.’  

As others may see this phase of our existence being the ‘end times,’ only God may know, connecting to the Holy Spirit helps keep us abreast with the times, keeping God’s commands and abiding in Jesus may see us in Christ’s favor, we need not worry.

Our chances to salvation comes the level of our faith, where God’s revelation of Purgatory to Saint Catherine of Genoa, may help purify our souls before our death in the flesh. 

Whether we may see God’s Kingdom ‘first’ or ‘last,’ or be thrown back to Death and Hades, it is Jesus who may may come to judge us, for no one is above him.

Jesus sits on the ‘large white throne,’ to render judgment, based on the ‘book of life,’ where all the dead were judged “according to their deeds, what was written in the scrolls” (as in Revelation 20:12 and 15), where ‘anyone whose name was not found in the book of life was thrown into the pool of fire.’ ‘Spiritual warfare,’ may help spell what makes us stronger in body and in spirit, in body alone or in spirit alone.

May this tool guide us on how to recognize all evil and deceptions, and with the power of the Holy Spirit and the power of eternal truth in God’s words, may we stand firm against all evil, or, in our doubts, be made lost in what deceives.

How will anyone be equipped with combating the threats of evil in spiritual warfare where threats of mortal death is, learn more from this tool? 

If not yet baptized, you may want to go to nearest RCC (Roman Catholic Christian) church, and have the priest baptized you before taking cleansing in confession and communion, and the sacrament of baptism is ‘dying to Christ,’ that we may rise as a new renewed being rising to be duly equipped with God’s words that may help free us from all evil. Why the RCC and not another church? 

The Holy Spirit is pointing to all about God’s truth, in the Spirit of God, we are guided to what truly strengthens our spirit in his greater love of him, the truth of being in one true body of Christ, one universal church as one with the Spirit of Christ.

Since Jesus started his church anointing Saint Peter as the ‘rock’ of our faith, however imperfect he may have been as a groping believer of his teacher in Christ, it is this truth that God wants us to overcome as we may grow in our faith.  

It is in living in the flesh that the true Spirit of God in Christ may cleanse us, where Christ may see us empowered in his ‘rock’ despite being rejected as the true cornerstone of living faith, that in Saint Peter’s ‘rock’ of faith, we may one day see our imperfection may lead to perfection in Christ, the perfection of God’s love in us, in our love and prayerful devotions of our love for all peoples around whole world in God’s ‘Divine Mercy,’ as true loving children of God as we may live forever, in true faith, in his heavenly Kingdom.

‘Organized religion’ is often mentioned by many who are lost in their faith, or their lack of it, even pointing to the universal church of Christ. 

Like Saint Peter, may we see how the Holy Spirit may mold us to see Christ’s perfection, so with the rest of the 12 loyal Apostles – Saint Paul included, as the adopted Apostle in Christ as he grew in faith and spirit -, we are all interconnected in the love of our true Lord and Master, in Christ Jesus.

In Matthew 16:18 (source:,NIV),And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.” – more revealed on Chapter 2-B  Jesus is Hope  – The Light of Truth, under Trials of Popes from The Rock.  

Or, for a better informed decision before you may do Catholic baptism, you may read this informative, educational and revealing tool of powerful verses guiding you to be ready for God’s embrace as your body and spirit gets ready for any spiritual challenge, as you may attend the RCIA (Rites of Christian Initiation of Adults) and perhaps, be ready to spread Christ’s truth in the gospel, then, as you may feel that confident, take your faith to the next level to evangelize, and here is my email address (my email at as we update each other on furthering spiritual growth in us. Again, I am here as an instrument of The Lord Jesus, guided by The Holy Spirit, to enlighten all who may doubt from their hearts, to know what is true in God’s words, for in Christ’s truth we are judged, and in Christ’s prayer to the Father, and in his words of love and renewal in true repentance with God’s Spirit in us, we remain freed from the bondage of evil forever (further shared in Chapter 4-B The Holy Bible and Truth in The Holy Scripture).

Christ is very much alive in our world today, we may not see him, but may believers have seen him in their hearts, there are signs of his presence from within your being that you may feel him with the Holy Spirit, for he is with the Father in spirit and may come back to judge us all, in body and Spirit, in glory he will, because he loves us all.  And whatever sinfulness may be there to deter us in our faith, repent and renew in Christ for in him there is hope, move forward and taste and see the goodness of The Lord.

A blessing prayer is on the tool itself, on the intro page for you, before you may read through, attesting to the eternal truth in Jesus in his magnificence, shared with much love to all, upon the calling and guidance of the Holy Spirit.  

When you pray, you can pray with the Blessed Mother, or any saint, or anyone you know close to you whom you may feel his loving presence, as God may allow, while you may pray together invoking the Holy Spirit – then you may pray with a multitude of believers where God’s faithful instruments are as vessels in Christ -, one in Christ you pray together, in the fullness of God in God’s spiritual realm, praying in truth as one body in Christ.

For ‘when two or more are gathered in your (Jesus) name, God in Jesus is in our midst, taking time to listen.’   Blessing to all as we KJOH (Keep Jesus in Our Hearts).

“How can you explain God’s existence in this world when you cannot even see Him?”

“Ooopps! No so fast my friend.  Look again on a very powerful microscope and check what protein molecule binds us together?”

Wow!  ‘Laminin,’ believe it or not, in the form of a cross, is the protein molecule that binds our cells and tissues together, as further explained by Louie Giglio on above YouTube video link. Inspired by this truth on ‘Laminin’s’ connection to Jesus with the ‘crucified Christ’ in us, the binding cross that acts as an adhesive for all cells and tissues in our body, everything seen in ‘Laminin,’ is the truth in God’s words, as you may let the Holy Spirit guide to this phenomenon, and while you may read this kindle e-book, as you may open your hearts and souls, may you see ‘God’s kingdom in you’ (one of three ‘Let’s KJOH’ ebooks series thus far) , “‘Laminin,’ Binding Truth of the Cross and Creation, Avoiding Hell, Purgatory and Generational Sins.”  

Praise be the Lord Alleluia! How to avoid Hell, Purgatory and generational sins and curses with the crucified Christ in us in ‘Laminin,’ is further explained on same ebook, with a powerful prayer in it shared to help free us and our ancestors from the bondage of generational sins and curses. [Read on hubpages support post: Supporting Videos and Links for ebook:  “‘Laminin,’ Binding Truth of the Cross and Creation, Avoiding Hell, Purgatory and Generational Sins”] ImageAbove photo of the crucified Christ was taken at Saint Augustine Church, Culver CIty, CA on March 2013.

Have anyone notice, each time we come short of abiding in Jesus, there are signs that seem to remind us we need to go back to Him?

If not, do we not see how we may feel guilty in our hurts and pains as we listen more to our pride with malice in our hearts? Read this e-book and see how you may see ‘God’s kingdom in you.”

As in Matthew 10:34, Jesus said addressed to those who refuse to believe in His words, “Do not suppose that I come to bring peace to the earth.  I do not come to bring peace but a sword.”

A daunting challenge to us all that in His words come greater power, and anyone who refuse to abide and believe, may not find peace in himself, in his household, in his community or in his nation, rather, more self inflicted pain and stress.

May humility and obedience to God in Jesus, believing and following the truth in His words and commands, guide us in our everyday life, as in the humbling examples of our new pope in Pope Francis, and that of Saint Francis himself, may we become stronger in our faith in giving honor to Him as our Lord, Savior and True Master, that in Him, truth and peace may reign.

“I believe in everything.  I do not want to be bias against any religion because everyone has an opinion about the existence of God or the absence of a god in our lives.”

And another one says, “How can there be God if until now no one have seen him?”

It is our belief system that allows us to understand or not to understand God.  God has created in us a mind which we may all think all thoughts come from our brain.

Beyond this, there is something more, and this ebook further explains the truth that Jesus is in all of mankind since the beginning of creation and will always be there in us as He is in our being.

This ebook is meant to enlighten and please let me know your honest thoughts after reading it.

[Read on related hubpages post:  Supporting Photos and Video on “Jesus in All of Mankind Since Creation, He is Beyond Religion as He is in our Being]

The proceeds of this ebook will in part be used for cancer research and to benefit a Catholic Christian renewal movement in LA.

For me, everything belongs to God, I am a mere steward of anything He blesses me with while I may share with others the truth in God’s words in the light of Christ that we all may share and believe in His truth as we continue to pray through the Holy Spirit, be guided and more enlightened.

Blessings to you and your family as you may share in His goodness and in whatever good deeds may favor you doing, that  in all these, God may be glorified.

Being on my ‘third’ life, I have learned to fully trust in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our True Healer.

It was when I entrusted to Him my life to love and serve Him by becoming a living witness of His love, mercy and healing power while staying true to my commitment to spread the truth in His words as a devout Catholic Christian practitioner that I gained it, a renewed life in Him.

As in Philippians 1:21, Saint Paul writes, “For me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

[Read more on this ebook: “Jesus Christ – Our True Healer and Living in the Spirit” on the miracles of FAITH and living in the Spirit, and help benefit cancer research and a Catholic Christian charismatic renewal movement in LA being supported by the author.]

Photos and shared supporting videos for this ebook are on my hubpages site of the same title.

More shared photos on my Picasa Album are found on this link, “Family Healing Pics as we KJOH,” taken before and after my complete healing with the Lord.

“Hallelujah to the Lamb!”